Evangelist Isaac IvbazeSaturday, February 18, 2017
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efore I begin, I would like to make it abundantly clear that I do not belong to any political party in Nigeria. I am neither a friend of president Buhari nor other politicians. This article is based on my personal understanding and assessment of the president and I am very well entitled to my own opinion.

I recently came across a news headline, captioned, "NIGERIANS BLAME BUHARI FOR THE CURRENT STATE OF THE NATION" news source: https://www.naij.com/759372-president-buharis-popularity-drastically-drops-first-time-months.html. After reading the first half of the news, I came to the conclusion that some enemies of the state, the criminals that have vowed to destroy Nigeria have again mobilized fictitious and fake public opinions to thwart the positive effort that President Buhari has made so far to reconstruct the nation that had been ruined by previous governments. I believe Nigerians could not have rushed into such an odious and ungrateful conclusion judging from the fact that they were well aware of the myriads of problems Buhari inherited from Goodluck Jonathan. A regime that was known for its massive looting with impunity and lawlessness which had led to the current imbroglio. But if in fact the opinion is true, I would like to postulate that the purpose of this most ungrateful and unfair public opinions directed at this government is because of personal hatred for Buhari. One could understand that there is still a high level of unemployment, the rising inflation and high cost of living, but Nigerians must understand that these problems were not caused by Buhari's government but by all the regimes that preceded it. How did Nigerians expect Buhari to fix the damages that PDP had inflicted on the nation for 16years in just 2 years? Sometimes I wonder what exactly Nigerians are looking for in a leader.

When Buhari and Idiagbon took over power from morally bankrupt government of Shehu Shagari in 1983, he prosecuted and jailed all the corrupt politicians who were found to have compromised their positions. Although his government was truncated by Babanjida after 2 years, he had built a name which would eventually herald him to the echelon of power in 2015. In all Buhari's years in public offices, from the office of a governor to that of president and minister of petroleum, including Chairman petroleum trust fund, there was no single credible case of financial mismanagement leveled against him. Why are Nigerians complaining about him? Who is that person that Nigerians think is more sincere and credible than Buhari right now to handle the situation in nation? While he was contesting for the nation's office in 2015, some Nigerians began to label him a dictator, tyrant, and illiterate. They accused him of manhandling politicians in 1983, while he was military head of state even when majority of these Nigerians were aware of economic hardship the politicians had caused to the nation at the time. But that must bring one to the question of how does Nigerians want the problem of corruption to be solved? Would Buhari fold his hands and allow few money hungry scavengers in public offices to continue to wreak havoc on the nation without holding them accountable? Buhari's ascension to power in 2015 witnessed a new era of political landscape. He has made significant accomplishment at least in the area of bringing some of those who looted the nation's treasury to account in the area of restitution.

The other day, I read on the news that 288 billion naira have been recovered so far from politicians who had admitted to looting the nation's treasury under the leadership of Goodluck Jonathan. Just few days ago, I read about the 42billion naira that had been discovered in a fake account and recovered by the government through a whistle blower. In the history of Nigeria, this is the first time, under Buhari's government where lots of Nigerian leaders have admitted that they embezzled public funds and have returned the monies to the government to avoid going to jail. This will once again remain an indelible mark on Buhari's legacy in the history of Nigerian politics. Buhari is the only Nigerian president who has publicly declared his assets and Nigerians are very much aware that he is not rich. Upon the declaration of his assets in 2015, Nigerians were stunned to discover that he only had one account and the physical cash balance in that account was 30 million Naira which when converted to today's official dollar rate would amount to $95,238.00. (Ninety five thousand two hundred and thirty eight dollars). This is a man who had served as a governor, a president, and minister of petroleum at various times in his public career. In fairness, I would like Nigerians to compare Buhari to the likes of Obasanjo, Atiku, Babanjida, Abdusalami, Jonathan, and other individuals who have had the opportunity to serve as governors and ministers under past and present administrations. These are the ones that have looted the nation and robbed Nigerians of their common wealth. These are the ones that are honored and respected by Nigerians. They are the ones that have exasperated some members of the public to embark on useless protest against the goodwill of this God given statesman.

