Yahaya BalogunTuesday, February 27, 2018
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Arizona, USA


n the literary world, I am actually dwarfed in words to write on Senator John McCain, but my love for this indefatigable strongman will encourage me to try my best at paying a glowing tribute to his impeccable personality. Yes! I am a Democrat embellished with liberal mind. But my likeness and admiration for a conservative Senator John McCain dated back to the US 2008 presidential electioneering.

During one of those days of the 2008 presidential campaign, Senator John McCain literally stole my heart with his humanism, composure, maturity, decency and sense of patriotism. In one of Senator McCain's presidential campaign trails, one of his supporters, a relatively aged white woman with grey-hairs called the then Senator Barrack Hussein Obama, the presidential candidate of Democratic Party an unprinted names and called him un-American. The spontaneity with which Senator McCain politely interjected and grabbed the microphone from the woman was unprecedented in the history of campaigns anywhere I have seen in the world.

McCain's sense of patriotism and honesty, in spite of his conservatism and different political ideology from the liberalism of a vintage Barrack Obama is worthy of emulation. McCain's action at the time stood him out to be on the positive side of history. History is a precursor; it romanticizes or burdens different players in the race of life. Admirably, the free-spirited strongman from the sunshine state of Arizona gracefully accepted defeat and graciously congratulated the iconic Obama, the winner of the 2008 historic presidential election in the United States.

Personally, the shortcomings of the GOP senator after that historic electioneering campaign, and the election have always come to neutrality. McCain has one unique love in him that usually neutralizes several millions of hatreds around him. United States of America is lucky to have a dedicated and patriotic citizen like Senator John McCain. His professional demeanors have impassioned his colleagues in Washington and mentored countless of US Marines and the US citizens.

Unfortunately, age cheated my passion to becoming a US Marine. As a lover of anything uniform with glorified insignia, and as a privileged citizen of the United States, I would have effortlessly applied to be conscripted into the US army at my 'residential infancy' in the US more than a decade ago. Senator John McCain would have been my catalyst and inhibitor of getting enlisted in the most prestigious and nationalistic profession in the world.

As fate would have it, Senator John McCain comes from my state, the great State of Arizona. In a nutshell, any man or woman's occidental or accidental encounter with the maverick senator will humble his/her past, or his/her current (mis)demeanors to a realm of mindfulness. Senator McCain's persona is disarmingly phenomenon. The second physical encounter with the man was when I was working with the University of Phoenix Stadium in 2008. Penultimate the Super Bowl of 2008 in Arizona, there was a game between Arizona Cardinals and another team from outside of the state, the team I cannot readily remember now, and I was one of the Event Security at the Stadium gate. Senator John McCain ebulliently with his unnoticed security walked in like other ordinary citizens and got patted down. It was one of my culture shocks as the then new resident in the US.

Meanwhile, as I watched this impeccable man humbled himself and got patted down before everyone in his state of ordinariness; his 'unbelievable' mannerism and submission reshaped me to quickly acclimatize to the new normal and the unique environment I providently found myself. As the new normal was dawn on me then, my mind raced to my bonafide's country where, being in a government's position is an opportunity to flaunt bigmanism and "do you know who I am" pathetic syndrome, void and ignorance, bulldozing with emptiness, and the intimidation of other less privileged citizens in the society.

McCain, the hero of ages just like all other fallible human beings has his own political baggage and shortcomings. But the great Senator from the great state of Arizona is a great example of patriotism anywhere! Having won his country's battles with enemies at the battlefields in the past, and with other colleagues, Senator John McCain is now on another solo battle of his life. As this strong and tireless man is struggling with the brain cancer to survive, McCain's service to his fatherland is unquestionably immeasurable.

Prayerfully, the great state of Arizona and the entire states of the union are in fervent prayers for his medical palliative, care and quick recovery. The totality of Americanism in the raciness of McCain's character; the sparkle of his mind, and the spontaneity of his movements will continue to mesmerize his colleagues in Washington and other political watchers in the United States. Senator John McCain's invaluable service and contributions to democratic norms and the exceptionalism of America will remain evergreen in our collective mind, and his footprints will be anchored and etched in the sand of time. We wish him speedy recovery!