Monday, July 2, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA

wanda is a new destination
For western trades and investment.
From rubble to rumble-tumble.
Rwanda, a nation once
In self-ruined is now surging
Into modernism and

The lush grounds are being
Tilled to cater for Rwandans.
The shining sun and bright stars
Adore Kigali, the center of Rwanda.
While religion is relegated
In the war-ravaged country,
Rwanda re-invented itself through
Hard work and resilience.

Rwanda is sauntering to grace,
To be the pride of Africa.
Rwanda was once a country
At war with itself.
Rwanda is now bemoaning
Another giant-for-nothing nation
In west africa warring herself!

When a nation is entwined with
Religion and corruption,
It will sentence itself gruesomely
To medieval periods.
Rwanda was once on this
Famished road before it halted
Its grisly past to clover future!

Rwanda, a dwarfed nation
with a quantum leap to gargantuan.
Surging ahead to development!
Rwanda is incentivizing her
People by morphing from the ugly
Past to national reintegration
And development!

Kudos to Paul Kagame's vision.
His power of imagination for
Possibility of progress
In Kigali, Rwanda at fore!