Monday, July 2, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA

hen you incentivize hatred and violence instead of curbing them, you invite the reoccurrence of violence! Beware of what you wish for!

Our clime seems festered with indigenous population of bigots and juvenile. When you spread lies, hate and divisiveness amongst yourselves, what you spew is what you get. When your intention is good to any entity, you get multiple of goodness. Same goes for the antithesis of goodness you wish others!

When you swin in ignorance and your leaders are found wanting, recalcitrant and shoddy in governance, what you wish is what you get! You better re-invent yourself; train your mind to embrace humanity, and infuse your mind with the power of positive thinking.

If you feel unabated, promoting hatred and violence amongst yourselves, beware of the consequences! When the responsible ones amongst you try to bring sanity to you, discontinue to be clogs in their wheels of progress. Stay positive in your acquiesce and mindfulness.

We are all beneficiaries in the spate of violence and hopelessness, but we must rewind our minds to be in tune with decorum. But where there's life, there's hope. Hope in the face of adversity and hopelessness is achievable.

We should not give up hope for hopelessness in our land. Let's believe in the revival of a Nigeria. I am poised to be cautious of the optimism I have for a generation in dire need of cultural and national revival. Let's 'make' love not hate or divisiveness you make and spread around.