Monday, April 30, 2018
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Arizona, USA

n my pastoral scenery or homey, the stories of Mr. Tortoise and the Nigerian youths are awesomely amusing, but most times, nauseating! At times, their stories are intertwined in the axiom or lexicon of the Nigerian complicated history book, and with unexplainable logic. But sometimes, one wonders why people behave the way they do in Nigeria. Mr. Tortoise in this mindfulness piece is being described like a shadow, when you run away from him, he runs after you, but when you muster the courage to run after him he runs away from you. Are the Nigerian youths running away from Mr. Tortoise? Your answer is as good as mine!

In a wasteland, Mr. Tortoise has become the Araba tree with unbearable and vengeance fruits. The characters of these fruits are unfit for wisdom, consu, ption and mindfulness. These fruits are in two categories: one is ripe with the aimless hard working individuals, the other fruits are pregnant-lazy-freebies with unending cries in the forests of a thousand demons.

Now the question: Why is Mr. Tortoise running 'Hila-Hilo' as if something is running after him? Even, the Yannibo who is the suitor and a close relation of Mr. Tortoise cannot explain Ijapa's narcissistic-personality-disorder and behavior. Only Mr. Tortoise can tell the residents in a wasteland what his existentially needs, wants or desires are... Providence is so gracious to Mr. Tortoise that he doesn't belong to the camp of ordinariness. But he has always been so ungrateful to Providence! Ordinarily, If I were Mr. Tortoise or Ijapa, I would've just simmered down, in my golden acquired edifice, and ramshackle properties in my rustic village in Ogun State to enjoy my twilight years in life. Man, from time immemorial is known for penchant crave for immediacies.

Inexplicably, human Wants are unlimited and insatiable. Man's sustenance is his daily basic needs which include foods, water, shelter, sex and other existential things that are not mundane. But man's tendency for instant gratification has made man to make his Needs to be his Wants and Desires. When a man's Needs unmindfully or unjustly become his Desires, it is direful that the man is heading towards ominous troubles. In my African society, most people's Needs are selfishly and egregiously interchanged for their Desires. What else does a man wants or needs when he has virtually fulfilled all these nuances of living, including Desires! What does it profit a man to have everything he Needs, Wants, and Desires; and to be in self-imprisonment, only to lose everything in the end?" Only if a man can do self-talk; think very deeply through mindfulness, he would understand that life is a void full of nothingness!

In my adolescent age, one of the elders in my village once told me, and in his ageless wisdom that, when you see a man literally running helter-skelter in a wild forest, sweating and in the apprehension of the unknown enemy, just take cognizance look at him, if he is not running after anything intangible or invisible, something intangible or invisible is certainly running after him. It is imperative for man to learn from the burdens of the history of other men in order not to fall into the manhole deliberately constructed for the downfall of him.

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" - Mark 8:36

Life can be very beautiful if we can unearth the secret of life through mindfulness. Most of the time, life is ugly because man constantly refuses to be self-aware to go through the process of life using mindfulness.

Softly, softly is life!