Yahaya BalogunThursday, January 4, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


y grouse as a Buharist with Buhari's administration is the inadequate information of the daily business of his government to the uninformed and disgruntled people of Nigeria.

Buhari's elucidation of laudable projects in his New Year's broadcast, if completed will boost the dilapidated transportation system in Nigeria. The gradual stability of electricity is good news to all of us. The partnership of his government with the government of China to restore energy and power to Nigeria is a welcome development. Power, transportation and security are the engine of socioeconomic growth of any nation. With good infrastructures in place, every other things shall be added unto them. I am an incurable optimist of a better Nigeria!

Meanwhile, Buhari's handlers are his number one distractors because of their shoddiness and ineffectiveness! President Buhari's deafening silence at times, is also one his encumbrances. How do a typical Buharist explain to Buhari's adversaries the ossifying lies constantly being spew out by Lai Muhammed? Or the inconsistencies and uncoordinated amateurish briefings of Femi Adesina? Nigerians have every right to know what their leaders do for them. If Buhari had good handlers, his administration wouldn't appoint ghostly people in his boards or administration. The buck stops on the president's table at Aso Rock!

Yes! Nigerians are impatient people, and they have every right to be impatient. It is imperative for President Buhari to hire competent hands to let the people know what their government is doing for them. He should stop the government of recycling and circumlocution of men of yesterday. They're tired but they're refusing to retire. Buhari should appoint vibrant, young and articulate (not Atiku) individuals to steer the engine of the nation. A good product with bad ads is doomed to be unfit for human consumption.

Buhari is a humbled and ingenious man. I am particularly impressed by his keen observation of the people of southwest for their religious tolerance and sense of inclusiveness in the nation's affairs. His understanding of the plight of aggrieved people of the Southeast and Southsouth of Nigeria. His loyal and unfettered appreciation to men and women of the Nigerian Armed Forces is motivating and encouraging! His gracious appreciations to Nigerians for their prayers and concerns during his medical predicament is musing. God is good if you believe with faithfulness.

I still maintain with my power of convictions that Buhari has good intentions for Nigeria. The lakadaisical approach and styles of his administration need to be improved upon to deliver the dividends of democracy to Nigerians. Good thinking and informative programme, good product and reassuring the people will be to his administration!

Buhari's national broadcast on the New Year celebration is informative, assertive, remorseful, gracious, aspirational and hopefully reassuring! This is what Nigerians need at this auspicious period of the nation's problems.

President Buhari's reassuring speech and the promise of receptive of his government to new ideas and criticisms is a welcome development. His New Year speech is also a disabused speech to jeJune minds dotted with religious and ethnic idiosyncrasies in Nigeria. A speech of hope to the hopelessness in the land.

Thank you Mr. President for restoring my confidence in your administration.