Felix AmadiTuesday, March 13, 2018
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Maputo, Mozambique


uring times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act (George Orwell)

No right thinking and well-meaning Nigerian, home or abroad, will subscribe to the view that all is well with our fatherland. As it stands today, Nigeria under the leading of Pres. Muhammadu Buhari stands on the borderline of total collapse, thanks to his administration's political naivety in handling matters of National Interest and Concern.

We, Nigerians would be dancing to the tune of deceit if we remain unperturbed by the trend of events in our fatherland.

It is my take that, so far, Pres. Buhari's time as the democratically elected President of Nigeria has turned out a disaster especially in his handling of dissident voices and the lack of inclusive governance from his administration.

An Emperor disguising as a Democrat will always pose a threat to the peace and stability of a democratic clime.

Under Pres. Buhari's watch, our country Nigeria has become more disunited than we have witnessed in the nearest past. The composing units that make up Nigeria are at polar ends paddling in the sea of tribalism with a diminished zeal for national cohesion and cooperation.

Ours has become a country of "Them" versus "Us" with a miniature reference to the constitutional "We" unless it is for political convenience and correctness. Engraved in our individual sub-consciousness is the worrisome mindset that our togetherness is merely cosmetic hence the non-existent of anything like the Nigerian Dream.

The ephemeral nature of our oneness as a country under Pres. Buhari's reign has given rise to the citizenship of the Lords and the Slaves in the same country.

This Buhari inspired form of citizenship in Nigeria was glaringly made manifest in his administration's high-handed handling of the non violent agitation for Independence by IPOB and the robust romance of the killing menace of Fulani Herdsmen. While a non violent IPOB was wickedly termed a terrorist organization and banned, the blood spilling Fulani Herdsmen are described as mere criminals and their atrocious acts being treated with kids gloves.

I have written it somewhere before and repeating it in this piece for posterity sake that a Super Religious and Sectarian Champion like Pres. Buhari is not fit for governance at the National and International levels.

Governance at these levels calls for people with broad mindset and inclusive disposition. It doesn't beckon on people with the late Saddam Hussein's mindset of "I and my brother against our cousin. I and my cousin against the world"!

Pres. Buhari is best suited for provincial governance or a dictatorial form of government where divergent views are not tolerated and inclusive governance makes way for clannish/cabalistic theatrics.

Under Pres. Buhari's reign, freedom of speech is allowed but freedom after speech is not guaranteed.

Come 2019, Nigerians at home will vote to elect our "leaders" who God willing, will pilot the affairs of the State for the next four years. The seasons of campaign and election have proven to be dangerous times in Nigeria. In fact, they are war times.

This war isn't necessarily for the betterment of the Nigerian State and her downtrodden masses but for selfish political gains, survival and relevance.

Let no one be fooled, elected positions and political appointments in today's Nigeria are the most lucrative jobs in the land, more paying than the Oil and Financial Sectors. Days are gone when leadership positions were a call to service. Now it has become a diamond mine of loot. That is why the Nigerian Worst are the major players in the political field. It is a game of kill or be killed for your aspired position.

It is no surprise therefore that the atmospheric condition of our political environment is heating up. The once sidelined political juggernauts and gladiators are now the most welcomed guests at the Emperor's Diner Table. Suddenly a "hater" of the 5%ers visited the land of the Rising Star and is now currying for emergency friendships.

Even the prolific letter writer and now a Doctor of Christian Theology has doled out a manly but brotherly missive to the Man on the Seat which he christened "The Way Out: A Clarion Call for Coalition for Nigerian Movement". Even "lovers" of the Man on the Seat are advising him to follow the Mandela example and retire to Daura with honour. "Gainers" at his table of incompetence and confusion are insisting that he finishes what he started.

I am not a Buharist and don't intend to become one soonest but must submit that although he hasn't declared officially to seek reelection, it remains his right within the constitution to do so if he wishes. No one can and should deny him that.

