Yahaya BalogunWednesday, October 18, 2017
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Arizona, USA


subjective mind is a dangerous mind. It is unfortunate that people are fixated to hating a fellow human being for lack of knowledge or deliberate indifference. Beware of people who are infatuated with the failures of others or expectation of negative things to happen to other people. You will be in their sense of mockery when their days of reckoning come. It's a height of aberration or absurdity also when people get excited or get infused with hate when their adversaries get constructively, or otherwise criticized.

My unsatisfactory observation and opinion of president Buhari recently in my post on Facebook was premised on his inability to speak out, or his delay in giving the nation details information about ugly event anytime it occurred in our beloved but bruised country.

Curiously, what's wrong with the mind of man? Why do some people have compulsion to hating people to the point of hating themselves and their future. While we scold or constructively criticize a beloved and envisioned president, we do it for him to succeed but not to fail; because if president Buhari fails, Nigeria fails. When we express our displeasure about the situation in our beloved country, we do it out of patriotism, not to resent the fallible man who meant well for Nigeria. Those who have stolen the nation blue are being given more respect than the people who want the country to breakaway from the past. Nigeria, a nation that celebrates mediocrity in place of meritocracy.

In my last published article in the nigeriaworld.com and others, I expressed my concerns about the displeased and recurrent events in Nigeria. I made Mr. President realized he's a dumpster. My article was born out of concern for president Muhammadu Buhari and for a beloved country. Buhari is a one-man battalion in the midst of militaricians and political vultures in Nigeria. To the "wailers" of Buhari, if you aren't criticizing Buhari, your writing is balderdash. To the "supporters" of Buhari, if you constructively criticize Buhari for complacency of his administration in tackling recalcitrant bad events in the country, their silence is as defeaning as the silence of the subject matter on germane national issues. Why are people so opportunistic in nature? Our nature has been negatively nurtured by our polluted political environment.

Yes! I am an unapologetic Buharist because I believe in his doctrine for zero tolerance for corruption. Buhari is just a symbol of incorruptible nuance we want for Nigeria. No nation can succeed with endemic corruption. The doctrine goes beyond Buhari's ordinariness. Buhari's shortcomings might be our burden, but his good intention for a failed nation is unfettered and worthy of support. Those of you who criticize Buhari out of hatred and resentment aren't being fair to yourselves and to the future of our children and Nigeria. These people forget that Buhari is as encumbered as some of us. The comatose judiciary, the legislature and his handlers in the executive are not helping the man. A man encircled by corruption will need unmitigated consistency to fight back corruption. Corruption is fiercely fighting back, and it is using other unsuspecting good Nigerians. If Buhari fails, Nigeria fails, we all fail!

When a nation is structured with every sense of amnesia or forgetfulness, its history will be nauseatingly colored with repetition. Such a nation will continue to be in self-inflicted problems. Nigeria needs something similar to Ghana's prescription to clean the Aegean of mess in Nigeria. Nigeria is under intensive care, we will either make or mire the future with our complicity, complacency and naughtiness.

Nigeria is a nation in self-delusion with hyped and grotesque grandstanding and opportunism. People do not think straight anymore in Nigeria. In Nigeria, Eagles are not signing victory songs anymore; human beings are becoming the most audacious enemies of themselves. If you behave normal with every sense of reasoning, you're seen as abnormal person. Conversely, if you engage in societal vices with little embellishment, you're canonized and seem as a good person. It is not normal to be normal in Nigeria. The society will ostracized you.

In a nutshell, deceit, lies and hate have become national identify. It's every man to himself, and blasphemous gods for all. Hypothetically, Let Buhari call one of these wailers today to come and eat from the national cake, all these hatreds, resentment and bigotry will vamoose into thin air. It will be different songs from the pseudo pulpit of nationalism. To trust Nigerians' loyalty or amaze their friendship at this time is to sentence or condemn yourself to the gallows. Man is not what you think he's, he's what he hides.

Meanwhile, as a person who deals with manipulators almost everyday, my professional job has adequately equipped me, and tremendously groomed me to discern the mind of man. If you can't observe the green, yellow and red carpets of Nigerians, you must be dead alive!

The more you look at your friends, leaders, relatives and neighbors in Nigeria, the less you see from their stealthy mirrors. It's better not to look at their camouflage mirrors. The First Hadith of muslims is a consolation for those who still have humanism in them. It states that : man shall be judged according to his intentions. May we all be judged according to our intentions and what wish for friends and those who do not share our opinions.

Before you cast the specks out of the eyes of that neighbor, please, schedule an appointment with your own ophthalmologist for comprehensive removal of the blurry vision of your eyes, to discerning the past and the present in order to see the future with unfettered imagination!

Facebook is a terrific platform for exposing the mind of man. Like I sad earlier, "Man is not what you think he is, he's what he hides." The onus of it is that, a society deserves the kind of leader it has by measuring its values with their ways of lives. I remember Tai Solarin, Gani Fawehinmi, Abiola, Prof. Awojobi etc. These people among others were fiercely criticized for championing war against corruption and political vices in Nigeria. But what did they get in return, the ultimate sacrifice and adverse causation to their health without achieving their aims for Nigeria.

The fallible Buhari, just like others has his own shortcomings which upset me, but for people to go low and regale and cook hatred for a man who wants to break us away from heinous ways of doing government's business in Nigeria is not only appalling but very preposterous.

Gani Fawehinmi was a lone ranger in the politics of Nigeria until reality dawn on all of us. A nation whose ugly history keep repeating itself isn't only dated with history, it will continue to wallow in self-inflicted problems. We should all remove that specks in our eyes before attempting to crucify another for supposed filthy eyes.