Yahaya BalogunTuesday, January 9, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


eally??? Are you kidding me? Why not Benue the disaster zone instead of political Abia Mr. President? Despite the strong spousal advice from Buhari's quintessential wife-Aisha, Buhari is still allowing the hyenas to fence him aways from the people that matter! I hope his oiled desires don't get consumed by these rapacious political animals surrounding him!

Why is Mr. President playing into the hands of his adversaries? In spite of his good intentions and the much expectations of the foundational programs of his government to achieve sustainable development, his nonchalant attitude to germane national issues is nonconforming! It is frustrating and repelling potentially good people away from him! In a nutshell, in spite of the seeds of progress being planted by his administration; getting ready to germinate to fruition and alleviate the sufferings of the people, his what I call 'never too late' attitude in dealing with his befuddling national crisis is sometimes inadequate.

The death of one (not to talk of 70-plus) is too many in a country trying to re-define its place in national and international consciousness. Why must the government allow evil to fester before finding solutions? Where is Nigerian counterintelligence and security? It deeply saddens our heart that Nigeria daily record avoidable national calamity in our environment. We aimlessly wander in a political widerness. While innocent souls are either being maimed or sent to a great beyond through gruesome murder or avoidable accidents, we are daily being used as weapons to fight ourselves for the politicians' political expediency. We have refused to channel a common ground to rediscover a new chapter in our lives as a nation. We seem to be existential threats to our own future, and future of the next generation. Few days from now, I bet you, it will be business as usual in our beleaguered country. Crimes don't befit our national signature!

Who are the people advising this president? I am really upset with Buhari's approach to crisis. My grouse with him is premised on his complacency in handling crucial national crisis and situations with the urgency they demand. While the president is obsequious, his handlers are saying what they think the president wants to hear! They're dotted with their personal motives/gains for political expediency.

People first, before party's politics Mr. President! Buhari's worst hindrances are his party loyalists, and the political skunks and crumbs eaters, i.e AGIP (Any government in power) cocooning him! Realistically, they don't want him to succeed! These AGIPs are being incentivized by national crisis like this Fulani's herdsmen's nightmare to leverage their inordinate political careers.

Mr. President, please, listen to your concerned citizens' constructive criticisms. Yes! Silence is golden, but it's not golden when we allow the innocent people to be exterminated in the face of merciless impunity. The peace in the country your administer now is a peace of the graveyards.