Yahaya BalogunWednesday, February 21, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


he road to success is very sketchy, awkward and rough. The general expectation is that success is attainable through immediacy, power of invocation and straight road. It isn't through all these nuances only! Your success or failure does not depend on CHANCE or FATE. Your success is influenced and attained through your passion, consistency and endurance to succeed in the face of failure.

Your action is also influenced by the ways you perceive, think and feel about situations in your life. Your thought process and reactions to situations determine the outcome of your behavior, which invariably leads to negative or positive consequences. You are mostly a determinant and maker of your own fortune or success, failure or misfortune.

The existential way to success is how you use your MINDFULNESS to approach failure to succeed. How you harness your mind determines your success or failure in life. Never allow your mind to be experimented for personal or political gains. Do not allow your mind to be controlled by negative thoughts or situations around you; develop self-control to risk feelings or emotions. Expect failures and disappointments on each step you take to greatness, these are the two major nuances that will enhance your journey to success.

There are hidden treasures and opportunities locked in every failure or precarious situation you're facing. Endeavor to rediscover and liberate yourself. Do not make excuse for failure, nonfulfillment or defeat; strategize a new way to achieve success, and avoid the old path that initially led to your fraternity with failure and foundering. Run after success and make it your staunched friend; and avoid pitfall or failure as a potential acquaintance.

Failures and obstacles are like a shadow, if you run away from them, they run after you, but if you run after them to conquer, they run away from you; and you will become a conqueror. Most opportunities come to you as problems, the ways you tackle problems determine your success or failure.

Meanwhile, develop a self-control and smart approach to high-risk situations with RACE, i.e. Recognize, Avoid, Cope and Evaluate. Recognize high-risk situations, and do not be too reactionary to every situation that confronts you; discern difficult situations that can lead to failure or serious consequences. Having recognized the high-risk situations, device means to avoid them, if you cannot avoid them, develop a coping mechanism to enable you to evaluate the high-risk situations; high-risk situations are potential inhibitors to failure or success.

You have the willpower to do an incredible or new thing no one has done before. Discover yourself, you actually possess the key to unlock your way to success; grab the key today! And be purpose-driven to unleash your potentials to the admiration of your friends and foes.