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Continued from Part 1

his is the final conclusion on this article. From part one, it is crystal clear that lots of Nigerians have been arrested by demonic spirits. These spirits are manifesting in an epic historic proportion through the growing wave of prosperity gospel emanating from Pentecostal churches in Nigeria. The number of churches in Nigeria is the highest compared to all other countries in Africa and yet one of the most corrupt nations in the world. There are more preachers in Nigeria with private jets than any other country in the world including United States and yet 70 percent of Nigerians live in poverty. I recently watched an interview conducted with the supervisor of Tarmac at Murtala Muhammed airport in Lagos. He stated that some foreign airlines are no longer able to park at the airport because most of the spaces have been taken over by private jets owned by Nigerians.

Majority of Nigerians believe that as long as they remain loyal to these con-artist by paying tithes and offerings, they would one day be able to overcome witches and wizards as they were told, seating on their wealth. They continue to hold this illusion believing that one day, an angel of God would knock on their doors to present them with millions or billions of Naira. Their minds have been conjured into spiritual hallucination and they remain glued to utopia hope. Apostle Suleiman of Omega Ministry was preaching. He told his congregation the story of how he went into a shopping plaza in Lagos to purchase an item. While in the store, he ran into a pastor who was from another ministry. They both greeted and embraced each other. After exchanging pleasantry, he ordered the pastor to start shopping and to pick any merchandise as much as he wanted. In the process two other pastors came into the shop and they were also asked to pick whatever they would like to have. At the end, he paid 3.9 million naira for the merchandise that the three pastors had collected at his expense. And so after paying the bill, he immediately went back to his hotel. He further explained that while he was in his hotel room, he heard a tap on the door. He then proceeded to open the door and bingo, it was a white man who has been looking for him. According to the white man a miracle had taken place in his family through Omega ministry. He then handed him a bag loaded with dollars and euros in the amount 20 times more than what he spent on the three pastors. He went further to say that the money was so much that he began to perspire as he was struggling to finish up with the counting. Suleiman then advised his members to give even when it is not within their convenience. Apostle Suleiman's hypothesis is that when one gives, he or she must expect God to send an imaginary person to show up with bags full of money as in repayment for what he or she has given.

Apostle Suleiman did not only blatantly lied to his congregation, he cleverly presented a fictitious story to brainwash his vulnerable members to extort their hard earned money. This similar deception is what transpires in almost all the churches in Nigeria and Nigerians are falling for it. I have said it before that true churches do not exist in Nigeria anymore. Nigerian preachers have turned the houses of God into gambling arenas. They have brainwashed majority of Nigerians into believing that their problems are caused by witches and wizards and therefore they must be delivered. To receive deliverance they must go through some form of hypnotism and exorcisms and in fact they would also have to purchase their anointing waters, and handkerchiefs. These evil agents have seen their businesses booming as they milk billions out of Nigerians who troop into their cults looking for solution to their problems which is caused by laziness, pride, corruption and bad governance in the nation. This is the epidemic that is crippling and destabilizing the lives of Nigerians. This is the reason Nigeria is still 50 years behind in advancing the areas of human and national development. While other nations are competing in the field of space technology and robotic engineering, Nigerians are busy praying with anointing water, handkerchiefs, oil, bracelets, and waiting for God to make things appear from the tin air. According to Marcus Garvey "God does not... give people positions or jobs or... good conditions such as they desire; they must do that for themselves.. God does not build cities nor towns nor nations, nor homes, nor factories; men and people do that and all those who want must work for themselves and pray to God to give them strength to do it". - Marcus Garvey

