Yahaya BalogunFriday, January 26, 2018
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"When lice abound in your clothes, your fingernails will never be dried of blood." - Chief Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo

Chief Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo is a fresh doctoral graduate of Theology from National Open University of Nigeria - NOUN.

he former President was among 14,771 persons that received honours at the 7th convocation of the National Open University of Nigeria. The NOUN's Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abdalla Adamu announced this recently at the convocation ceremony. The former president gleefully received a doctorate in Christian Theology. It was the university's first PhD.

NOUN is the university his administration established in the 16 years of locust as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Obasanjo has penchant and insatiable lust, oh! sorry love for anything he wants. He gets it by do or die affairs. We must congratulate him for achieving his desire.

Meanwhile, Obasanjo's quotation and message above, and the messanger are interlocked or intertwined in this Yoruba dictum. The axiom was culled from his cyborg missive or epistle statement to president Muhammadu Buhari on the state of the nation, and for usual consummation of the confusion "break-the-bone" society of homo sapiens called Nigeria.

Obasanjo is one of these bedbugs in the bedsheets or linens of Nigeria. All these Obasanjos of Nigeria abound as politcal lice in the subconscious polity of some Nigerians. They're feeding fat from the naiveté and deliberate ignorance of the Nigerian people. Obasanjo is a political chameleon! Obasanjo and Babangida understand the psychology of Nigerians. The two are always weaponized with "carrot and stick" to deal with the people they governed. They're both students of Machiavelli.

Obasanjo isn't an ordinary man. Baba is a sinister hunter in the forest of a thousand demons. Obasanjo is man of many lives. He is one of the luckiest Nigerians dead or alive! A self-avowed man with the key to unlock the political 'agadagodo' of Nigeria. The more you look at this witty man, the less you see; the more you think you are done with the octogenarian man, the more you are subsumed in self-muse, or truncated in his political abracadabra. The man certainly get african juju...! Yes! He gets juju!

Furthermore, Nigeria is on a long unending expedition if these political arachnids are not electorally and constitutionally fumigated, they will continue to resurge from desuetude to bite and infest its political consciousness. Ebora of Owu's antic is like Kuruna (rashes), the more you enjoy scratching it, the more you are digging deeper into your skin to create more infections for your body! I am sure everyone will understand this epigram. Oro awon agba ni.....! It is an inspiration from the elders-it does come to pass!

When people with no clear conscience write a calculative missive to a section of warped community, the wise elders in that community must refer the writer of the 'wise' letter to his antecedents and the burden of history.

Men of good conscience must remind Dr. Obasanjo his following antecedents:

?Odi community must be awed by Obasanjo's audacity and attempt to rewrite history.

?The history of massacre of Tivs in Zakin Biam is surreptitiously being erased from the minds of my suspected and unsuspecting people.

?The killing of people's choice in Ekiti by giving us a loquacious man is unforgettable to some of us who are conscious of our future and environment.

?The mysterious and unresolved death of his brilliant Minister Bola Ige has been forgotten by his praise-singers and interlocutors.

?The 16 billion naira wasted on moribund power generation continues to sentence Nigerians darkness through epileptic power supplies. The groaning story goes on and on! Unfortunately, this is Nigeria where pseudo-history is nauseatingly relished! Baba Iyabo is gratifyingly "winning" some hearts again. Who did us like this? According to Prof. Pius Adesanmi, A Nigerian psychology is his deadliest enemy, rewire the already wired psychology, every other things shall be added unto it! Whosoever must have supplied Nigerians with all these doses of confusion has done incalculable damage to the present, and the future of Nigerians.

My letter to Chief Obasanjo after his ace letter to President Goodluck Jonathan in 2013 shows the anatomy of General Obasanjo, and his deviance syndrome to the politics of Nigeria. The article was published in The Guardian Newspapers of Monday, 16 December 2013 at 00:00. As the article predictably exonerated me. You may understand my claim in my recent assertion that I am not a soothsayer, but a writer who humbly tries always to be a political analyst with strategic and cognitive thinking.

Sadly, some Nigerians have no respect or concerns for history, that's why our history is sadly repetitious. Nigeria gets the kind of leaders that equate its moral numenclature! We have morass compass. The Nigerian youth's moral compass is now suddenly a man whose personality is questionable, even in his own immediate family and acquaintances. How the Nigerian youth will navigate out of this self-inflicted nuclear and political problems is concerning and unclear. Nigeria is also a society that it is what it is! When a society deliberately celebrate mediocrity to shortchange meritocracy, it remains a chance to torpedo her burdensome entity.

Amusingly, President Goodluck Jonathan will be laughing hysterically for Nigerians now by reading through another Obasanjo's surreptitious missive to President Muhammadu Buhari. Nigerians are children of instant gratification. Because of short memory, most Nigerians continue to show deliberate indifference to their future! Obasanjo's letter is a wake up call to the unintimidated but recalcitrant Buhari! If Buhari likes it, let him wake up and be focused! Buhari needs to take stock and reassess his government and buckle up his shortcomings.

Ebora of Owu's missive may be a blessing in disguise afterall, my man-Buhari may soon be giggle-wiggled to shore up his shortcomings; he may soon begin to amplifying his success more than his failures in the lives of the citizens. But what you cannot take away from Buhari is the steady growth in the economy which will translate to economic prosperity for Nigeria very soon.

Goodluck to Nigerian youth for the continued pervious of men of yesterday and the politicians into their fragile minds and conscience. I pray Nigerian youths are not politically weaponized to self-destruct by encapsulating their own future in the hands of these politicians. Obasanjo is narcisstically a fulfilled man. You can never take away his existential luck and success. I am sure when the man-Obasanjo comes back in another world, he would still want to be inimitable Olusegun Obasanjo, the mysterious man from the rustic Owu.

Obasanjo remains one of what I call Nigeria's-never-ending-conundrums. With the current Nigerians' mindset, I think some Nigerians truly deserve as their leader, the types of Baba Iyabo, Dr. Chief, General Aremu Okikiola Mathew Olusegun Obasanjo, the Ebora of Owu.