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Continued from Part 1

Who can speak and have it happen if the Lord has not decreed it? Lamentations 3: 37

They have seen false visions and lying divinations. They say, 'Declares the Lord,' when the Lord has not sent them, and yet they expect him to fulfill their word (Ezekiel 13: 6).

How long shall there be lies in the heart of the prophets who prophesy lies, and who prophesy the deceit of their own heart (Jeremiah 23: 26).

And the Lord said to me: "The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination, and the deceit of their own minds (Jeremiah 14: 14).

n the first paper, I notified readers how I sent private emails to Dr Feyewimo warning him to desist from predicting elections that were not related to Christianity. I proved that all over the Bible all the Major and Minor Prophets prophecies were fulfilled in the Old and New Testaments. I argued that the idea of coming up with lame excuses each time prophecies fail was irresponsible and inappropriate. I reminded him that God is not in the business of near misses conjectures or guess work. There is a litmus test to know if God sent a prophet; if the prophecy was fulfilled then it was genuinely sent by God. Almost always such a message will not contradict the Holy Bible. I argued that with his growing list of failed predictions, Dr Feyemiwo's status as a genuine prophet of God is badly eroded. If God has spoken surely it will come to pass, but if God did not send Moshood Feyemiwo, then he prophesied lies based on his ideas or demonic whispering which he Moshood could not discern. At the end of the first paper, I included excerpts from Dr Moshood Feyewimo's past prophecies that failed including his prayers for the demise of Senator David Mark.

In this last paper, I will continue with my criticism of Dr Feyewimo's failed prophecies and challenge him to do a self examination or evaluation of his spirituality and to repent. I also advised his family to talk to him to desist from publishing prophecies on this website. My private email to him is attached after the conclusion. Given the abuse of this gift of prophecy, it is relevant to define the words Prophet and Prophecy.


Biblical Prophecy has been defined as a "miracle of knowledge, a declaration or description or representation of something future, beyond the power of human sagacity to foresee, discern, or conjecture (Online Dictionary). According to my Dictionary "a Prophet is one who is inspired or instructed by God to speak in His name or announce future events as Moses or Elijah." There is also a general definition of a Prophet "One who prophesies or foretells events a predictor a foreteller" This last definition here includes native doctors, fortune tellers or seers, their aim is to commune with dead spirits and also rely on the devil for future predictions.

The difference in the above definitions is the source of the prophecy. From the introductory pages, there is no doubt that a genuine prophet is always sent by God to deliver a prophetic message to the people. The litmus test to know the veracity of a prophecy is its fulfillment. Reflect on the introductory citations on top of page one. God can never dishonour His name with lies or imaginative cravings of born again Christians who claim to be speaking for God. Although Moshood is a born again Christian a gifted evangelical writer who can exegete the Word of God, I am still wondering his status as a genuine Prophet of God. I say this because this brother has breached all ethical norms of a true born again prophet. A true prophet in the New Testament cannot pray for the demise of his perceived opponents if the initial prophetic messages did not fulfill. A true prophet cannot curse readers who disagree and critique his articles. A true prophet cannot make failed prediction that Mrs. Clinton will win the general election to become the next US president. Perhaps unknown to Moshood, his spiritual nemesis TB Joshua also predicted a Clinton victory on November 8 2016. After lengthy and persuasive articles in 2015 that T.B. Joshua is a false prophet who could not say how he became a born again Christian or identify pastors that mentored him, I and many others still believe the evidence against T.B. Joshua as a fake prophet from the devil. As before; the problem is Moshood prophesied that if T.B. does not repent and seek God his ministry will collapse in 2017 and his imminent death will ensue. As I write T.B. Joshua is still functioning as a minister in his Synagogue of all Nations. The prophecy may fulfill. My point is this even if Moshood were a genuine prophet from Jehovah God; he would have done better to serve his church with his gift of prophecy. The Nigerianworld website is not his church platform for him to be revealing irrelevant political prophecies that often fail. All his failed political prophecies emanate from his imagination and not from Almighty God. The tricks of hiding under cover in the name of Sister or Brother "you did not follow instructions as directed by God that is why Moshood's political prophecies failed" runs hollow. Such failures of political prophecies are retribution from our Holy and Mighty God and also evidence of a lie from the whispering ideas of the devil.

His attempt to claim that the ex UK Prime Minister David Cameron's exit is a fulfillment of his failed prophecy is another lie he is using as a cover. Moshood gave prophecies that were linked to the UK general elections April 20, 2015. After a lengthy article, he predicted that the Conservative Party Candidate PM David Cameron will be defeated on May 7, 2015. The election turned out to be a landslide for Conservative Party. This led to the exit of his coalition partner Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrat Party thereby pushing the Labour Party to continue as the opposition party. It also led to the resignation of their leader Ed Miliban. Throughout my research, I could not find one single prophecy about Breexit by Moshood. This brother did not predict anything about the outcome of Breexit votes talk more of knowing the outcome of the vote that led to Mr. Cameron. I and other Political Scientists know that in a parliamentary system of government resignation follows after a vote of no confidence. Similarly resignation is the next procedure after experiencing defeat in a general election. Resignations follow if the result of a referendum failed to favour a sitting Prime Minister who vigorously campaigned. This has been the norm since the birth of democracy in the UK. We do not need Moshood's prophecy to predict what has been happening for centuries. In any case he didn't predict the resignation of Mr. Cameron.

