Yahaya BalogunMonday, January 22, 2018
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Arizona, USA


resident Muhammadu Buhari's government is efficient but very ineffective. His poor handling of critical situations in the country is very pedestrian. Nigeria is good at policy formulation but the implementation of the policy is always her problem. The country's recurring decimal is her repetitious life. On the other hand, it will be a disservice to the nation if the "wailers", including this writer fail to recognize the templates being set for the future, and the modest achievements and failures of this administration.

Meanwhile, it's the constitutional duty of every citizen to bring the president's attention to his mistakes, gaffes and indifferences. In fact, it is morally right for some of us his ardent supporters and the Biharists to come out openly to constructively criticize him. We do not have to wish Buhari dead, or result to gutter language to communicate our displeasure to president Buhari. We are what we are as a nation because of our stereotype, collective complacency, naughtiness and indifference.

Mr president has been wrong on so many occasions. If president's handlers have consistently advised the president on issues he has made mistakes, and the advice is not being yielded by the President, the handlers have moral and constitutional responsibility to resign their appointments to send a strong signal to the president. What's wrong is wrong! In fact, to lick the foots of a man you so much love is not to love him. PMB has been found wanting on so many occasions. His gaffes, his silence and inability to showcase his achievements is giving some of us concerns and cautious optimism.

Buhari is the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. One of his constitutional duties is to protect and care for the live of every citizen. I sometimes found his actions too humdrum and unjustifiable these days! He seems to have selective justice when it comes to justice for all. Last year, I was one of those who were miffed with the Indigenous People of Biafra-IPOB for their modus operandi in getting their grievances across to the federal government. IPOB were even tagged as a terrorist organization by the same administration that couldn't prevent the slaughtering of innocent people in Makurdi, Benue state. Because of the threats IPOB posed to the security of the state, the full weight of the military were deployed to subdue them. I am no fan or apologist of Kanu Nnamdi and IPOB. The conflagration of herdsmen is a national tragedy, but the monstrosity of these herdsmen has opened the wound of injustice again in Nigeria. What is bad for IPOB should be worst for the herdsmen terrorizing and killing innocent people with impunity and unrestrained. It is a complete act of unfairness by Buhari and his government to have paid a lip service to the impunity of the ghoul herdsmen, and for him to have ferociously dealt with the lesser IPOB's nuisance.

What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. When you juxtapose Buhari's actions about how he respond to national issues - issues emanating from regions to regions, it troubles me how PMB thinks about his aura in the national consciousness! President Buhari is a representation and mirror for all inhabitants of the country. His loyalty and services to the nation should be sacrosanct. All the President's actions, even inactions must be all-inclusive! This is obviously lacking in his persona and his administration.

Initially, I do understand the president's good intention to severance Nigeria from the famished road the country has threaded. The road to our near utopia is being punctuated by Mr. President. The way his intentions are communicated is not up to expectations. He makes himself looks very suspicious in the eyes of his adversaries. Buhari's body language is not encouraging at all for some of us who ardently support him. Buhari has good intentions but his approach and the people around him are not being helpful. He's fast loosing some of us nauseatingly to the Nigeria's political wilderness. Buhari's keeping quite during the national crisis only to be prodded to talk isn't presidential! Too little too late will not build in him the confidence of the people he governs in Nigeria. Governance involves strategy, physical and mental activities. These nuances must be utilized for better results. Consistency and enforcement of expectations provide the basis for effective governance. Enforcement of expectations is lacking in this administration. In a normal and moral political clime, Mr. President would be fidgeting in his bid for reelection in 2019.

The best presidents Nigeria never had for Nigerians were Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Late Chief MKO Abiola. The wisdom and the political wizardry of these impeccable and quintessential individuals are missing in the nation's consciousness. Their hindrances from getting to power will continue to question our unity and geographical expression as a nation. I strongly recommend Awo's book titled: "Path to Nigeria Freedom" for our president to personally read and digest. The book will give Buhari leverage to see the idea of the limitless possibilities of a potentially great Nigeria.

Furthermore, when a leader keeps silent in the face of tyranny, it will foster and fester impunity and discontentment among the people he leads. In other words, keeping mum to assuage the aggrieved people is a recipe for dislike, disenchantment and disunity among the Nigerian people. Mr. President needs to work on all these criticisms to bring back the trust of the people. From the North to South; West to East - justice, equity, fairplay and good governance must be seen to have been equitably distributed. If we must be truthful to ourselves, Buhari's axiom at inauguration that he belongs to everybody, and belongs to nobody is getting stale and antithetical to the prevailing circumstances foundling Nigeria today.

There should be no justification at all to defend the president whenever he goes wrong on national issues. It is also morally right to commend the president wherever he has performed creditably well. In retrospect, President Buhari seems to be in the territory of the "Anthills of the Savannah." - it is a 1987 novel by Nigerian ace writer, Late Prof. Chinua Achebe. It is a book I will also strongly recommend for Mr. President to read.

Moreover, there seems to be no alternative to Buhari's presidency now among all these political senile leaders. Unfortunately, they continue to circumlocute around the corridors of power in the country. The youths, the only hope for this generation must wake up; get mobilized to take their lives back from those who do not care about their future.

As concerned Nigerians, Buharists will continue to draw the attention of President Buhari to his weaknesses and the shortcomings of his administration. But what we won't do is to result to using oozified language to communicate our grievances to the president. Government is the collection of the people entrusted with power for the good of the people. The performance of any government is a function of the electorate who put the government in place. Government's responsibilities are intertwined with the responsibilities of the people they governed. That checks and balances between the government and the governed must continue to be the watchword of all the stakeholders in Nigeria.

Mr. President should be notified that, the restructuring of a shaky structure through collective voice is getting stronger and stronger every day. These voices cannot be swept under the rug. Nigeria is at crossroads right now. President Buhari's indifference and body language to restructuring aren't encouraging! He is postponing the defining moment that is inevitable! Buhari should formally resolved resolutely the geopolitical grievances and bring the nation together. He should walk fine lines right now to assuage people's concerns; convoke a sovereign national conference, not like the jamboree conferences we have had in the past.

Lastly, the need to jaw jaw instead of war war is agelessly imperative in a beautiful but raped country-Nigeria. Whoever wants to participate in this inevitable SNC must be ready to sacrifice his time; be ready to get paid foods, hotels and traveling allowances only. There should be no salaries or other form of prodigal emoluments at the expense of the Nigerian masses. To serve the people is a right and a privileged altogether, the two nuances must be guided jealously to preserve our integrity and patriotism, promote unity and tranquility in the land.