Yahaya BalogunMonday, December 25, 2017
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


kiti Kete! The fountain of knowledge. Ekiti Kete are principled and result-oriented people. We are very contented with what we have, but love life when it's not contentious and most unfavorable.

Ekiti Kete have a fundamental principle but other people call it "Agidi" (headstrong or hydra-headed posture). Ekiti Kete are a no-nonsense set of people when it comes to standing for their rights, and protecting the rights of other people. We strongly believe in the content of our characters and have faith in our moral convictions. Just like any other being, we are vulnerable to making mistakes. But never ask Ekiti Kete to apologize for misdeeds he didn't do, it will be request in futility.

Meanwhile, when the mistakes are made, a typical Ekiti Kete is quick to make amend. But never lie against or for Ekiti people, or else, you might be sentencing yourself to the isolation or trust of him or her. Ekiti Kete will never care (Jisoro) about your hates, cynicism and resentment. He or she is as constant as the northern star.

What happened in the last governorship election in Ekiti doesn't define us as who we are. It was one mistake in 100 political ventures or miscalculations. We aren't stomach infrastructural people as popularly believed nationally.

Ekiti Kete are a standard-bearer of the Yoruba enclaves. We have natural prowess for intellectual inclinations. Ekiti Kete are a representation of our national values (i.e objectives, principles and standards).

Have you had an encounter with Ekiti woman or man? The Ekiti man or woman is very versed with intellectual acuity, the least academic possession you can find amongst the intellectual Ekiti Kete is a Masters degree. We are not too sophisticated, but we are in constant touch with reality and our intellectual skills. Ekiti Kete have penchant for accumulation of academic laurels or qualifications. No level of education is enough for an Ekiti woman or man, after a PhD, we still want an MBA or diploma or other sundry qualifications.

While others are biblophobia, Ekiti Kete is a bibliophile, Yes! We are BIBLIOPHILE (bookworm). We consume collection of books like clinicians. We are not Socialites, but Ekiti Kete's baccalaureate is the envy of men and women from Oyo, Ijesha, Ijebu, Egba or socialite Lagosians. While our other Yoruba tribal kith and kin are busy with OWAMBE, an average Ekiti Kete is subsumed in the pursuit of knowledge or laureate. We are second to none in the numenclature of tribes in Nigeria. We have insatiable and intellectual starvation for professorship. All my friends from other Yoruba enclaves know this correctness.

The 21st century modernization is exposing Ekiti Kete to infrastructurally develop Ekiti State in general. We are looking forward to intertwining our qualifications in academic acquisition, and with infrastructural development not stomach infrastructure.

Ekiti Kete are very unpretentious, caring and loving. If you marry Ekiti Kete, all things considered; all things being equal, you're sure of loyalty, trust, love and dedication. Ekiti Kete hardly go into marital disintegration. Marital divorce is alien to Ekiti man or woman. We see divorce as a sacrilegious venture. He or she believes in perseverance to make his/her marriage work for the mutual benefits of both spouses. A typical Ekiti Kete is a terrific lover. Yes! Very terrific in showing true unblemished love and affectionate nuances to each other.

Undoubtedly, next time other Yoruba tribes see any Ekiti Kete, they must bow for that man or woman from Ekiti, because Ekiti Kete are embellishing the cultural heritage of the Yoruba. We are truly second to none!

Yahaya Balogun is from Igbemo-Ekiti, Ekiti State.