Friday, August 3, 2018
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ith the 2019 elections approaching Nigerians are once again witnessing cross-carpeting of various politicians from one party to another and with these have come the various widely reported conspiracies of the machinations behind these moves. Without wanting to give an ounce of undue publicity to the various characters and participants involved in this every-four years music and chair dance, I am sure we are aware of the various characters involved.

What is surprising is the lack of public outcry on these selfish politicians who jump from one party to the next in seeking personal preservations. It is as if we have come to expect and accept this as the norm! With a developing economy and democracy have we really given up on ourselves as Nigerians and left governance to these gallivanting rent-seeking politicians? Whilst one is terribly embarrassed with how these politicians have become almost unaccountable for taking the Nigerian electorate for granted, it is equally shocking that the electorate themselves have given up their rights to help themselves do something about it!

Has it not occurred to us that not one of these carpet-crossing politicians have stated an ideological case for their actions? There have stated no ideological reasons for their actions other than the feeling of not wanting to miss out on the gorging in the proverbial troughs. I cannot recall where a single one of these cross-carpeting politicians has stated a case based on ideological differences and aspirations for the welfare of the citizenry. Its as if this is irrelevant seeing as their first objective is self-preservation in terms of 'stomach infrastructures'.

How many legislative bills proposed and passed by these gallivanting in this current term have impacted the lives of the citizens? Come to think of it, how many bills have been proposed by your own representatives in Abuja? Do you actually know who your representatives are? Did you vote for persons of repute or did you vote political parties instead?

As a result of these carpet-crossing but not limited to it, the media is awash with all sorts of news both fake and real o the internal bickering of the two main political parties. You turn on the TV and all you hear on serious political discussion programmes, apparently, are the squabbles and wrangling amongst cross-carpeters and their mouth pieces. These programmes are awash with 'talking-heads' whose views and comments are limited to, again, the cross-carpeters and the like. None whatsoever on ideologies or concerns for the electorate.

As the 2019 elections approach, hardly can one hear debates on policy issues and discussions on how to move the country forward. We somehow cannot seem to get beyond identifying all that is wrong with the country, which we all can recount. The media seems unable to put these gallivanting cross-carpeters to task. The media is itself distracted with political machinations of the inept politicians we send to the legislative Houses to represent us! We are once again stuck with the various dramas and comical characters in the legislative Houses crossing over from one party to another.

To make matters more painful, the younger generation whose future in the country is bordering on nigh to zilch in the current economic climate are celebrating these cross-carpeters and their actions. It is very sad watching these events.

Why are we so gullible? Why have we lost the spark and fire we once had in the years gone past before the advent of social media? Is this the democracy we yearned for? Should our future remain in the hands of these unprincipled carpet-crossing, self-preserving politicians whose actions have been devoid ideological convictions?

To quote from an anonymous comment made online in March 6, 2014 from someone who made a very pertinent observation on cross-carpeting politicians in the Nigeria political system (http://www.opinionnigeria.com/cross-carpeting-in-nigerias-political-system/#sthash.C2r3uWhv.dpbs) ."

Nigerian youths, and other social bodies and educated men and women must see them for who they are because none is cross-carpeting to protect the interest of the constituencies they represent, it is all written in their personal greed, their individual pocket and until they are flushed out of power, no meaningful development will come to our various communities, the child on the street will never have a hope of roof over their head or experience quality education and the untold hardship the masses have come in contact with may never go away".

"A people that elect corrupt politicians, impostors, thieves and traitors are not victims but accomplices" - a quote attributed to George Orwell.

Nigerians, Who Did This To Us?