Yahaya BalogunFriday, January 26, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


r. Chief. Gen. Ebora Olusegun Obasanjo is one of the architects of our problems in Nigeria. A foundational member of the Nigerian political mortgage industry, a certified member of the corrupt oligarchy in Nigeria. Nigerians keep obtaining unnecessary loans and incurring moral and political debts at their own future perils! Isn't that appalling and sad? How Obasanjo journeys to some Nigerians' intelligence is beyond human comprehension. Obasanjo gets juju! Yes! Obasanjo is an ebora in the forest of a thousand demons!

Give it to him anyday, Obasanjo is a master strategist! He knows when to punch Nigerians in the face, and still get away with it. It's called stick and carrot treatment of unsuspecting people in the house of commotion. You cannot take away that consistency from him. Baba is our own Donald Trump of Nigeria.

In retrospect, Obasanjo thwarted Chief Obafemi Awolowo's dreams to make Nigeria a first-class nation. He had second chance to redeem his image in June 12, 1993 but he conspired against MKO Abiola and Nigerians for selfish presidential ambition. Fate smiled on him. God gave him another opportunity to recompense in Abacha's maximum gulad. He narrowly escaped death, his friends were not so lucky, yet Obasanjo was installed by providence to correct and to thank God through the people of Nigeria. Again, he lost every moral rearmament to self-nihilism.

Obj even had a third chance, he lost it again! He played a politics of do or die affairs. And people are still celebrating this man in this 2018? Take a cursory look at this nostalgic years-1979 to 2018? Haba! Take a stock of this tortoise of Nigeria! Nigerians must wake up. This is not normal! We cannot do the same thing again, again and again and expect different results. Our mathematical and political calculations cannot defy the law of nature! Never! We should stop all these political abracadabra and cynicism. Obj's stance is an extraordinary exploit of the exploiter on the exploited! Historically, Nigerians are symbiotically corded with their oppressors.

My age should be the average age of Dr. Obasanjo's grandchildren. In other words, I am dwarfed in wisdom to admonish baba Iyabo, but wisdom has no coloration or connotation for age. Nevertheless, history is a precursor, I muse Baba should beware of those Nigerians who are singing his praises now. When the chips are down, they will be the first set of people to discard him.

Overall, it is incomprehensible to still celebrate to relevance the man who in concert with others have mortgaged the future of Nigerians. I don't like Obasanjo's hanky-panky and hypocrisy! The man should be grateful to his fate and leave us alone to rediscover ourselves again! The man's cunningness stinks to a high hell! He should stop playing politics on people's intelligence and future!