Yahaya BalogunThursday, October 26, 2017
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


Dear Mr. President,

e the avowed Buharists may soon go into political trenches with pen-warfare against your administration. Futuristically, when you're guided by the dictate of your conscience, you're not only defining your future, but you're answering the impending moral questions from posterity and your children's children. Even, existentially, if you're no more to answer those moral questions, posterity will answer them for you for standing on the right side of history.

I hope someone somewhere near the Aso Rock Villa will get this message across to President Muhammadu Buhari. A damage control is more expensive than preemptive control. Avoidable issue shouldn't be allowed to go awry before it is dealt with. When you keep silent in the face of ugly incident that can tarnish your image in the mind of your admirers, your enemies and political adversaries will feast on your shortcomings like vultures feast on carcasses. You will be seen as an accomplice in the house of corruption! It is high time you stopped playing into the hands of a group of people who are in search of their available but lost identities. Consistency and enforcement of expectations provide the basis for effective governance. Lack of effective communication and shoddy information dissemination will tarry your administration.

Neocolonialism is the hybrid and vestige of colonialism in Nigeria. After the brutish British colonized our continent, Africa still remains under the shackles of self-bondage and neocolonialism. Your humbled self has been victim of this mantra, we pray that the bulging corruption doesn't consume your hard-earned integrity. When you came to power in June 2015, our song was "Nigeria: history rewritten, future reassured!" Nigerians heaped a sigh of relief. Your body language sent jitters and signals to the minds of the children of corruption. Now those psychological nuances have faded away giving corruption more audacity to fester. We warned you then that, the plebaians would be impatient; that you shouldn't take them for granted, but you must embark on economic and political revolution.

Nigeria is now under moral subterfuge and political shenanigans under your watch. Like your wife's archived cautionary advice to Nigerians recently, the hyenas and jakass are feasting on your bruised integrity now. If your government doesn't send some corrupt people to prison after all these obvious scams evolving from your administration, you should expect some of us the self-avowed Buharists to go into political trenches against your administration.......we will amass and weaponize our pen to mobilize the Nigerian people against grotesque injustice in our country. The mighty power of pens we used to bring you to power will be used in earnest to send you back to Daura before 2019. Your integrity is under attacks from all frontiers! You must speedily act to salvage your image.

I still love you, and reserve my support for your integrity but I am nauseated and disgruntled by your obvious partiality in this political dispensation and economic injustice. Your recalcitrant and carefree attitude is debasing your valor and integrity. You have sacrificed your entire life to the service of Nigeria. What have you got to lose to wage unconventional war against the saboteurs of your country? The world is watching with keen interest as corruption begins to fight corruption under your watch! As the country's treasury house begins to stink under your administration, we are gradually returning to our ugly past. You must act fast!

Corruption is a Nigeria's mores. Our values and customs are debased. We have been slapped several times on our mumu faces under your administration. Judges were arrested few months ago with billion of currencies heaped away in burial grounds at their backyards. What came out of the national scandal then was a judicial travesty. No leader or professional or religion is immune or exonerated from the woes of a nation. Everyone is an accomplice.

The deprived and dehumanized members of the Nigerian society are always the only ones at the receiving end.

Meanwhile, we the Buharists are not fixated to what we can eke from the national cake, but we are burdened by what the nation can do to alleviate the sufferings of the deprived citizens wallowing in abject and needless poverty.

Like I have been consistently advocating, if your war on corruption are not total or all encompassing; and some cabinet members fingered for corrupt practices are not brought to book, or some political associates found wanting in your administration are "untouchables" then, I will tender my unreserved apologies to the children of corruption, my fredenemies. I will unashamedly

genuflect as 'reparation' to compensate the Biafran agitators and the abscounded Nnamdi Kanu. I will reconsider my support for you and unabashedly redraw the battle lines against your government. We will advocate for your one-term presidency. Then, our unfettered struggle for a just Nigeria will just be a 'begin again'!

You have good aspirations for Nigeria but the most disturbing thing about you is your continued silence in the face of a raped nation. It is disingenuous of your administration to shield enemies of Nigeria. I see your deafening silence as an affront and disrespect to those of us who toil day and night for your integrity and for the emancipation of the dehumanizing Nigerians.

If you want the country to believe in your anti-corruption war(a formidable foe of Nigeria), you must begin through incorruptible judiciary to send corrupt people to prison after they are duly tried. You must be on the side of the people, not a suspected accomplice of those who are raping a beautiful country - Nigeria.

We are looking forward to you with trepidation, as you redefine your anti-corruption campaign. Nigerians in the Diaspora are watching with keen interest as you deal with these shenanigans and solve the financial abracadabra impeding your road to success.

We are keeping our fingers' crossed!

Yours faithfully,

Your concerned citizens,