Yahaya BalogunThursday, April 12, 2018
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


acebook has connected more than 2.1 billion people around the world. In India alone, more than 241 million people are on Facebook. More than 80 million Nigerians are connected in cyberspace with Facebook taking a chunk of the space! We are more addicted than ever to the menace and the indispensability of social media. The phenomenon continues to grow unabated. The billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and other social media csars gave us free social interaction and compendium platforms with freedom, but are we free?

The number of users keeps growing exponentially with stupendous dollars raining into the 30-year-old boy's global piggy banks! The internet is a template for the destruction of the strong and the vulnerable people. It is also a medium to unleash your talent and inexpensively launch yourself to the limelight. The moment your cybertool i.e. your fingertip triggers your phone-companion or device, Booom..., the information you put online becomes the harbinger and information for public consumption. As long as you have bank accounts, email accounts, phone sets with service providers, your footprints online will not be eraseable. We are all existentially being threatened!

Meanwhile, your information is like a footprint or shadow with a laser. As you write, snapshot, whatsApping, Facebooking or consulting what Yoruba people call Ifa, and what Oyinbo folks are called Google, the amplification and embellishment of your information, in a jiffy, travel to an unending destination with some unknown prowling cyborgs, cyber hackers and cyberpunks use for their own machinations. We are all at risk of cyberattacks and cyberpunks. Other social media engines are harvesting our communications and information with the speed of alacrity! The funny thing is that the unsuspecting cyborgs and social media users, including this writer are mesmerizing in the euphoria of cyber-ignorance and enthusiasm. Social media has recalibrated our psychology. Everyone is vulnerable, no one is immune!

Precariously, our individual privacy and other people's information are being hacked or compromised. Or is the global users' privacy being harvested for capitalism and mercantilism at the users' own expense? Is the world in the process of cyber sequestration? Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook and other social media entrepreneurs must speedily answer these important questions to allay our fidgeting stances and fears!

Existentially, the global citizens have coagulated and assembled with mesmerizing stances in the global village, now for good or for bad, things are falling apart! The world is moving into miniature of a kind; and the zuckeville is gradually shrinking to a beleaguered world. Is our universe etching to apocalyptic world? Every second, social interactions are turning to social upheavals with gory pictures and hate vituperation. The psyche of the meek users is daily under threat of psychological depression. The good thing among others, I have observed about social media is that, it exposes fredenimies, grandstandersrs, political opportunists and pretenders! If you have intuitive mind, you will understand my innocent and debatable submission.

Social media has transformed and transcended its initial purpose and establishment. Social media has become a monumental burden to everyone. Social media redefining our cyber-enthusiasm and the way we live our lives in a globalized world. Social media has become a social engineering platform for social mediocrity, political dowdiness and hitleric propaganda.

The world leaders use social media to spread fake news, deceive their plebeians and create more dysfunctional families and societies! Even the most educated individuals amongst the globalized world fall for all these juicy and unpalatable propaganda. Our professor is readily example. The world is getting jinxed. No one is excluded!

Sadly, a pint-sized world with moral and immoral values is having its privacy morphing into extinction through cyber attacks. The rhapsody of rapture is coming to cyborgs on cyberspace very soon! We are not talking about the fundamentalists' rapture, but the imminent expunge of social media users through the social tsunami. We must be prepared for this social media apocalypse. Stay tuned and be expectant of 'the imminent cyberpocalyse.'