Sometime ago, I watched a video where a group of civil servants in Benin City, Edo State, gathered together and began chanting the name of Jesus Christ. Some of them were visibly seen in tears praying and asking God to help pay their salaries. I laughed until I almost passed out. These bunch of religious zealots failed to realize that God had already paid their salaries long time ago, through the federal allocations to their state. Instead of holding their governor accountable for embezzling their salaries, they preferred to embark on a wasted and fruitless prayer. This is exactly the same scenarios in the nation. Corruption has continued to thrive because Nigerians have failed to hold their leaders accountable. They are waiting for God to do it for them, but unfortunately it's not going to happen, of course it's going to get worse. The level of religious indoctrination in Nigeria is driving Nigerians into a state of mental psychosis. Nigerians are extremely smart but wrong understanding of Christian faith is destroying their ability to exploit their God given potentials. Some of these so called pastors cruise around with private jets at the expense of these poor Nigerians. A popular fake prophet in Warri, Delta state, organized a camp meeting for his members. While presiding over the activities in the meeting, he announced that in order for the members to receive their anticipated blessing, they must register as partners. To become a partner one must be registered for a monthly pledge. The most dangerous movement threatening the lives of Nigerians right now, are these false prophets and prosperity preachers. They have liquidated and ruined the lives of many Nigerians. They trade miracles for money while in essence, miracles are supposed to be free. Many of them have come up with easiest ways to wreak havoc on Nigerians by producing fetish elements like anointing waters and selling them for monetary gains. Let's assume they actually have the ability to perform miracles, must those miracles be paid for it?

There was a remarkable prophet in the Bible by the name Elisha. He was notably remembered, among others, for one outstanding miracle he performed. It was the time the chief commander of the Syrian army, Naaman was desperately looking for a cure for his incurable leprosy disease. He was advised by his Jewish maid to visit Prophet Elisha for his healing and he obliged. Naaman was prepared to express gratitude to Elisha in the event of his healing, and so he went with gifts worth thousands of today's hard currency. Upon his meeting with Elisha he was commanded by the prophet to immerse himself into river Jordan 7 times after which he would be cured. Naaman did exactly as he was instructed and his leprosy disappeared. Overwhelmed with joy, Naaman disembarked his load of gifts and presented them to Elisha but to his amazement Elisha declined to accept them. Elisha could not accept the gifts because it would have looked as if Naaman had paid for the miracle. But as soon as Naaman departed, one of Elisha's servants, Gehazi horridly went in pursuit of the commander. Upon meeting with him, he simply told him he was there to collect the gifts. Without hesitation the chief of the Syrian army gave the gifts to Gehazi. This was immediately revealed to Elisha who became angry and pronounced a curse upon Gehazi. For that reason, Gehazi was instantly struck with leprosy. Elisha's actions were exactly the same guiding principles Christ demonstrated while he was here on earth. He did not receive any payment of any kind for all the healings he performed throughout His time on earth. In his final instruction to His disciples in the book of Matthew 10: 8 He commanded "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

But this is not the case with these end time scammers. They have turned the sanctuaries of God into business centers making merchandise out of their gullible followers trapped into their deceptions. They move with convoy of armies and Police in grand styles. They cruise with private jets and establish conventional colleges and universities that have no bearing or relevance to the callings they purported to have received from God. Even most horrendous is the fact that majority of their loyal followers who paid the tithe and offerings with which these colleges and universities were built cannot afford to send their children to the same institutions.

They create fears in the minds of their followers who often times address them as Daddies or Papas even though Christ had warned that no man should be addressed as father because there is only one father who is in heaven and that is God. Matth 23: 9-10 9 "And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. 10 Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ". If the same respect and fears these members bestowed on these fake pastors, bishops, and prophets were accorded to God almighty in obedience to His commandment, perhaps Nigeria would have been one of the most prosperous countries in the world devoid of corruption and crimes. Using the Bible as an instrument of mind control, they have disconnected these followers from the reality of the outside world. Many of these gullible fanatics have been frenzied and stripped of their common sense, crumbling their ability to make concise judgement. There is a natural law that governs the universe and that law cannot be changed by any means. Part of the law is that when a seed is planted it will definitely produce fruits. One may perform a simple experiment by planting a corn and see if that corn is not going to produce more corns. The problem in Nigeria is that these ignorant religious fanatics do not want to plant but they want to reap from imaginary spirits, as long as they have sown their hard earned monies to these 419 pastors. These fake prophets have built empires from proceeds they have received from these lazy sheep. I have not heard of these false prophets and prosperity preachers preach about the need to receive salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ rather it's all about give, and receive. One must understand that this indoctrination is dangerous to the security of the nation and therefore must be contained. What Nigerian prosperity preachers have done or are doing is producing hardened criminals, and that include the leaders of the nation who by any means necessary want to get rich without working for it. It is not surprising that Nigeria has become one of the most corrupt and unsafe countries in the world.

