Yahaya BalogunTuesday, February 13, 2018
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Arizona, USA


"I work in a coordinated fashion to make my dreams a reality. As I plan my priorities, I feel more relaxed with my progress going foward. I move steadily and inexorably toward my deepest vision." - by David Dillard-Wright

olks, let us muse on the above quotation. There is no doubt that everyone is feeling distraught in this period of global uncertainty. Every wary mind is naturally waxing and waning in a disgruntled mood. It is ok to be sickly cagey and still be in a reflective mood for better days ahead.

Mindfully, how we can find peace in a frantic world should be an individualistic measure and concern. You can still have a sense of 'feel good' while things around you seem difficult and insurmountable. If we feel around us the leashing of discouragement and covetousness, our positive energy, values; our sense of esteem and imagination should come to play to define who we are when others around us care less or don't care at all. We are sometimes the architects of our fortune and misfortune. In spite of the pessimism and fear beclouding the little progress you have made in life, there are a lot to be optimistic about, though there are numerous challenges ahead.

Meanwhile, If a purposeful Barack Hussein Obama, the son of a Muslim immigrant from Kenya, and the current controversial Potus, Donald Trump could be Presidents of the most powerful nation in the world, (though, the two individuals come from different moral and value systems), who is there telling you that you cannot be what you want to be if you know your onions and worth? Obama believed in the "Yes, we can" of his time. He explored his innate brilliance and potentials. He had the audacity of hope. Hope in the face of hopelessness. History overtly and covertly beckoned on Barack, vintage Obama discountananced distractions and grabbed the nuances of history to his own advantage. Today, history has not only nominated Obama as a golden boy of his era, he's a role model to decorum and some envisioned global millennials. You can also do better than Obama and Trump if you open your mind to your muse, and allow the positive side of your mind to speak to your heart.

It's alright to be in the stillness of time while you explore your way out of the turbulent world. In other word, I call it the exploration of mindfulness. Our mind is our weapon to explore and unleash our potentials. Don't allow any known or unknown terrestrial being to puncture or punctuate your road to success or greatness. Great minds are not burdened by want of immediacy or distractions, they're encumbered by their optimism to achieve greater things for themselves and humanity.

No human being is indispensable. We have our own unique individual innate tendency to succeed. Even in life, at the appointed period in the existential scheme of things, man is destined to fall or fail, and to get up to succeed again if he is not discouraged or given up! The distance between you and your victory is the famished road created and covered by your 'self' or adversaries, so that you may not see beyond the mundane. But the difficult road to success diminishes as you discover and curl up your determination to be a successful person you're made to be!

In the end, instead of complexifying your problems, you can easily simplify them with mindfulness. Once you thread this turbulent road with unfettered and discerning mind to conquer your problems, your enemies and the discouraging 'self' in will have no choice than to succumb to your audacity and determination. You will then put your distractors to shame. Ultimately, you'll be victorious. Even, your avowed enemy will also celebrate and identify with your success on the long run. Get up from your couch; be success driven and redefine your purpose in life today, and for the coming week.