I strongly believe that Buhari is one of very few Nigerians, if any, given the opportunity to serve, they would do everything humanly possible to transform the nation with positive impact on the lives of Nigerians. One of the first things Buhari suggested upon becoming the president in 2015, was that the nation must adopt capital punishment for any public office holder who is found to be involved in the looting of public funds. He suggested that, but lots of Nigerians were vehemently against it, not minding the fact that these corrupt elements in government are the cause of the current social economic quagmire in the nation today. So what does Nigerians expect Buhari to do in the face of corruption that has taken over the nation and grounded her progress? It seems to me Buhari alone is fighting a culture rooted in dishonesty, fraud, lies, and stealing. How is he going to succeed without the collective efforts of all the other arms of government and moral support of Nigerians in general? Nigerians need to understand that the legislature and Judiciary are not in cohort with Buhari to truncate the cancer of corruption that is killing the nation. Every Nigerian would agree with me that the judiciary is a disgrace to the nation.

The row of the judiciary is extremely important in a democratic system especially in a country like Nigeria. But unfortunately the office of the judiciary has become a shame to the nation. From 1999 to this day, ninety percent of cases relating to high profile politicians have not been successfully concluded. The cases are stalled in the judiciary and few that had been brought to trail have been discharged and acquitted. Even when there were mountain of evidences to convict the culprits, yet they were discharged and acquitted. Recently a friend of mine sent me a video of an interview a British journalist had with Obasanjo. The interview was focused on the corruption that had pervaded the corridor of power under his government. The journalist asked how many politicians were arrested and convicted under his government and Obasanjo responded angrily by saying that the then inspector General of Police was convicted of corruption but he failed to explain to the journalist that that conviction only carried two years imprisonment. That was a man who had stolen billions of naira met for the law enforcement agency. He also talked about another minister who was arrested. I was waiting for Obasanjo to continue to list the number of convictions but sadly he could only refer to one conviction and one arrest for eight years he was in office as president. What a shame! Although Obasanjo tried by setting up EFCC to investigate, arrest and prosecute corrupt government officials, he definitely could not succeed because of his dishonesty, and uncooperative effort of the judiciary.

Buhari watched as Obasanjo's government was rendered useless by the judiciary, and so he implemented a policy that must include a clampdown on corrupt members of the judiciary. And so sometime last year the DSS went into the houses of some of these corrupt judges and arrested them. In the process, millions of dollars were discovered in their houses. Then again lots of Nigerians protested against the president condemning the way and manner in which those enemies of the nation were arrested. EFCC have tried over 16 years, with mountain of evidences to secure reasonable convictions on those who have used their position in public offices to wreak havoc on the nation but the judiciary have continued to frustrate their effort. How will Buhari succeed when his effort in fighting corruption is been neutralized by the legislature and judiciary and members of the public? Buhari is the president, he cannot be the ministers and governors across the nation at the same time. He cannot be the directors and managers of government parastatals and local government chairmen and women all by himself. These are areas of government where the nation's resources are distributed or allocated to create effect governance.

There is absolutely nothing the president can do in a situation where his effort is thwarted by members of his cabinet, the governors and commissioners in states all over the country, the judiciary and the legislature, even members of the public who do not seem to understand his challenges. Since the inception of Buhari's government barely a year and half now, his good intensions for the nation has been hampered by a group of special interest. There has been constant bombings of oil pipes and unnecessary pressure from some members of the public. All fingers are pointed at one man who is barely sleeping because of his worries about how to deal with corruption in the most corrupt and complex nation in Africa. Buhari as an individual is optimistic about the progress of Nigeria and Nigerians must understand that without their sincere encouragement and contribution all his effort would end up in futility. Nigerians have now topped the list of African migrants in different countries around the world and more are still in desperate bid to flee the country. Nigerians are specifically treated with absolute disdain everywhere in the world because of their corrupt leaders. Nigerians must understand that the destiny of that nation lies in their own hands and that an urgent action is needed to reverse the part of destruction the past administrations have left the nation. This will ultimately require Nigerians holding those who brought the nation into this mess accountable. If this is not done, their sons and daughters would continue to disappear into self-exile in foreign nations without any likely hood of returning back to their homeland. How long can this continue? The change is now and Buhari's effort must be encouraged and complimented. There is absolutely no way that a nation that had been dredged of her resources and plunged into financial epilepsy for a period of 29 years can recover in two years. With the current level of economic chaos in Nigeria, it will take between 8-10 years for a strong, well disciplined, and a corruption free government to bring the economy into stability. Nigerians can only hope and pray that those working with the president are true, sincere, and committed enough to help him achieve his goal of egalitarian society.

