Yahaya BalogunTuesday, March 6, 2018
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Arizona, USA


"You are only as good as your word" - unknown

"I drift away my mind from falsehood in a dystopian clime. I see through the cover of lies and deception. I nurture my conscience with truth, and I cling to what I hold dear to me." - Yahaya Balogun

n a dystopian state, hyped testimonies (stories) can only be told to folks in a place where gullibility, poverty and religiosity hold sway! In that clime, people are always known for being expensive in the elucidation of their stories instead of being economical with the lies they tell. People must be buoyant in telling others the true storyline of their experiences. Yes! No one can tell your story with accuracy except you. But when your story is being told by you, be constructive and sincere in its presentation to avoid damnation and suspicions. Never lie to your audience to score a glorified applause for want of sacred credit and other religious idiosyncrasies.

In a nutshell, the narrators of some hackneyed and hyped stories in a dysfunctional society are good storytellers. One is always spellbound hearing or reading the flow and interconnectivity of the sentence constructions and the embellishments of some nuances in the delivery of their "testimonies." A good psychologist can easily read the mind or psych the person telling a hyped story as a testimony.

Sincerely speaking, must one tell his/her story with embellished lies to serve God or to score religious points? Must we regale in white lies to impress our religious folks in God's vineyards? In the process of telling white lies, people get entangled in the falsehood of "intent, purpose and impact" to misleading other unsuspecting and gullible individuals in their midst. They often forget that you cannot deceive God but you can only deceive yourself! How can someone explain with justification her "death and resurrection on earth and in heaven" respectively, and then come back to life to tell the religious crowd her experiences in the esoteric world, jokingly but untrue! Like play like play, some people believe the concocted story with much applause and gyration.

At times, when you listen to some testimonies of some people in the "house of God," you get chuckled and giggled with the psychology of the people involved in the storytelling. When you are given wrapped boloney instead of a real burger for dinner, you better unrap the boloney to make sure it is a burger not boloney, so that you don't get famished in the middle of the night, or for the rest of the night!

In the literary world, nice and well crafted story should be told to interested audiences and lovers of fictional stories. Please, let's spare the psychology of a hapless people, or a group of people yearning for responsible living, forgiveness of sins, moral rearmament, salvation and rejuvenation of their souls! The people who tell embellished stories should avoid the karma in the event of their consciousness of guilt for telling lies. Let's avoid incurring the wrath of our conscience and God's judgment in our attempt to giving untrue testimonies about our existence or by sheer happenstance.

In the true book of who is deceiving who, the answer to our mindful question resides in our subconscious mind and mindfulness. The first receiver of our lies is the self (subconscious) in us. In reality, you have to have negative self talk before you can make any attempt to deceive others with story that isn't true! Unless man is telling a fictional story from the imagination of his mind, man must find an escape route from lying. Man must learn to call spade a spade or tell the story as it is to avoid the consequences of lying with misleading statements in their stories or testimonies! Complete your day with truthfulness and mindfulness. Mind shouldn't be a terrible thing to waste in your attempt to telling your story!