Evangelist Isaac IvbazeThursday, October 26, 2017
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Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Dreams say what they mean, but they don't say it in daytime language. -Gail Godwin

The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary. - Ashleigh Brilliant

reams are some of the most inexplicable mysteries to man that defy intellectual science but yet play major roles in the event of human conducts both present and future. Dreams are sacred because they reveal the things of the physical in the spirit before or after they occur. They cannot be controlled neither can they be suggested by the dreamers. According to Robert Waggoner "The sailor does not control the sea, nor does the lucid dreamer control the dream. Like a sailor, lucid dreamers manipulate or direct themselves in the larger expanse of dreaming; however, they do not control it. Lucid dreaming appears to be a co-created experience. -Robert Waggoner". Revelations by dreams could be something of imminent warnings or messages that cannot be avoided. There is another aspect of a dream which is produced by a conscious mind. This is simply a plan or determination by the dreamer to achieve certain goals at a given period of time or in life. In this case the dreamer has absolute control over his or her thought process. I had a dream about president Buhari and the eventual outcome of his government. Please I want to make it abundantly clear that I am not a prophet and this is not a prophecy nor is it a revelation from God. It was a dream. Although it was just a dream, it might help to awaken our consciousness, that Nigerians must work together collectively to give the president the support to be able to overcome our collective enemies and to bring the much desired hope into reality for our beloved nation. Unfortunately my dream did not seem to end with such expectation. It was a short but very powerful dream without much of complex interpretation. However, it was a sad ending. Here was the dream:

It was the 21st of October 2017, and I had just finished praying with my family before retiring to bed. Before going to bed, my mind was completely in absence of the president and all the problems bedeviling his government and the nation. I was rather pre-occupied with some business obligations that I had to fulfil. I realized that sometimes it is good to forget about the plethora of problems at home in Nigeria and focus on things that are of paramount importance in the immediate environment. While I was asleep, I found myself in the mixt of multitude of Nigerians. It appeared as if everyone had come from different parts of the country to express their solidarity for the President. As I navigated through the crowd, I eventually arrived at the front of the mammoth gathering. At that moment I saw the president and his wife beckoning the crowd to come along with them. Without any slight of hesitation, the people began to move along. I noticed, there was an expression of desperation in the faces of everyone in the crowd. They were distressed and in pain exasperated by the anomalies in the nation. They seemed to build so much confidence on the president believing that their pains and burdens would soon be eradicated. As the crowd moved in procession along with the president they began to chant, death to corruption! death to corruption! At this juncture the president could be seen trying to pacify them by giving them sense of hope and security.

Although, no one knows the destination the president was heading, everyone was eager to walk along. I noticed it was a strenuous walk but the crowd undermined all obstacles and clung to the president. All of a sudden, the crowd abruptly stopped in front of a gigantic building and then turned to the direction they were coming from. They suddenly became extremely angry with the president as they murmured and complained that he had taken them this far, and yet nothing has changed. It appeared everyone was working and responding to actions telepathically as no one was moderating. This time I was in this humongous hall with the president who sat at the end of the hall while reading what seemed to be an address prepared for the crowd. When I looked around, there was no one left except myself and the president's wife. However the president kept reading his address and I wondered why he could not see that the people had abandoned him. At the same time I was very frustrated and angry with the decision of the crowd to abandon the president haven worked with him that long. It was at this point I suddenly woke up.

I believe as pellucid as this dream appears to be, anyone with some level of intelligence will be able to understand it. Some dreams are complex and the interpretations are difficult but in this case this is straightforward. This dream simply means that in the near future, Nigerians are going to express their discontent for President Buhari's performance. They would not be able to see the much anticipated change, a slogan that helped to propel him to power. I am very confident that right now lots of Nigerians are still in love with the President but this may not persist to the end of his government. Majority of Nigerians did not know who President Buhari was until 1983 when he was called upon to become the head of state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria after overthrowing the government of Shehu Shagari in a bloodless coup. I am not here to give lectures about the financial recklessness and economic squandering that pervade the office of Shehu Shagari and his cabals at the time. The social and economic chaos that became the landmark of Shagari's government for which his government was truncated were justifications for intervention.

Majority of Nigerians today, were very much aware of the abuse of power by the then politicians as they ran the nation with reckless abandoned, impunity and lawlessness. They plunged the nation into darkness. Just as it is today, so it was, as Nigerians prayed for a savior to rescue them from the hands of mindless and heartless politicians. It was in the heart of this desperation that Muhammadu Buhari and his military acolyte, Tunde Idiagbon stepped into the office. According to Aristotle "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light". This was Buhari's principle. After dealing ruthlessly with the corrupt politicians and bringing the nation to a steady ground, it was obvious that some rare gems of leaders had arrived. Buhari did not only work hard to indemnify the future of Nigeria by containing corruption, his charismatic prowess was recognized on international Arena. He rejected the hydra-headed IMF loan that had laid tentacles on Shagari's government clamoring for devaluation of naira with the intention of increasing the nation's debt. However, evil as they say would always lurk around where there is good. Buhari had a goal for Nigeria and that goal was to bring the nation back to international stage. Just as Nigerians were beginning to put their houses in order, another coup was announced and this time it will not be what they had ever imagined. It was a coup led by Ibrahim Badamusi Babangida. Whether it was a sponsored coup by external forces or Babanjida's inordinate quest for power, the end would record the most disastrous moments in the history of Nigeria. Nigerians had witnessed a change within two years of Buhari's government, an amiable charismatic leader with a vision to Babanjida's, regime, a subversive scoundrel and a criminal who had made himself the nation's leader with eight years of repression, killings, looting and oppression.