I concur with Dr. Ike Oye national chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in his statement: "Buhari would have done better if Nigerians had wished him well. All these enemies fighting him left, right and centre, they are not fighting Buhari. They are fighting against the destiny of Nigeria. "If he dies tomorrow, it is his time, all of us will die. Is there anything strange about it? I will die someday. If President Buhari dies today, he dies for Nigeria because we gave him the trouble that killed him"- Dr. Ike Oye. News source: https://www.naij.com/1084797-naij-hiring-apply.html

This is the time that all Nigerians need to put their ethnic, religious, and political differences aside and work with Buhari to achieve his much desired hope for Nigeria. How long will Nigerians continue to run from their country in search of livelihood in other nations? How long will Nigerians continue to be humiliated everywhere in the world? Those who have personal problem with Buhari must resolve those problem without dragging the entire nation into it. His medical recess in London has become a source of joy to some Nigerians who have vowed to cripple the nation and destroy it. It is my prayer that those who pray for the down fall of Nigeria must they themselves be destroyed. Nigerians have witnessed the untimely death of good and patriotic leaders in the nation for years. It is absolutely clear that the oppressors in the nation have continued to use the oppressed by sending them to the streets to kill and die for them in order to accomplish their political gains at the detriment of the nation.

"The most dangerous people in the world are not the tiny minority instigating evil acts, but those who do the acts for them. For example, when the British invaded India, many Indians accepted to work for the British to kill off Indians who resisted their occupation. So in other words, many Indians were hired to kill other Indians on behalf of the enemy for a paycheck. Today, we have mercenaries in Africa, corporate armies from the western world, and unemployed men throughout the Middle East killing their own people - and people of other nations - for a paycheck. To act without a conscience, but for a paycheck, makes anyone a dangerous animal. The devil would be powerless if he couldn't entice people to do his work. So as long as money continues to seduce the hungry, the hopeless, the broken, the greedy, and the needy, there will always be war between brothers." -Suzy Kassem

I was intrigued by a comment made by this fellow on a YouTube video in response to an African about police brutality against some women in Angola. Here it is.

"If I were standing next to you right now, you will probably hack me down. Black Africans have no respect for themselves. For 2 bottles of wine these monkeys viciously torture the two ladies. Remember the pogrom between Tutsi and Hutus, Nigerians against Nigerians in the 1960s and now, Liberians killing Liberians, Charles Taylor and Samuel Doe, Mangosothu Gatha Buthelezi sold out his fellow blacks in South Africa, Mobutu Sese Seko destroyed Congo, Jean Bedel Bokasa made himself an emperor only to destroy his country, Milton Obote versus Idi Amin, Haile Mengistu against Haile Selaise and the 20 old civil war and Eritrea breaks away, Sudanese kill themselves for so long in the end southern part of Sudan brakes away only to continue to kill themselves. Above all, Black African can't rule themselves, they have succeeded in destroying their countries. They steal their monies and take it to Europe and Dubai. Useless people! The list is very long. If these two women break any law, arrest them and take to court. Stop behaving like mountain gorillas"- Benard Benjani

When are we going to work together to build a strong and prosperous nation without allowing our selfish interest and hate to hamper that noble goal? When are we going to rise above feeling comfortable in taking the back seat of racial equality? When are we going to stop the mental slavery rising from the spirit of dependency and inferiority complex? When are we going to realize that we are lagging in the journey of human race to prosperity? When are we going to prove to the world that black people are not the lowest intelligent of the human race? Now is the time. Corruption must be stopped at all cost!