Sunday, December 2, 2018
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Arizona, USA

"A nation whose youths do not know their history is irrevocably doomed to fail" - Yahaya Balogun

he best brains, certainly, are found in the graveyards and the silence in Nigeria now is the silence of the graveyards. The best fertility for intellectual property abounds in Nigeria. Some of these brains have been wasted or drained to other countries; some are even yearning to leave for greener pastures outside of Nigeria. We don't value what we have, neither do we appreciate our cultural diversity. Nigeria is in a dire state contradiction. Our confusion has started breaking the bones, apology to Abami Eda-Fela Anikulapo of blessed memory.

Presently, our ignorance and penchant for collective amnesia is nauseating in Nigeria. A country whose political leadership abolished with fiat and officialdom, the teaching of HISTORY its various secondary schools; has not only done incalculable damage to the intellectual faculty of its citizens, it has mortgaged the future and collective progress of its people and the country in general. We need to cry out for the return of HISTORY as a subject at all levels of education in Nigeria.

Pitiably, no wonder the country is drifting to a state of intellectual drowsiness. People cannot read a long published article not to talk of a resourceful HISTORY book that can arm and equip the youths of today to get acquainted with the pitfalls of their ghoul leaders of yesterday, and for a better tomorrow for them. They are daily infatuated and get carried away with unhealthy competition, picture postings and other mundane things on social media. Social media, a potent platform that suppose to be the medium for national reawakening. We are easily being made the willing tools in the hands of these sociopath politicians. Sadly embedded in national disaster is a lost HISTORY and Nigeria must urgently find her lost story.

Methink! Bad thinking, bad products. Our sense of imagination as a country is fast being eroded for mundane. The good thing is that, historians are putting together Nigerian past and present conundrums in parchments to be archived for the next generation of Nigerians; the next generation who may blame the present "wasted generation" for its self-hatred, ineptitude, unrepentant and nonchalant attitudes, complacency and naughtiness in finding common solutions to its intractable self-inflicted problems.

Nigerian leaders have done a great disservice to this generation. Ab initio, the youth of today lacks the cognition and recognition of those who have served Nigeria with their sacred sweat and blood to see a better Nigeria. If Professor Wole Soyinka can be disrespected by these youths who should have been so proud to celebrate meritocracy in Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe and a host of other intellectual witches and wizards, instead of their inclination for mediocrity, there's urgent need for atonement of the nation's generic sins.

Notwitstanding, we will still cry to God to have mercy on us all! Things are absolutely not normal in Nigeria. In the beginning, our morning was a promising period, now our leaders have sent us to midnight/graveyard of confusion and contradictions. We are urgently yearning for another dawn of a new era in Nigeria. It will surely come!

May God to have mercy on us all!