Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Arizona, USA

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Anonymous.

"To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there." - Anonymous

ohn is an introvert and extremely a shy guy. But when you bring forth a conversational matter with John, John's shyness usually evaporates in a squishy manner.

The first day John met his wife, he saw everything he wanted in a woman. He could also discern the same in her consciousness. Frankly, John and his wife are both far from perfection. But their mutual imperfections have always shown them the window of opportunity for marital improvement. John knew with every sense of assurance that the woman he met was going to be his wife. John didn't know where that assurance came from! But he believed what would be would be! Unbelievably, John told his-to-be-wife there and then with unequivocation that he wanted to marry her. No toasting, no dating and no pretense. The first expression and response conspicuously written on the face of his-wife-to-be was like a discombobulated and unexpected conjugal aspirant: "like that, like that" seemed to be her muted response. Literally, with the speed of time, John and his partner mutually entered into a joint prayer session, and in brevity, he assuredly departed his partner's house that day and left the rest for anticipation; and the rest was eventually history!

Conversely, life is beautiful when you see the qualities you want in a person and you fall in love with them unconditionally! Mutual love has much multiplier effects on a family than conscripted utopian love or marriage of convenience. The road to marital life is laced, paved and paced with admixture of smoothness and roughness. Any marital subjects that flaunt their union ceremoniously with pretensions as if all has been bed of roses are living in abject state of self-denial and lies. Marital controversies are not unavoidable in marriage. The two subjects in a marriage are not the same in characters and mindfulness. And they will never be the same till death rip (i.e Rest In Peace) them apart. The buffer of any marriage is unconstitutional love and mutual respect. Once unconditional love and mutual respect are institutionalized in a marriage, every shortcoming of both parties will be neutralized on the long run by those mutual love and respect!

In admonition, never, ever go into any marital territory; or expected and unending relationship with a person you do not love. If you enter into a marital relationship for cuteness, convenience and wealth, ninety-nine-point-nine-percent of the time, the relationship will not stand the test of time, because the relationship is built on a pseudo-love.

Mindfully, we absolutely know in our subconscious mind the relationship that will work for us, or relationship that will work against us. But our lack of mindfulness to imagine all the possibilities of our inadvertent adventure into the journey of life has always been our encumbrance or burden. You should think twice before you get married to that rich guy. Ruminate over your decision before you hook up with that beautiful woman, or cling together into the abyss of time. The end must justify the means.

In retrospect, unlike the period of the primitiveness of our forefathers, beauty and love are not mutually exclusive, but in this day and age, love and beauty are mutually exclusive. The shrinkage in our intimacy and social interactions is a direct result of adverse technological-know-how and the emergence of globalization. Today, humanity is in dire need of succor to avert the impending disintegration of martial tradition.

"Love is a smoke made with the fume of sigh." It is extremely important to know with mindfulness whom you want to trade relationships with. Today's existential relationships are mostly a trade, or trafficking of love not out of mutual love and togetherness but for void and mundane reasons. My admonition to folks is never to rush into any potential lust and unsustainable marriage, rather, rush into a carefully minded relationship that will stand the rigors and mesmerism of life.

It is pertinent to note that marriage is an institution that requires expectations of success and failure. If you are not in anticipation of the two cores or nuances (success and failure) of marriage, or arm your relationships with patience, unconditional love, perseverance and other variables that are inherent in success and failure, please, do not conceptualize or be in an anticipatory mood to go into an abusive relationships. If you are in potential one, or in accidental risk of relationships that's inimical to your wellbeing, get out of the abusive marriage without further delay! Your life matters than being in an abusive relationships. A marriage of convenience that can truncate your life untimely into the graveyard of unmindfulness is not worth it. Love and mutual respect should not be conditional; it must be oiled with unconditional nuance (love) that ensures successful growth and tranquility in an unending (Marriage) relationships. Explore your mindfulness today!