Bayo BalogunMonday, February 5, 2018
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February 4th, 2018

Senator Abiola Ajimobi
Executive Governor
State Secretariat, Ibadan
Oyo State

Your Excellency,

indly permit me to air out my mind to you on the future of our dear party in Oyo State. I am an active and committed member of this party. I write as a concerned native of Ibadan land though residing in Lagos which is the Center of Excellence in every good thing (including Progressive Politicking).I am touched and very much concern about the future of this great party in Oyo State after 2019.

During the 2015 general election, we are happy that you led us to deliver the highest vote from the South/West (528, 620 against PDP's 303.376) to our President and our party. This is in addition to delivering our three Senators and twelve out of fourteen Federal Representatives. We want to improve on this trend in subsequent elections and the foundation for this can either be laid or destroyed by the local government primaries.

Atunluse, You have laid unprecedented record in the history of Oyo State politics which will remain points of reference for life. But if you go ahead with the rumored imposition of candidates for the local government elections or you manipulate the nomination process in any way or manner, your reputation will go to the dust bin of history like that of General Ibrahim Babangida. Today, Babangida is not remembered for the good things he did in his eight years in office, but the frequent postponement of elections and the eventual annulment of June 12, 1993 election. This is why he cannot be an Obasanjo or a Buhari in Aso Villa. Though they are all Generals and Former Heads of State

Like most former ex governors, we want you to finish your term and proceed to the Senate in furtherance of your service to the people and the state but the only obstacle to this is this local government election. I implore you to see everyone contesting in the party as your supporter. Give them equal chances to win APC primaries and proceed to a free and fair local government election with other parties. Without rigging. Quoting your statement of December 16th, 2017 after receiving governor Akala and other decampees , "Apart from APC, the other parties in the state are moribund and they are 'Abiku' parties". You are now preparing to wake up and revive the Abiku by your intentions on APC local council election primaries.

Please sir, permit me to remind you that over 80% of people you plan to offend by imposition of candidate or manipulation of the nomination process are members of party executives or delegates from Oyo South Senatorial district who will determine your fate at the senatorial primaries. They are the same people who walked out on you at Lafia Hotel on March 9th, 2017 just because you planned to impose candidates for this same election. Has anything changed since then? The people you are strategizing to offend , three senators, the legislators and most of the ex chairmen you offended (that you used and dumped) can rebuild a strong opposition against you and they can strike any moment from now.

I will like you to retain a good legacy and remain an un-dented leader after your sojourn at Agodi government house. This can only be achieved by being a leader for all or a father to all. You will lose this if you lose the senatorial primaries or you destroyed the party so much that you lose the senatorial election against opposition party. The Shame will be yours and yours only.

Yours truly