Friday, August 24, 2018
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Maputo, Mozambique



n a Black Tuesday came the men of guns.
Big-chested and fresh with the aroma of Fela's scent.
They formed the wall of grab and quench.
For the slippery Maradona of the upper chamber.

Oloye slept on the mat of the vigilante.
Awoken only by the "chamada" of Ike, the oriental man of law,
Who had been cornered by the angels of intimidation.
For hiding under an umbrella during the storm of change.

Saraki journeyed to the apex court of the wig kings and queens.
In search of a bailout from the disturbances of Salami and Sagay,
Who murdered sleep in the hot pursuit of a sentence.
Only to emerge with a knock-out punch of not guilty.

Discharged, Dino danced to the Shaku Shaku of vindication.
Only for Baba to be provoked by the ta ta ta of Offiah.
Who in anger demanded a connection from Ibrahim the transmitter.
And suddenly Saraki becomes the "chefe" of money thieves.

The transmission king, awake from the slumber of nepotism,
Marched into the battle of no honour, no sense.
When Leah the great, remains on an extended missionary journey.
And the Season of Frame-ups launches at the cinema of reelection.

Osho, the giant of recklessness has arrived at the accident scene of merger,
Where carpet-crossing and impeachment are engaged in a bloody combat.
Sleepless and haggard, he summons the gang of change.
Enthroning Diarchy as the best form of government for my fatherland.

With Osho, the undertaker, the changers need no more enemies,
For when an agbero becomes an evangelist,
The pulpit transforms into the shouting zone of miscalculations,
Where desperation and interviews are the proof of hardwork.

Who could have believed that Daura of Daura, emeritus,
Was a Mikel Obi at the Oloye FC of Ilorin.
And Jubrin thinks that we are Kolo Mentals in Naija,
Who walk fearlessly shirtless from Maitama to Ahiara Junction.

73 is the magic number for demotion.
But Agege and Osho are for 55, Confusion.
When Nwabueze, the Wise Man of Constitution
Still lives to "abre" the book of law for the non-learned friends.

Once upon a time, Tambuwal raised the broom of change and chain,
And Baba Yusuf thundered hurrah and congratulations.
Saraki now hides under the umbrella in escape of the hellish storm of change,
And Baba's angels of coercion are working overtime.

Who says that 2+2 still equals 4 in the now Nigeria?
Only the saints that gave us Buhari have the answer to this.
For what I see from my Southern Comfort,
Is a 2+2 that equals 22 or more, the changer's rule.

I Rest My Case.