Comrade Ifeanyichukwu MmohThursday, November 23, 2017
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Jos, Nigeria


have watched with keen interest how that blame has been hauled at the Nigerian parents each time any story of human trafficking was in the news. Since the news broke on the death of 26 Nigerian ladies who we were told found themselves in Italy and in the prostitution trade, the regular commentary in the print and electronic media has tactically blamed prevailing mentality and the parent for the menace of human trafficking and prostitution of Nigerian girls in foreign countries.

One thing that bothers me on this is the fact that these various opinions had failed to take into consideration the age-long sayings that there was no smoke without a fire. Think about it. If the political class had lived up to the expectations of the average Nigerian electorate, would there have been any case of falling for the idea of seeking a better life elsewhere in the world? Nigerians have long realized that in Nigeria, one must take initiative for his/her life because the alternative was ugly to contemplate.

In the average Nigerian University, students are disappointed that they had to spend more than the years that was indicated on their admission letters because the government was constantly in battle with the University authorities and, even student unionism had been beautifully imprisoned so that the students are left hopeless and dejected all because they decided to patronize the made-in-Nigeria Universities. But we all know how education goes elsewhere in the world.

A few years ago, a certain Nigerian Legislator - in the floor of the National Assembly - openly said that there was no good reason why the Nigerian student should agitate against the ASUU strike that year since there were no employments in the job market the students worried about joining. And I ask: If this came from our political leaders, how was the average Nigerian youth expected to have reacted in response? The truth remains that for the death of every Nigeria youth across the Mediterranean, the political leaders are guilty of shedding innocent blood.

Look at the terrible situation in which leadership in Nigeria has placed the average youth and then, you will understand that the parents are not the only ones to blame. Recently, the average parent in Nigeria has been faced with another cold reality and which was the fact that educating their children was no longer enough; that they also needed to help them find something useful to engage in after school just to ensure their happiness because we operated a man-know-man system instead of that of merit in Nigeria. And if you can't beat them you scram!

Who do you think inspired the rise of the likes of Asari Dokubo, Nnamdi Kanu, Abubakar Shekau, Niger Delta Avengers, Arewa Youths Declaration etc? Was it the parents or the political class? Why is kidnapping and criminal incidences on the rise in today's Nigeria? Is it the fault of the parents alone or does government share in the blame? Why is hard-work and the general morale to do something positive with life declining for the average youth recently? Does government have a hand in it? O yes, they do.

Why are our youths striving everyday to travel 'outside' despite the tale of woes coming from those who already been there? Does government have a blame in it? Yes, they do. Why are our youths successful in foreign countries to the point that some even abandon their Nigerian identity? If our leaders were up and performing, will there be need for folks to think of anywhere else apart from Nigeria? Come to think of it. How many Americans or Asians were in Nigeria now for the purpose of education?

Did we not convince ourselves that our private universities were up to world standard? Why then are there no foreigners in Nigeria for education purposes but Nigerians are instead in foreign countries for education's sake? It was time Nigerians faced reality and which is: there has never been any responsible government in Nigeria since independence! As an under developing country, Nigeria has no national philosophy/ideology, no restructured educational system and nothing to engage her youths; should've human trafficking surprised anyone in the first place?

The other day, Mr. Segun Odegbami talked about how sports could be used to harmonize the country yet where are his sayings in the minds of the political class presently? You guessed right, in the trash can! But sports, music and acting are the world's most powerful instruments of unification presently. It is only natural that a youth should take responsibility for his/her life as things currently stands in this part of the world since government worried more about implementing the APC's agenda of appointing every available Hausa-fulani muslim into offices meant for the youth.

Economically, what is the average wage per day for the youth and what is the current strength of the Naira? Go to the market with #10,000.00 Naira and you will be shocked at Naira's purchasing power! With many needs to be met and scarcity of funds to meet those needs; should we query the rise of suicide cases in Nigeria or human trafficking? If giant business interests are relocating from the country, should the average youth whose destiny is never in his/her country's budget remain here and die?

I believe that until the political class is made to realize the cost of her excesses in the lives of the average youth, we may continue to struggle for as long as it took man to build the seven wonders of the world, to tackle human trafficking! The political class must begin to think deep over a possible creation of a national ideology. They must restructure education to concentrate on helping the youth discover self. Also they must fix the economy so that dreams can come true easily and quickly like it does in other countries.