Hakeem BabalolaMonday, September 18, 2017
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igerian insurgents and collaborators are those soldiers or civilians calling themselves patriots. Unfortunately they have successfully stolen and adopted the word patriots in order to continue their exploitation of wealth deposits and also in their quest to cause confusion among the gullible ones. Most Nigerians are still easily deceived or tricked.

Certain Igbo descendants are among the collaborators, and by all means necessary will scuttle the existence of BIAFRA. Although they know the truth about BIAFRA, but they also know that the existence of BIAFRA will render them useless just like their insurgent brothers did to Nigeria.

One thing is for sure: BIAFRA is a matter of time. However when I say BIAFRA, I do not mean Odumegwu Ojukwu or Nnamdi Kanu, the man of the moment or any other prominent agitators. For me, BIAFRA has nothing to do with the agitators - for agitators come and go. I am talking about what BIAFRA stands for, and not what the agitators stand for. Although there has been deviation, betrayal, hypocrisy, double standard exhibited by the agitators of BIAFRA, but in total, what BIAFRA stands for is GENUINE - my word. BIAFRA is BIAFRA whatever that means.

BIAFRA wants freedom; BIAFRA wants to love and be loved; BIAFRA wants to execute the talent she is endowed with; BIAFRA wants social justice; BIAFRA wants the truth and detests oppression and inequality. More importantly, BIAFRA had the premonition of today's Nigeria when it attempted to break away leading to a three-year civil war - July 6, 1967 - Jan 15, 1970 in which "many many" innocent lives were lost.

Warning: No innocent blood should be allowed to waste this time around. No child should die of hunger or even anything closer to that. Perhaps that's why the man himself was reportedly warned that agitating for Biafra for the second time is crazy. I disagree with Sir Odumegwu Ojukwu on this particular issue. In fact only a silly government would not allow for a referendum to take place. Who is Buhari or anyone for that matter to say that Nigeria is non-negotiable? This is 2017 and not 1960's or 70's or 80's when the bunch of lunatics and other Soldiers of Sorrow paraded our space. It's quite unfortunate, even tragic that people like Buhari is still the one ruling Nigeria.

Any government - civilian or military or "militacivili" that opposes any referendum is not serious at all and such regime should be chased out. Obviously the current Nigeria's make up plus the kind of excessive selfish individuals at the helm of Nigeria's affairs is more reason any BIAFRA should be encouraged. It doesn't really matter - for now - that such selfishness will still be present in any new Nation. That has to be dealt with later.

Apparently BIAFRA is more pronounced than any other republics within Nigeria. This may be telling us that, no matter how long the insurgents and their collaborators tried, BIAFRA cannot be defeated - spiritually speaking

I believe BIAFRA can become the pride of Africa and the bride of the world. However, it depends on whatever is in the minds of the agitators. For, even a genuine agitation may bring counterfeit result. Be afraid and pay attention to: Gang up of the Nigerian insurgents and certain elements of Igbo descendants. They both will fight a bloody fight to kill Biafra.

Nnamdi Kanu, an Umuahia, Abia State prince and his pals have to be careful - extremely careful - against evil plot of their fathers' house. Overnight, Kanu has become a national phenomenon, a folk hero, and leader of IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) There's no doubting the fact that the man Kanu is carrying a lot of burden in a fragile shoulder. He needs all the wisdom in the world to succeed where the man himself Sir Odumegwu Ojukwu partially succeeded. By the way, certain Igbo elders have started denouncing Kanu, saying he is too young to be Igbo leader.

Some are even calling him a thug. If you call the agitators of BIAFRA thugs, what then would you call coup-plotters like Murtala, Obasanjo, Buhari, Babangida and other Soldiers of Sorrow! They are the thugs to be afraid of, for they have systematically destroyed the value of humanity in the people. For me, there is difference between soldiers who usurp power and people agitating for an independent country. Coup plotters are cowards and wicked while secessionists are somehow courageous. Nelson Mandela was once labelled a thug and even a terrorist.

