Sunday, December 2, 2018
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Arizona, USA

"A nation whose youths do not know their history is irrevocably doomed to fail" - Yahaya Balogun

eep not for haters!
What kills haters contiguously
Is when you give them love.
They're cocooned in the lurch
Of hatred. When you profess love,
Haters are quick to give hate.

Weep not for haters!
They dwell in bigotry and void of reasoning!
In the realm of extreme animosity,
They're emblems of discord.
Give them love;
If they give you hate in return.
Give them smiles to conquer
Their hateful tones.

Weep not for haters!
They're emblematic of aversion
When their peers are happy,
They're in the cobweb of sadness.
They love thee not when progress
Illuminates your glass ceiling.
Haters despise winners in the chapel
Of love.

Weep not for haters.
Empathize with their stolen minds.
Haters are encumbered to love.
They're never-happy-house-goers.
They're encircled by resentment.

Weep not for haters! In the precinct of their minds Are constructions of animosity. Employ love to tame haters. Feed hateful minds with love. You're a conqueror over haters! Weep not for them!