Tuesday, August 7, 2018
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Arizona, USA

hen you unhook yourself from terrible thoughts and unnecessary emotions, you give room for expansion of your choices with LOVE! You will begin to see what others without mindfulness don't care to see!

We strongly empathize with people who have HATE and resentment in their DNA. In reality, life is beautiful! Life has always been an answer to my numerous existential questions, and life in itself is also a question to all my numerous questions that have already been answered or unanswered.

Those of us with unblemished LOVE in our DNA should sympathize with unrepentant or surreal HATERS in our midst! The most grotesque and sorry thing is when a known unintelligent person pictures an intelligent person as unintelligent because of HATE. It shows the dumbest thing to conceptualize in the global civilization of this 21st century.

Hate is not an innate, inborn or natural misnomer, it is learned through roleplay and imitation. HATE is not a disease, but it's more devastating than known terminal diseases. People being afflicted with AIDS but completely subsumed in LOVE are better than people without AIDS but engulfed with HATE. Haters don't realize that HATE is repulsive and repugnant to 21st century socialization. The global world is fast becoming a miniature planet. This is the realm of realism HATERS are yet to fathom. We must conscientize them by teaching them the beauty of LOVE making!

Those of you who are well brought up to LOVE other people unconditionally, you don't know the greatest ASSET God has given you through your role models - your parents, guardians, acquaintances etc. HATE demeanor is a chronic acquired disease that can be cured with unconditional LOVE. Those of us whom God has given this divine ASSET must not squander it by resenting the man or woman next door!

Moreover, your values matter in your social interactions. Values are principles, standards or qualities by which we live our lives; our values shape the person we become, and our actions to our neighbors reflect those values. When you see a person who lacks moral values, do not resent or reject him. Help him to imbibe or inculcate or learn from you the act of making LOVE. HATE defines people whose minds are constructed with negativity, therefore, we must encourage them to learn how to be positive-minded through our unfettered social interactions.

There are some people who have never experienced love in their lives. Most people are nurtured by abnormal nature. Their value system is HATE. You can be an influential person to model their lives! One LOVE in your heart can neutralize one million HATES in others or people around you.

In the spirit of mindfulness, reject hateful-rhetorical-behavior. With LOVE, you can criticize, differ in opinions with others without necessarily going down to gutter conversation. Life is too beautiful when we show or make LOVE! We must be mindful of our choice of language and behavior through social interactions. LOVE doesn't HATE! HATE doesn't LOVE! We must LOVE one another to make our world a better place.