But as a well meaning Nigerian, I have a problem with Pres. Buhari seeking reelection in the midst of the massive incompetence so far exhibited by his administration. I am well informed about what it takes to govern a massive country like Nigeria with its attendant encumbrances. I am also aware that no one forced Pres. Buhari to take up a hard job that requires constant vetting and scrutiny.

The blame game Pres. Buhari's administration adopted as a form of defense for incompetence and lack of service delivery is unacceptable to those who want Nigeria to succeed. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, chiding him on this, wrote; "If things were good, President Buhari would not need to come in. He was voted to fix things that were bad and not engage in the blame game".

One of the reasons for the high rate failure of Pres. Buhari's administration so far is that he and his cohorts came to office unprepared and promising more than they could deliver. Who would have thought that Pres. Buhari would take several months to assemble a cabinet only to end up with some people carrying corruption baggage with them?

The Buhari/APC experience is a lesson to all who believe that leadership is for the loudest. In my experience, I have come to realize that when a man or woman makes a lot of noise about an issue, watch that individual closely, either he or she is ignorant of the subject matter or has veneer knowledge of it.

According to Napoleon Hill, "Those who talk too much do little else". Pres. Buhari and his APC built skyscrapers in the air with their Change Mantra but the moment of delivery found them hugely wanting.

One of the reasons why people of good will in Nigeria and beyond should join in appealing to Pres. Buhari not to seek reelection is because the man is very confused on which direction to take the country. A Second Republic Lawmaker Junaid Mohammed in observation said that Pres. Buhari has run out of ideas even bad ones.

Alhaji Muhammed Abdulrahman, a National Executive Committee member of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) while observing about Pres. Buhari's incompetence said "I think Buhari may have the honour to be President of Nigeria, but I think he is very bereft of political wisdom, a man lacking, very lacking...the poverty of political wisdom is afflicting him".

In other countries, Presidents cut short their International visits and engagements or cancel outrightly upcoming ones if a disaster or mishap occurs in their homelands. It is only in Buhari's Nigeria that a President takes more than one month to visit a State where more than 70 of her citizens were brutally murdered by Fulani Herdsmen but had no inhibition attending a wedding ceremony in another State.

The nation nearly stood still when his son had a motorbike accident. Even on his lad's return from Germany, the minister of health who I'm not sure visited the wounded of Benue State was on ground to welcome Yusuf Buhari. Little wonder then did Shakespeare write that when beggars die, no comets are seen. But the heavens themselves blaze forth the death of kings.

In conclusion, I painfully submit that the 2019 presidential election would not be free and fair under Pres. Buhari's watch. With all the machineries for rigging elections in Nigeria under his key and lock, tell me the possibility of a free and fair election under him. Tell me; who is the INEC Chairman? Who is the Chief of Army Staff? Who is the Inspector-General of Police? With these three important positions under his lock and chain, tell me who will defeat him in a Presidential election thanks to the Nigerian factor in elections.

Let's say Buhari is "miraculously" defeated, will he accept defeat in good faith and retire to Daura? The Buhari I am seeing now is not the type of man that would call his opponent to concede defeat even before the official result is released as did his predecessor Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

So in this case, Nigerians are in for a choice between six and half a dozen.

Again, let's say Pres. Buhari "mistakenly" makes that concession call, how democratic would his strongest base "the almajiris" be in accepting that their "Messiah" has been freely and fairly beaten in the election?

Someone would hurriedly argue that the Nigerian Security Community would take care of any eventuality after the election. But that same person would readily forget the willing incompetence so far exhibited by them in matters concerning Fulani Herdsmen.

Personally, even if Pres. Buhari decides to heed to the demands of "the Back-to-Daura" Campaigners and not seek reelection, he wouldn't be going home with full honour. This is because he has sown a dangerous seed of tribalism in Nigeria which if not checked would consume her.

If Pres. Buhari loves Nigeria and Nigerians the way he used to proclaim, let him through the APC controlled National Assembly restructure Nigeria.

Restructuring Nigeria and becoming the Mandela of Nigeria are the only satisfying and worthy legacies yours humbly believes Pres. Buhari can leave on the sands of time in Nigeria.

Will Brother Buhari heed to my call?

I am not confident.

I Rest My Case