Monday, June 25, 2018
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Arizona, USA

ino Melaye was away from Nigeria recently, he again showcased his jejune state of mind in a foreign country where things work. Senator Dino Melaye continues to make mockery of the country in which he is an active participant in fouling!

Holy moly! Dino Melaye is one of the tragicomedies of Nigeria. The beauty of his folly and shenanigans in the last one year is that people are discerning his antics. A man who remains fixated on a childish display of idiocy. The type of Dino can only fester with ease on the naivety of people in a corrupt society. One has always wondered how Dino's immediate family cope with a man who has deliberately chosen to be a representation of the nuisance in the Nigerian society.

In a sane clime, a political neophyte cannot be as grotesque grandstander and opportunist as senator Dino Melaye. Dino has reduced the position of a senator to comedy of error in the eyes of the international community.

Dino is a complete joke he's running away from! How can a joke run away from joke? Dino Melaye is boyish and juvenile as a politician and senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Dino's dinosaur's sense of immaturity knows no boundaries!

According to my late Cicero of Esa Oke, Bola Ige, the antic of a buffoon is a comic relief in the marketplace of idea. How Kogi West Senatorial District came about this babyish guy is beyond any reasonable imagination.

It is imperative for Kogites to take a cue from my principled people in Ekiti State. Ekiti kete will soon remedy their failure in July, 2018. They're are right now making informed decisions to right their deliberate wrong in the past. They're beginning to speak with one voice to send Ayodele Fayose; the remnants of his government and his political junta out of Ekiti state house in July 2018, I hope Kogi West people will get their act together in 2019. Kogi state must display the brightest among them to represent them in the evolving new normal in our political clime.

The glabrate Dino Melaye and the tortoises in our midst are national emergency. These people are depot and repository of political stench that we must deodorize if not sanitized in our body polity. We must stop their further balkanization of Nigeria. Responsible Nigerian people must come together to form a coalition of progressive unions, not a ruse and concorted coalition of Mr. Tortoise for grandstanding and political opportunism.

"Shioor Kelebe" to a man who continues to wrongly calibrate or 'hoobi' our intelligence and sense of reasoning! Dino's thuggish attitude is the antithesis of a serious politician in a participatory democracy.

Enough will soon be enough to a man who has refused to morph from juvenile status to a mature adult in the politics of Nigeria.