Yahaya BalogunSunday, January 14, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


he sly innuendo of Donald Trump, the president of the United States about African countries and Haitians is actually a blessing in disguise! African leaders need to wake up from their deathly ambitions for power and hedonism. Nigerian youths must wake up from their nauseating slumbers to take their future back from their senile political leaders.

Unfortunately, power and corruption have blindfolded African leaders to understand that African compendium "sh**hole" is a reservoir and resourceful pit with the coagulation of s**t that if evacuated and processed can be a fathomable fertilizer for other infertile minds or developed and developing communities. Sh**hole is good, especially for jaundiced environment in search of the childing and bountiful resources. Sh**hole has produced the best informed, highly educated and resourceful minds. Sh**hole has fertilized the moribund resources of some countries in dire need of the fertile resources from the sh**hole countries in Africa.

Please let's stop blaming our loquacious Potus, because his vituperation and vulgarity is for African leaders and youths to halt their unending lackluster, inordinate political ambition, quench for wealth and instant gatification. Enough of human capital drainage from Africa to other continents. African youths and leaders should wake up to use their much international sort after sh**hole to fertilize the continent of Africa.

Thank but no thanks to Mr. President for his uncouth word and political dowdiness. Our Potus shouldn't be decanonized by the republicans yet, let the GOP continue the danse macabre to their political sci-fi and repulsive silent antics. The speaker of word is not an unfortunate man, but those who keep silent to check the speaker are the most unfortunate people. We are keenly watching from the theatre of decorum!

Meanwhile, GOP's figure should be told in plain language that according to reliable statistics, 25% of Nigerians in the United States have advanced degrees beyond college degrees, i.e PhDs. Also, in Potus' country, 57% of Nigerians have incredible Bachelor degrees in various educational fields of study. Africa is one of the most learned continents in the global community. Nigerian nationality in the United States are very hard working and proud of the American exceptionalism, and the unique opportunities the country provides them. They work in all private and public institutions in the US-contributing to the beauty and development of the United States. Potus should be advised that 43% of Africa immigrants have Bachelors degrees, they are robust resources and great assets to the development and greatness of America. So, Mr. President, we aren't sh*t but we are the antithesis of the real sh**hole you proclaimed.

Those of us with the discerning minds know that Potus' alleged and denigrating African "sh**hole" is a bank of wealth for agricultural lands that have stunted soil for bountiful farm produce. Inside s**hole is the impeccable human capital wasting away in a wasteland. Potus' word is his bond, and it is taken as usual as his word. Sh**hole or no sh**hole, a word whether denigrating or excoriating is enough for the wise. How the vulgar word of Potus reverberates to change the leadership conundrums in Africa is what should be in national and international discurse.

In the interim, instead of dwelling in a reverberated "s**hole", be advised, thoughtful minds in Africa must collectively come together; use the s**hole to putting their sh*thouse in order. Potus' brand vile word about Africa is a catalyst for African leaders to use their senses through revived brains; rediscover their cognitive thinking, if only they will do it. But will they do it for African rediscovery?

How my folks from Nigeria wake up every day to welcome the S***hole from Potus is sadly embarrassing, disturbing and concerning! The intention of this piece is premised on how to admonish guys from being the enablers of gutter language and the denigration of our beleaguered country by others. We should promote common sense decency. Every country has its challenges like Nigeria. American problems are more mundane than Nigeria, yet this great country always put her differences aside and come together in time of crisis to solve her common problems.

As poor as Haiti is; as corrupt as the government of Haiti has been, in the last 24 hours after Potus' vituperation, the collective patriotism of the Haitian youths in America, and in the diaspora has been a great example of a generation trying to rewrite their ugly history. In spite of our intellectual acuity, out of frustration and hopelessness, we still have some Nigerians speaking evil and enabling our destractors to denigrate our country. It is sad!

Meanwhile, whether you live in America or your village, Nigeria is undoubtedly and potentially a great country. President Trump will not be part of the consequences of our actions or inactions; or beneficiary of the multiplier effects of his vulgarity, but you and me are ultimately at the receiving end.

Is this generation of Nigeria truly a wasted generation? Why are we enemies of ourselves? Is America a perfect country? No! But the undying patriotism and nationalism of every American is what makes America a great country, and to maintain its geatness and exceptionalism.

Few days ago, Nigeria buried her innocent citizens-children, men and women. These innocent people were killed in a senseless massacre. Instead of the people to challenge their leaders and bring them accountable to people, they're using the gory pictures of the dead to achieve political and ethnic motives. The marauding activities of the vampire herdsmen should have brought us together to challenge our conscience and consciousness! But what did we do? We behave like a country on the threshold of abyss. Let's all reason together if we must salvage a bleeding nation.

In time of crisis, All Americans readily come together to fight their common enemies, but in Nigeria, while some patriotic youths are trying to conscientize our unconcerned and sociopath leaders, some Nigerian youths will be weaponized by hate, bigotry based on religion, ethnicity, politics, ignorance and selfishness. Who will exorcise our generic sins? Be advised, whether we ensconce ourselves in Europe, Asia or America, home is home! You can't like the Queen of England more than the English people. You can't love America more than the American people!

We should stop being enablers of evil and underdevelopment to further damage our already damaged and bruised country. We might be sojourning in countries that are not sh**hole, but remember that most of these countries even call themselves a**hole when they have disagreements. But when their countries are denigrated by anyone, these countries are quick to come together to defend their country and imperfections. That's what is called unconditional love for their roots.

Our responsibility is to constitutionally fight our leaders; bringing their attentions to their ruinous ways to make our sh**hole a beaut(hole). Nigerian youths should stop all these naughtiness and halt the speed with which their future is being toyed with by their leaders. We should all take moral trips to Rwanda to see how the almost obliterated country is turning a sh**hole into an amazing country in the continent of "sh**hole."

Again, thank but no thanks to President Trump for rattling our conscience and consciousness. His gross and contemptible word is very instructive for us and our hyra-headed leaders! We should be "grateful" to Potus for bringing the nonchalant attentions of the Nigerian government and youths to the sh**hole country still trying to discover her identity! Our Potus' vile word about us is a catalyst to bringing our "a**" or act together for this much talked rediscovery.