Yahaya BalogunTuesday, January 9, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


resident Buhari should be told in plain language that something is nonconforming by his deafening silence in the ongoing massacre in Benue state. Buhari's obsequious disposition and his government stance towards the demonstration of aggression, willingness to kill at will by the herdsmen is disturbing! The act of audacious impunity and the heinous behaviors of these deadly herdsmen must be checked. If Boko Haram and IPOB can be tagged as terrorist organizations, The killing squad, Herdsmen shouldn't be spared to be dealt with as terrorist organization.

Nauseatingly, if this act of terrorism by Herdsmen is not checked with immediate effects, it may consume president Buhari's government. Nigeria is structurally defective! Let thou not be deceived, Buhari's efforts at stemming corruption in Nigeria will be exercise in futility if he continues to parry or circumvent the potent idea of restructuring.

According to Seyi Odetola's proposition on Nigeria, "Corruption is not and has never been our biggest challenge but dysfunctional system and structure. If these system and structure are fixed, corruption will be confined to our history..." this is a truism I have come to realize, and it's part of our present national predicaments.

Nigeria is a dysfunctional structure; a mere geographic expression edged on a futile sand. My message to the president:

Mr. President, you know the recalcitrant nature of Hydra in the comity of organisms, if you do, then you will understand that our contradictory and hydra-headed entity called Nigeria needs immediate true restructuring. You know it is easy to politicize and 'religionalize' every national problems. To your adversaries, your silence will be an admission of the crime of these hoodlums and marauders. You must curtail their heinous crimes against the innocent children, women and hapless people in the affected areas.

Nigeria is potentially a great nation, but it has failed to harnessed her potentials. No present or future leader can escape the germane issue of restructuring of Nigeria.

Buhari may gloss over the clamoring for restructuring now, but he will eventually realize the imports of the agitation of patriotic Nigerians to truly restructure the present contraption called Nigeria. Presently, the president is seating on kegs of gun powder. He must urgently use the opportunity to detonate these kegs now by triggering a national conversation to correct our past and present, in order to move into a prosperous and a united future!

What Nigeria needs now is urgent mixture of participatory and benevolent democracy. Buhari will be wasting his time if the status quo remains! There is a great schism among the Nigerian youth, a concerning nuance for national unity and development. Sadly, Nigerian youth is still under the spell of contradictions finding its identity. The youths continue to fail to format a common ground.

Meanwhile, Nigerian youth doesn't have the moral-know-how like other countries' youths to bring about the much needed change in Nigeria. Nigerian youth continues to dodge its roles in the global and geopolitical settings. The youths have instinctual and penchant for immediate gratification, the negative gloss that will continue to define their immediate future.

Corruption will continue to fight back while the government (successive governments) will continue to fail if it continues to preserve the current system without the much needed and unavoidable restructuring!

Please, Mr. President, listen to wise counselling for restructuring; act with the much expected alacrity to curtail the murderous activities of the Herdsmen, their sponsors and leaders must be answerable to the law of the land.