Yahaya BalogunThursday, December 28, 2017
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


Dear Mr. President,

resident Muhammadu Buhari, a nation-Nigeria under your control is under siege. Seige of insecurity, economic woes, darkness, contradictions and excruciating lives as dividends of democracy. This is totally unacceptable! Your government isn't meeting the yearnings and aspirations of the suffering masses. While other nations are exchanging compliments of the season; and living in the euphoria of merriment, reflecting over the past year, the country you administer continues to suffer in the midst of plenty. Your body language when you came to power was very promising; now the country is on a downward spiral, sliding into a state of hopelessness. This is totally unfair and colorless of a supposed promising nation.

Meanwhile, while our legislators are fighting for evil allowances in Abuja; our judiciary is enmeshed in judicial shenanigans; our executive are romanticizing political contradictions, ordinary citizens are dying needless death for the evils of their leaders. It is shameful and sad to see my country in this state of anomie. No wonder, life is so short, brutish and nasty in Nigeria.

Nigeria is bleeding! Her citizens are suffocating for lack of basic amenities-energy, power, housing and other basic human needs! Women, children are dying in the morgues called hospitals for preventable diseases and accidents. If a nation with energy resources can't be self-sufficient, it shows the state of waste and hopelessness in the country.

The other day, it was a darkness at the point of entry, if a historic representation of our national and cultural image can be in total darkness for hours, then, Nigerian government has no moral justification to preside over a hapless people who are the government of their own i.e, the providers of their own basic amenities, amenities that are solely the responsibility of their government. I feel terribly sad this morning to see a country you so much loved; a country with incredible potentials wasting away in the tsunami of mindless leaders and hapless citizens.

I listened to Queen Elizabeth's speech from her palace this morning, it brought tears out of my teary-eyes. What is the point of you having fun times while your people are suffering back home. It's unimaginable tons of food that will be wasted all across America today, America doesn't have fertile land like we do in Nigeria, yet it is a nation in self-sufficiency of her food needs. Prices of basic items for ordinary man's consumption go down during yuletide here in the US, in Nigeria, yuletide is a great opportunity for scavengers to make unmerited profits. A generic sins!

President Muhammadu Buhari, you need to urgently declare a state of emergency in all sectors of the Nigerian entity. People aren't feeling the impact of your administration. Can you now see that your government is making it difficult not to have moral justification to defend Nigerians against the tantrums of any foreign government? Tomorrow, it will be business as usual without any culprits accountable for this glaring economic sabotage. This is a crisis of a wealthy nation! A nation under intensive care unit, and under your presidency needs emergency care!

Your government should bring economic saboteurs to book to deter other prospective saboteurs lurking around for another opportunity to profit on the hapless people of Nigeria.

Mr. President, do something now, you're fast losing the confidence people repose in you!