Sunday, July 15, 2018
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Arizona, USA

hen a dogged ram suanter backward in a vigorous reverse, it usually comes back with renewed vigor and determination to avoid the mistakes of the past. This is exactly what seems to have happened in Ekiti as Dr. Fayemi smashed my loquacious egbon in a rat race to Ekiti state house. Egbon Fayose is a man whose name shall not be forgotten quickly in the school of juvenile, deception, dumb comedy, indecency and misconduct at governance. Sanity must return to the battered fountain of knowledge-Ekiti State. B b l bj tse s w! We are on the road to reconstruction and sanity in Ekiti state.

Existentially, now that providence has given Fayemi another chance and opportunity to rewrite and correct his past honest mistakes, he should capitalize on his juicy but reflective victory to be on the side of history. Dr. Fayemi shouldn't ensconce himself to the state house alone. Fayemi must explore the grassroot community to align himself with the ordinary people. In a participatory democracy, there is always insignificant elites at the top. It's purely a grassroot politics and organization.

I strongly believe in second chance(s), but once beaten twice shy! Fayemi's renewed victory is a great opportunity for him to bring an all-inclusive-government to Ekiti State. There shouldn't be any seclusion or exclusion of any competent Ekiti kete from collective governance if Feyemi must succeed. Fayemi's government must be a participatory government and democracy.

Fortunately, Fayemi and the people of Ekiti are endowed with impeccable human resources. Our unquantifiable natural resources are great assets for the greatness of Ekiti, and Nigeria in general. Ekiti had always been a pacesetter for principles, values, contentment and showcase of knowledge. How we veered from our universally known principles is sadly regrettable. We must return to decency, and to our glorious days.

Consequently, all Fayemi needs immediately is unfettered determination, and with a well-crafted-people-oriented policies and programmes. His government must bring the deprived Ekiti kete out of poverty, squalor and stomach infrastructure. We must go back to national spotlight with every sense of decorum worthy of emulation.

Ekiti state's victory is a microcosm of what we will expect in 2019 general election. We are moving forward; we are not going back to the past. Foyose's adrift adventure in our state house is our last collective journey to the past!

A man who has started a journey is not victorious until he finishes the journey to the admiration of the people around him. Fayemi's expected and hyped victory shouldn't be seen as a mean to retaliation and vindictiveness. It should be a means to an end of itself and all-inclusiveness! No former state executive under the immediate or outgoing government should be subjugated or subjected to retaliation without recourse to the rule of law.

All aggrieved citizens must get recompense with palliative measures; all-inclusive and nondiscriminatory programmes such as quality education, good healthcare system, employment, security, subsidized housing and agricultural development. We have all the wherewithal and fertile land to advance like other developing states in Nigeria. What we need is the judicious use of our available resources to meet our needs. The victory of Fayemi is a collective victory for the clear defeat of Fayose/Eleka, and my shunned kith and kin in Ekiti. I feel for our glorified professor who subjected his professorial acumen to our juvenile administrator.

Notwithstanding, Professor Eleka and all of us must pocket our differences and move on as a united state of Ekiti kete. We are anticipating Professor Eleka's concession to defeat and congratulatory message to the winner-Dr. Feyemi. We must bury our hatchet to move Ekiti state back to the cynosure of ali'l eyes in the national and international communities!

Shame unto you, the outsiders who were expecting our state to go into turmoil and political peril. We have overcome your collective political crookedness and machinations!

Congratulations to all my Ekiti kete, and to all Nigerians for a presumed peaceful conduct of a free and fair election in our state.

kt gb wa kt Kete o!!!