Yahaya BalogunTuesday, September 12, 2017
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


olks, pause for a moment, your leaders have dual citizenship of the western world. The families of your leaders are cocooned in Britain, USA, Canada etc. Their children continue to graduate from prestigious Universities all across Europe, America, Canada etc. Recently, some members of your legislature, executive and judiciary have/had their children recently enrolled/graduated from these universities while your lecturers are on perpetual strike in Nigeria. Amusingly, all available strike-immune-private-universities are no-go-area for you and your siblings, yet all the owners of these cidetal of learning are your "daddies" and "mummies" in the lord.

Your leaders ask you to go and protest on the streets of Abakaliki, Enugu, Ibadan, Ebonyi, Uyo, Kaduna, Kano etc. You will feature on social media as cyborgs using your borrowed =N= 1000 recharge cards to abuse yourselves, to resent Buhari's person and begrudge Nigerian-disapora, that is, those yonder fighting for your liberation and emancipation. People who are almost, sometimes have access to free, or unlimited data and airtime. People who get value for their hard earned money. It has not intermittently crossed your mind why you shouldn't be tools in the hands of your oppressors? Kontinuu!!! Aanu e lo nse mi, to je ki n maa ba e damoran....reality is, majority rules! O maa to ye e that, it is not good to attempt or engage in self-induced immolation.

Your leaders are ensconced in their German imported couches in multimillion naira houses in highbrow areas in Garki, Abuja, or Banana Island gulping beer, drinking Hennessey and red wine. You're in various streets of Nigeria engaging in suicide mission. Supporters of corrupt politicians are the dumbest homo sapien that have existed in modern times.

During election period, your leaders fraternize with you by munching corns on the streets, they regurgitate ponmo in the bukas; they ride Okada and walk with you in the streets only to abandon you to your fate after election. You will not see their physical images again except on your home tubes. They only to come back again soliciting for your votes after four years. Your leaders are con-artists who know you as people characterized by repititious history. They will distribute your stolen money and essential commodities amongst you to sentence you back to your past. After election, you are on your own (OYO).

Meanwhile, 99% of Nigerians are marginalized while the remaining 1% are using you to hate yourselves by smiling to the bank through your being raped collectively. "See your life outside." I pity your lives! You forgot that life is so beautiful to beautiful minds! You better wake up to reality. Those who are toiling day and night to make life better for you are the people you call your adversaries! Just kontinuu! Igbeyin lo maa ye e oloku ada, that it is better to be smart than being outsmarted. Time is ripped for you to smartly strategize yourselves with consistency for self-reinvention.

Sombody should "tori olorun" educate you why you should have a rethink and remove your warped minds from the claws of your oppressors. Please reboot your deadliest enemy (your psychology) to work efficiently from being used or rewired by your oppressors. Somebody should teach you the logic of Nigerian political abracadabra. Somebody should please lecture your indolent mind that corruption is your collective enemy in Nigeria, not your savory saviours. A ni somebody should tell you in your dialect or in mother tongue that Buhari is not your enemy; that your enemies are those who pen robbed you by sharing the money that they need to provide you with good roads, constant electricity supply, portable water, affordable housing, good quality education and other nuances of tranquility.

Until you collectively come together; speak with one voice in different mother tongues or languages to fight the 1% that hold you hostage economically, religiously and politically, your oppressors will continue to weaponize you to ignorantly fight yourselves. Until you say enough is enough; until you begin to ask questions from your sociopath legislators what they did with your constituencies' resources allocated to them from Abuja, you will continue to embellish your repetitious history for their prosperity. It is high time you reflected over your past and present, make necessary and existential decision to liberate yourselves for the future, otherwise, you will continually with hopelessness, open or peruse your book of Lamentations!

Mo kuku ti wi temi...!!! (I have spoken my mind!)