Unfortunately, most criminal activities in the country including the corridor of power, when carefully investigated, are connected to these end time false teachers in sheep's clothing. Some of these charlatans may have been involved in helping corrupt public officials to launder money. I just read the news that during the administration of Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor David Oyedepo received N35million out of the N19.7billion stolen from the accounts of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA). According to EFCC, The money was paid to the church on the instruction of Major-General Emmanuel Atewe, a former commander of the Joint Task Force, now facing trial for fraud. News source: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2017/02/winners-chapel-got-n35m-nimasa-slush-fund-efccs-witness/ Imagine a Bishop as powerful as Oyedepo who ought to have collaborated his effort and influence with Nigerians to speak against corruption by championing the goal for good governance, he is there taking part in the loot while still parading himself as a man of God. Bishop Enoch Adeboye is another powerful element in Nigeria who has the ability to impact a change but instead he has abandoned the poor masses and become a part of the system. This is the extent to which these prosperity churches in Nigeria have helped to destroy the nation. Nigerians must now understand that the institution that pose the greatest threat to social economic advancement of Nigeria are these new generation of prosperity churches, their fake and wicked Bishops and prophets. Some of them have longed relinquished their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and have joined the nation's criminal enterprises. These hypocrites have betrayed the sacred institution of Christianity. It is not surprising that as the number of churches increase in the country, crime is multiplying uncontrollably.

One must understand that Christianity is a religion that attract persecution. It has absolutely nothing to do with prosperity or material things of this world. Records have shown that in most cases, Christians would always face extreme persecution here on earth, and some of which may include poverty or death because the wealth of this world is controlled by the devil. The devil rules the world. He controls the entire earth and her resources. He is in charge of every government in the world. That is why the scriptures refer to him as the god and the prince of this world. The history of Christianity is told with stories of documented persecutions, from Christ to His Disciples some of whom were murdered for their faith. It is widely seen today, how Christians in predominantly Muslim countries are still hunted and persecuted for their faith. This is the reason Christians must be very careful in the pursuit of wealth especially by fraudulent means. James 4:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. 2Timothy 2:4 No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

However, it does not mean Christians couldn't be very successful in material wealth but such wealth must be legimately earned by hard work. Christians need to understand that faith in Christ does not exonerate anyone from sickness, disease, poverty, and death. The sufferings of Christians in this physical world are limited by time but the reward of that sufferings are unlimited in the kingdom of God. But again, we have to be aware that one must always cry out to God in times of need and the bible says He will not hesitate to come to our rescue. One does not need pastors, Bishops, Arc-Bishops, Pope, or prophets to help communicate with God. Jeremiah 17: 5 "Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD". It is therefore an invitation of a curse by resting and trusting in the works of man. The propagation of prosperity gospel is a guile to extort vulnerable Nigerians on the platform of Christianity. It is anti-Christ and a conspiracy from the kingdom of darkness to destroy lives. The perpetrators will not escape the judgement of God.

The duty of all born again Christians is to exemplify themselves on moral principles of Christian jurisprudence. This is what we have read about in the life of Christ while on earth, His disciples, and the first generation of Christians. However, although it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that there is no prophet of God in Nigeria, Nigerians have continued to trudge the part of their deceptions.

Continued from Part 1