Yahaya BalogunFriday, October 6, 2017
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


he total darkness experienced by the passengers inbound Nigeria at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, recently was a national disgrace! President Muhammadu Buhari of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, must act fast! Nigeria is in doldrums! The unacceptable dark video going viral on social media actually emanated from Lagos airport, Nigeria. A port of entry into our country, and the most populous and richest country in Africa. A hub for potential international investors, and a destination for global tourism.

The moral questions are: Are we safe? Are we jixed or cursed as a country? Mr. President should do the needful. He must not allow the unrepentant secessionist, Nnamdi Kanu to be vindicated for calling Nigeria a domestic Zoo. Our leaders should bury their heads in shame for this old and new "normal"; an embarrassment for a kwarshiokor and suffering nation in the midst of honey and milk!

A country's port of entry is a reflection of the wellbeing of the nation. Murtala Muhammed "International" Airport that ugly and dark night served as a macrocosm of the general decadence in Nigeria. While our legislators are fighting for evil allowances in Abuja; our judiciary is enmeshed in judicial shenanigans; our executive are romanticizing political contradictions, ordinary citizens are dying needless death for the evils of their leaders. It is shameful and sad to see my country in this state of anomie. We are in the Hobessian kingdom. No wonder, life is so short, brutish and nasty in Nigeria.

Nigeria is bleeding! Her citizens are suffocating for lack of basic amenities-roads, portable water, security and power! Vulnerable men, women and children are dying in the morgues called hospitals for preventable diseases and avoidable accidents. If Lagos airport, a historic representation of our national and cultural image can be in total darkness for hours, then, Nigerian government has no moral justification to preside over a hapless people. These are the people with the government of their own i.e, the providers of their own basic amenities, amenities that are solely the responsibility of their government. I feel terribly sad to see a country you so much love; a country with incredible potentials wasting away in the tsunami of mindless leaders and hapless citizens.

President Muhammadu Buhari, you need to urgently declare a state of emergency in all sectors of the Nigerian entity. The crisis of a wealthy nation! A nation under intensive care unit, and under your presidency needs emergency care! Do something Mr. President!