So for the Nigerian military to declare IPOB as a terrorist organisation is a cheap propaganda; it further shows the double standard habit of a presidency. It's also an indication of confusion that has engulfed governance in Nigeria. If IPOB is declared a terrorist organisation, what about the herdsmen palaver? What has been done to these herdsmen who has been killing and maiming Nigerians across the country? Is the activity of these Fulani herdsmen not more dangerous than that of IPOB's? I simply don't get it.

Does the Nigerian government actually understand the meaning of terrorism? An organisation seeking self-determination a terrorist group! My goodness, labelling IPOB as a terrorist organisation is perhaps the joke of the century. I don't get it - not at all. Honestly speaking, it is the Nigerian army that should be declared a terrorist organisation judging from its deviation from protecting external aggression to becoming ruling and oppressing the citizens. Haba

Well, before I go any further, let me highlight some simple and backdoor ways success can become of BIAFRA - at the beginning.

*Every genuine BIAFRAN must renounce Nigeria - Be hot or cold. No lukewarm attitude please

*BIAFRAN in the Diaspora must not hold dual citizenship, for your enemy, Nigeria may hold this against you.

*Stop fighting half-battle

*Deal with the enemy within

*No foreign aids, most especially financial aids

*No useless borrowing

Then, BIAFRA agitators should begin to use made in BIAFRA products including cars. People like Kanu must shun expensive things. For instance, agitators should stop using expensive cars like the insurgents and their collaborators. Kanu and co must desist from wealth impression; make me shine and my Mercedes-Benz-is-bigger-than-yours mentality that has destroyed its mother nation - Nigeria

In fact, BIAFRA should be opposite of everything Nigeria. For instance, BIAFRA should be ready to start from the beginning. As I wrote somewhere else, Nigeria has never started, and it won't until those insurgents and their collaborators die one by one. Take note please.

Therefore it should be a new beginning; new hope - a starting point. Social amenities should be a priority. No BIAFRAN should be allowed medical check-up abroad. No schooling abroad - nothing of such whatsoever.

BIAFRA should become a producing nation where every child has know-how on technology and programming; medicine and science; technical and engineering and so on. And more importantly, the first language should not be English. Choose indigenous way of communication.

At the beginning, BIAFRA should not allow dual-citizenship as this may jeopardise the very essence of the BEGINNING. BIAFRA should be for nationalists - benevolent nationalists. BIAFRA should be for those who are ready to live and die for it.

Can this be achieved? The answer should be YES. However, I am afraid, for even Nnamidi Kanu's blood has been polluted with Nigeria's. And this is where I sense another double trouble. Yet, an intensive transformation can take care of this challenge. New ways of thinking and new ways of doing things for instance!

If BIAFRA cannot produce clothes, let her go naked. If BIAFRA cannot produce shoes, let her go barefoot. If BIAFRA cannot produce automobile, let her use foot-wagon. If BIAFRA cannot produce qualitative schools, let her become uneducated. If BIAFRA cannot produce first class hospital, let her die of sickness.

When BIAFRA becomes, she should go out in full to produce anything produce-able. And in doing so, she should have pity on her mother nation by selling her goods at reasonable prices bearing in mind that Nigeria was once her source.

Again Nigeria will never become unless it gets rid of dem swelled head soldier-civilian-insurgent- collaborator. Certain prominent but useless people would have to be eliminated before BIAFRA becomes.

Apart from people like Yakubu Gowon, Murtala Muhammad, Olusegun Obasanjo, Sheu Shagari, Muhammadu Buhari, Ibrahim Babangida, Sanni Abacha, Abdulsalam Abubakar, Umaru Musa Yar'adua, Goodluck Jonathan, there are enemy within that will try to scuttle BIAFRA. Watch out. They enemy within will definitely join the conspiracy probably because of their investment across Nigeria.

Mind you, the insurgents and their collaborators would continue to fire different kinds of arrow like religion, class status, ethnicity, ethnicity within ethnicity, gender, politics etc, exactly in the same way they have done to Nigeria. In any way, the question is this: Do the agitators of BIAFRA actually know the gravity of burden on their shoulder?

Finally, whether Kanu or any other agitator renounces BIAFRA or not, BIAFRA will never die as long as Nigeria remains a nation where one group can steal a cow and another group must not even look at its tail. May God help BIAFRA and any other intending breakaway Republics!