Tuesday, June 5, 2018
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Arizona, USA

he best way to be a popular politician in Nigeria is not to have a sense of shame. We must earnestly (de)normalize this wrong belief to bring Nigeria to sanity.

The Oshokomole 1 of Yorubaland (born 15 November 1960) is a Nigeria politician and the current Governor of Ekiti State. This piece is not intended to scribble down in a parchment the biography of governor Ayodele Fayose, but to showcase a synopsis of the emptiness of his administration. The administration that is characterized by egbon's clownishness. The Governor has misleading and misplaced priorities. Sometimes the only thing to do is laugh at his clownishness.

Proudly, Ekiti State stands unique amongst its contemporaries in the Federation of Nigeria. It is a state endowed and endorsed with intellectual resources. We are a state mysteriously in the forefront when it comes to showcasing our innate and acquired intelligence. But this intelligence has not yet translated into an infrastructural development for the collective benefit of the people of Ekiti State. Why is this so? This is a million dollar question that must be unraveled by the patriotic sons, daughters, stakeholders and friends of Ekiti. How we collectively got it wrong in the first instance after the demise of Chief Adekunle Ajasin of former Ondo State is beyond my imagination.

It is very disheartening that my people in Ekiti kowtowed to our loquacious and garrulous governor for almost a decade now. This pseudo-majestic governor has managed the people of Ekiti for "self" and political gains. Now, that the people are beginning to deconstruct the excesses of their politicians, the Ekiti kete shouldn't be an exception in the evolving political process in Nigeria.

The statement below was made by Lord Acton, a British historian of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He said, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." "Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority." This has been the situation with my governor in Ekiti state. Power and influence tend to intoxicate Osoko, and absolute power and influence intoxicate Osoko absolutely.

Meanwhile, in the last few years as the chief executive officer of Ekiti state, Governor Fayose has bracingly ruled Ekiti state like the extension of his fiefdom. His braggadocio character is a comic relief in the marketplace of ideas. Osoko has debased the self-esteem of the government workers in Ekiti. I had tears in my eyes when I saw a video where his majestic self engaged in the psychological maltreatment of the Ekiti state workers who came late to work. These are also the workers who have not had their paychecks for several months now. In this 21st century democracy, it is very uncommon to see a leader in a civilized world to rule with garrulity, emptiness and grandstanding like egbon Peter Ayodele Fayose has done in the last few years. A man with the allegations of corrupt practices dangling on his head is not mindful of his jalopy behavior.

The preponderant part of the nauseating drama in Ekiti few days ago was the outpouring of emptiness by the immediate past president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan. A man who should have maintained his dignified silent to forestall the example of what he spew out when he went to commission our misplaced priority in Ekiti State. When I watched the video of GEJ commissioning the Ekiti State's "flyover," the "first of its kind in Nigeria", I was awed. I was also questioning my conscious mind how this man got his Ph.D. How the man's acquisition and qualification matches in a nation populated by profound intelligentsia is debatable.

Why Ayodele Fayose and other Pdp's do or die stalwarts are embarrassing Jonathan is beyond comprehension. Mr. Jonathan should further make himself unavailable anytime they call him for comic display in the Nigerian amphitheater.

Why Jonathan and wife make themselves available for comic relief in the marketplace of ideas like Nigeria is not only hysterical but very concerning! If I were GEJ, I would have just kept my muteness again, and stay away from exposing my nauseating denseness when I get called to say something I am not acquainted with. Someone close to the former Mr. President should advise him to practice a rehearsal on germane issues before mounting a podium to dish out nauseating and sanctimonious message for consumption of the well informed public.

Furthermore, it is mind boggling to see Fayose with his pseudo majesty: the representation of the false yesterday-sultan, today-alufaa and tomorrow-pastor of Ekiti to advertise his emptiness the way he does! Governor Fayose's blasphemous nuance of religion is embarrassing and preposterous. Fayose has made the dividends of democratic norm to elude the hapless people he serves. It has always been a stiff competition with himself in the scheme of things in Ekiti state. The lousy brother, and also the chief executive officer of Ekiti state commissioning a flyover with a whopping sum running into several billions of Naira would be investigated in the near future. The people of Ekiti live in abject poverty due to lack of good infrastructures and empowerment.

It is pertinent to note that Ekiti State and her people are in the second chance of their lives to get it right in order to joining other developing state of the union. In this fothcoming election, Ekiti voters shouldn't vote their conscience and future for Fayose's surrogate for the continuation of arrogance and nothingness. Ekiti voters shouldn't vote for mere stomach infrastructure and other retrogressive programmes of the outgoing government of Mr. Ayodele Fayose.