In 1999, the nation was again returned to democratic rule. For 16years PDP was at the driver seat of the state. No one could have imagined 16 years of uncontrolled looting, lawlessness, and impunity that this party had plunged the nation into. Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan was the last president under PDP. His years in office left Nigeria in a state of unimaginable distress. He spear- headed an orchestra of political chiselers with him been the conductor. In the end he left the nation in a state of disrepair. Nigerians had no choice again than to clamor for a change. After a united voice calling for a savior, Buhari was once again remembered. Among all the elder statesmen in the country Buhari stood out with impeccable record. In 2015, he contested for presidency and won without struggles. Unfortunately this time Buhari would have to operate on a different platform, which means his leadership policies would have to be tested, challenged and directed through different channels before they can be implemented as opposed to when he was a military head of state. With these factors in consideration it was obvious he would not be able to function effectively on the same level as it was in 1983. However with his leadership grandeur and charismatic resume, Nigerians were prepared to bring him to power. His declaration for presidency and his change rhetoric was a nightmare to the enemies of the state and those that have held the nation hostage for years. According to Alexander the great "I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion" To these parasites at the helm of affairs, Buhari represent a lion that would come after them to pay for the damage they had inflicted on the nation. Haven envisaged some degrees of accountability for their part in looting the nation's treasury some of these bad eggs decamped to the party of which Buhari is now the head to avoid prosecution. Some who could not decamp began to work or are still working to destabilize his government.

Two years after Buhari took charge of the nation, his leadership poise has been seen in his fight against corruption. Many of those criminals that looted the nation's treasury have willingly returned their loots to the state to avoid serious consequences. But our beloved president has not been left without serious challenges. President Buhari was well and healthy when he contested to become the president of the nation. From the day he was announced as president, his health began to deteriorate. For the past two years he has not been able to stay in office for a consecutive six months to take inventory of his accomplishment. I strongly believe Mr. President is facing serious spiritual attack. In fact a nation whose foundation is rooted in voodoos and witchcraft, it is not surprising to see what Mr. President is going through. So far, hundreds of billions had been recovered from looters but yet Nigerians cannot understand what is going on with the money. The president's irregularity in office has opened the doors for palterers and imposters in his cabinet to continue to loot without restraint. It has compounded his ability to take record of his leadership and responsibility to the nation. I could visualize the anger and frustration in the mind of the President who is losing his war on corruption to kleptocrats bent on ruining the nation. Nigerians need to understand that President Buhari is alone in his fight against the power of darkness that have laid ambush on the nation through the elements of this political system. Many of his party members are criminals who decamped from PDP to APC and have continued to wreak havoc under his government.

As Nigerians are desperately waiting for a change, President Buhari is caught in a state of dilemma trying to figure out what is going on. His comrades and everyone else with whom he had entrusted his political agendas have betrayed him. President Buhari's effort to eradicate corruption has been frustrated from the inception of his government. He suggested death penalty for public officials who engage in money laundering, as usual that proposition was rejected. At this moment there is nothing else Mr. Buhari can do without the collective efforts of all other arms of government. Unfortunately his government does not seem to attract such cooperation because majority of those working with him are kleptomaniacs. The only solution to all the political megalomaniacs whose obsessive compulsion for stealing public funds, is to adopt death sentence as punishment to serve as deterrence. This is the only way, good governance can be engineered in Nigeria. There has to be something drastic to correct this madness. Nigerian leaders have no conscience and therefore the only language they would probably understand is death sentence for stealing public funds. No system is going to work in Nigeria, restructuring, secession, none of these is going to work unless there are serious actions against corruption. Even if the country is divided into 50 sovereign nations, this problem is still going to remain. Sudan and Eritrea are clear examples of African's inability to govern themselves and Nigeria is not an exemption. Buhari is probably the only candidate within the nation's political class right now that has the interest of the nation at heart. Unfortunately, he may not be able to fulfil his political agendas because the forces that control the corridors of power in Nigeria are more powerful than him. Sooner or later when the president, Muhammadu Buhari is gone, it is then Nigerians will understand that they have lost the only true patriot left in the nation. The white man is no longer interested in accepting refugees by opening doors for Africans anymore especially Nigerians. It is now or never, Nigerians must stop seeking refuge in other nations and be ready to take back their country from these greedy cozeners and callous leaders. "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves". William Shakespeare. President Buhari may be abandoned somewhere along the line, but his legacy will never be forgotten. Proverb 22: 1 "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold". May the good Lord bless and replenish our president and may he live long.