Tuesday, August 7, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA

resident Buhari
Is an impending hurricane!
A national political tsunami
That will sweep away
All these children of corruption.

Buhari is a paradigm shift
In the life of a nation!
Your ramshackle at his feet,
Makes Buhari remains Abiku
In the foul politics of Nigeria.

Buhari is a deliberate silencer
In the face of overwhelming
Hate and intimidation.
(Ak ri d kun,)
We can't unravel the base
of the ocean, (Ak ri d s).
We can't expose the basal of lagoon!
Buhari is a quiet hot ocean
Steaming the asses of looters!

Buhari is Arogidigba (juggernaut)
That understands
The corrupt minds
Of the students of graft!
The more you loathe him,
The more he's loved by the people!
The more you tempt his temper
The more his temperament
Defies our Aha and wows!

The more you try to conscript
Buhari into the comity of looters,
The more Buhari slips into
The conscience of unrepentant
Buharists to soaring Buhari's popularity!

In t a ba d fn ign,
Eiye mrn la fin nsun.
(The overt makeshift of fire
For a vulture will surely consume
Another bird!)
If you know, you know!
If you don't know, you don't