Yahaya BalogunMonday, January 22, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


ny government who cannot ensure protection for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its nation is in abysmal failure. Makurdi massacre is a psychological trauma to humanity in us, not to talk of the bereaved people involved in this heinous crime.

The security of lives and property of the Nigerian people should be the number one priority of any government. Nigeria is being governed now like a banana republic. We are in a state of dystopia. Here we go again! Buhari's government has been hijacked by the remnant of the cabals of the past. Men of yesterday are gradually coming back to feast like carcasses in the remnants of Nigerian commonwealth. We are gradually returning to the status quo!

Our problems are conversational, that's why we must not give up to talk about Nigerian problems. The more I look into the innate capital inherent in Nigerian youth, the more I am infatuated to her intellectual prowess. This impeccable intelligence must be translated to good governance by the Nigerian youths! Our political elders have failed us woefully. I refer whoever is reading this clarion call to my post on Facebook of January 22nd, 2018 at 07:04 am titled: "The Human Animal in Us." It is high time we jettisoned our glorified ignorance; using our educational attainments through the process of mindfulness to leverage our future!

President Muhammadu Buhari seems hapless and helpless to checkmate these resurgent cabals. Nigerian youths should stop being used by these carpeted and crosscarpeted politicians in both parties. They're circumlocuted political cartels who are birds of the same feathers! Aisha Buhari who constantly converse with the president in the other room everyday knows much more than we the ordinary men and women know. We should listen keenly to her womanly cries! The hyenas in her husband's government are voraciously eating deeper into the fabric of Buhari's administration. The body language of the president too is not helping him to save his government from himself!

The president is not being told what he should know. The one he is aware of is being taken with his deviance, complacency and levity. I have always advocated for Buhari's one-term presidency if he's physically incapable of adequately performing his constitutional duties as president. Buhari's achievements are being consumed by his shoddy handling of our mundane problems. People are being frustrated by the daily gaffes and incompetent handling of preventable crisis in the country. Please, Nigerian folks, watch that conscientized woman (Aisha Buhari) with keen interest, she means well for her husband and Nigeria. Aisha Buhari's lonely voice from the other room must be carefully harkened!