Hakeem BabalolaWednesday, February 7, 2018
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he current president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, must contest and win the 2019 presidential election. He must win simply because there's no other living Nigerian who has the energy, knowledge, ability, temperament, insight, technical know-how, experience, even wisdom - to rule or govern our country.

Muhammadu Buhari demonstrated all the listed qualities during his tenure as Head of State when he and his military co-adventurers hijacked and toppled a democratically elected government of Shehu Shagari in the December 1983 regretable coup. And he has demonstrated it further as a democratically elected president in 2015. Please don't ask me for the evidence of the good and miraculous things that Mr PRESIDO has done since he came to power three years ago. Hum, if I start to list his achievements, critics may accuse me of being sentimental. And I don't think Nigeria needs sentiment of any kind - at the moment. What we need is a Buhari, who, if possible should rule forever. Don't ask me why or why not.

What else do Nigerians need other than good performance in government, richness, security, good economic management, national cohesion, fairness, progress and hope for the future? Today, no Nigerian is as competent as this Daura man when it comes to leading Nigeria to economic, religious and political freedom. Take it or leave it. For that was why you voted for him. So give him another chance.

In view of this, if Buhari refused to contest and wins in 2019, we shall drag him to court like we would have dragged that lunatic - Sani Abacha - if he had refused to make himself life president during that stormy moment in the history of Nigeria. For those who do not know who Abacha was, he was a madman in the military who found himself at the corridor of power and served as the de facto President of Nigeria from 1993 to 1998. He succeeded another weird soldier named Maradonna; called evil genius because of his political dribbling ability. Obviously, Abacha stole a lot of money which is being recovered small-small from where he kept it in Switzerland's bank. Yet Buhari defended Abacha saying he did not loot our commonwealth. But if Buhari says Abacha was not a thief, we have no choice than to agree with him. After all, he is Mr Integrity. You hear that?

Whatever, this well-read and well-educated man must contest and win the 2019 race. For who can be like him? Who can surpass Muhammadu Buhari when it comes to articulation, insight, understanding, knowledge and wisdom? Is it Gowon or OBJ or IBB, GEJ? See, that's why our professor endorsed this meticulous craftsman in 2015. That's why the press and in fact the intelligentsia class rallied around this insightful PRESIDO who once ruled them with a contempt of a soldier. "Bloody civilians," you are called. He was so much in demand that even those he jailed in 1982 campaigned for him. Buhari or no Nigeria!

It will be tragic to deny Buhari a second term to complete his assignment to save Nigeria - their Nigeria. Abi you no know say Buhari na one of the owners of Nigeria? Here is a nationalist, a patriot who has fought many wars defending his territory. Who else can do it if not a Buhari who is well accepted in the north, in the south, in the west, in the east? Who else can do it if not a Buhari who has and still fighting corruption gallantly? Who else is available if not a Buhari who is a national and not a sectional leader; an open-minded fellow to a fault. Is Buhari a religious bigot? Na you say it o.

Forget the issue of herdsmen who have been terrorising Nigerians in the north, south, west, and east. Buhari will deal with this raging group in his second coming. Remember, Buhari belongs to everybody and belongs to nobody. Okay, he says he will do more for the regions that voted for him and less for those regions that opposed him during the last election. Common, your president is only being human. Again forgive him for putting Alex Ekwueme, the vice-president who is Igbo, in Kirikiri prison and putting Shehu Shagari, the president who is Hausa under mere house arrest. Na mistake! Also, forgive him for that brutal backdated law that ended the life of those three young Nigerians (Lawal Ojuolape 30, Bernand Ogedengbe 29, and Bartholomew Owoh 26) in 1985 for drug-related offences. It won't happen again. Buhari is a changed man.

What's more! Mr PRESIDO is agile; so healthy. Remember the axiom, the old soldier never dies? Oh, age is, but a number. Yes, Buhari spent as much time as 100 days in Igi-lan-di for medical cheek up and to see the queen and the queen loved him as she had loved Yakubu Gowon (Head of State 1966-75). Be rest assured that Buhari and his government is taking time to build a well-equipped ultra modern hospital everywhere in Nigeria. Nna, give this man chance now o! Nna, let him do it now.

Okay, you don't want to give him another chance? Then name any five Nigerians alive who could do better than this genius of our time; a wonderful president full of integrity. Integrity? Yes, he is called Sai Buhari, Sai Baba. See, you can't even name one person. Now you begin to see why the professor, our professor risked his own reputation to endorse Sai baba in 2015. Now you begin to see why many had trekked from the south to the North to greet this extraordinary good PRESIDO.

Talking about the cabal, I say don't worry yourself bro. Sai Baba will deal with them after 2019 in his second coming. Just take his word for it. Buhari for 2019 at all cost. Mind you, if he refused to contest because of Obasanjo and Babangida's yeye (useless) letters, we would charge him with treason. For, it is a treasonable offence for a Buhari to desert his beloved country when he is needed most. Period

Yes, he appointed all his top security chiefs from his own blood. That is not a sign of fear but of confidence. But I tell you, that's a winning strategy. Something like blood is thicker than water. Or is blood not thicker than water anymore? And who told you that Buhari is unable to muster the courage to deal with any difficult issue. A war veteran himself! Sai Baba, Sai Buhari. Just wait for him to get the second term. Hum, you go see and hear wonder and wonderment.

They say Buhari will Islamise Nigeria. Fake news niyen; na fake news. How? With every house now becoming churches? How could this happen in a country that is blessed with kings and chiefs and pastors! In a country where CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) is vibrant and apolitical. How is this possible when Buhari could not do it as a semi-lunatic soldier!

And weren't you told that Buhari is now a changed man? He is now a Democrat in a demonstration of crazy dispensation. I can go on and on to list the achievements of this impeccable man of our time; a legend, a genius at 75 who would take his Nigeria to the promise land.

Whatever, give Buhari another chance; give him another chance to change. But if you don't, then we will make sure he wins at all cost. This is because it is not your choice but ours. Shout it louder, Buhari for president 2019 and even beyond. Ignore this message at your own risk. See you in 2019. O-dabo