Moshood need to understand that neither the USA, the UK even Nigeria are theocratic countries similarly, the modern state of Israel is not theocratic. Countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and many other Muslim countries are either theocratic or monarchical political form of governments. I urge him to please go and prophecy to them if it will make sense. This has left me wondering the rationale for all these selective out of contexts examples of OT scriptures that are totally unrelated to civil elections that are free and fair in the 21st Century. Moshood owes the public an explanation why OT text is the beginning and end of all his analogies and anecdotal narratives of articles. Are we back to the ancient world of antiquity? What is the correlation between ancient Israel and the modern system of governments in the 21st Century? Are we no longer under grace? Why don't you reflect New Testament in your selective prophecies?

There is absolutely no gain for the reading public to know ahead of time whether Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump would have won the November 8 general election. That process had nothing to do with the life of ordinary Nigerians suffering from overpopulation, hunger, unemployment, low salaries, the trauma of missing Chibok school girls, inflation, depreciating value of the Naira, violent crime, kidnapping, ritual killings, injustice against women and children, tribal wars, robbery that are currently ravaging our communities and the Buhari recession which hit us like a bang. It seems to me that it is idleness and cheap popularity that Dr Feyemiwo was seeking by constantly revealing prophecies on this forum.

If I may ask what is the purpose of prophecy? Is it not to edify the church or the body of Christ? Is it not to bring to notice the blessings and edification to genuine believers? Is it not to warn children of God to be obedient so as to avert looming disasters? Is it not to reveal the true intents of God concerning deep doctrinal division? Is it not to avert certain epidemics and illnesses like Ebola that killed our brothers and sisters elsewhere? Prophecies have a purpose to avert an imminent disaster among God's children and to foretell the future so as to help the body of Christ navigate their way in a difficult world of persecution and competition for survival. Above all prophecies are given to congregants to repent and prepare for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Prophecies are not crystal ball to be used to predict who will win the next world cup to be hosted by Russia in 2018 or which NBA team will win the Larry O'Brian basketball trophy in 2017, neither is it to predict that New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl in 2017. Prophetic messages are spiritual messages for spiritual people in the houses of God not on the screens of the Internet.

Although visitors and committed readers consist of individuals from all religious persuasions, Nigeriaworld is not a church. The website is not a place for fortune telling and predictions of the death of individuals. If God reveal to Moshood that Mr A and Madam B will die before the end of the year, it is appropriate to write to the individuals concerned or send emails to their agents or spokespersons giving detail instructions on what God directed them to do in order to be alive. Once a prophet publishes the names of individuals on the pages of Nigerianworld, you have breached and compromised the privacy of the individual. There is what is known as the confidentiality clause, it means there must be absolute secrecy involving client's private issues. Under no circumstance must anyone divulge any information about a client's health or spiritual condition without his or her consent. Unknown to Moshood, the agents of the devil may use diabolical means to eliminate individuals to give our holy God a bad name that Moshood predicted their deaths. On the last day God will hold Moshood accountable for the demise of innocent souls. Similarly, if they commit suicide out of fear of such information, you will not go scot free in the eyes of the Lord and their relatives. Public officials deserve their privacy.

That is why the Bible says "For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1: 21 NIV)" The Holy Spirit cannot lead a genuine Prophet of God to predict election that God had no control. Visitors on this website consist of all religious persuasions; prophecies alienate them because it is strange to their faiths. I urge the authorities of the Nigeriaworld to set a clear standard and censor Moshood's future prophetic utterances which are given as if there is certainty of its fulfilment. This brother has a Christian Newspaper why can't he publish his prophecies in his Newspaper?

Moshood political prophecies are out of step with the Word of God. I never heard any ancient prophet give excuses for failed predictions for any message assigned by God. Rather God was clear in warning them about lying prophets in the passages on page one which I am repeating here.

And the Lord said to me: "The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination, and the deceit of their own minds (Jeremiah 14: 14).

Seemingly if a prophet gives a message and it did not come to pass, know that it was not from God. The Bible did not permit the prophet to bring up excuses after excuses over failed prophecies. Each time his messages fail Moshood will bring up lame excuses why his prophetic utterance failed thereby making a mockery of himself before the guests of Nigerianworld webpage. My questions need answers; who is Moshood Feyemiwo accountable to? Who is his boss? Who is funding him? Is there a General Overseer, a Bishop, an Apostle or Senior Pastors and Moshood's closest friends that can advise him to stop this show of perennial prophecies each election circle on this Nigerianworld medium?

Why should Moshood give false messages about elections God's agents have no control? Does God force His divine will on the choices of American or Nigerian and UK voters? Is US election an election for born again Christians? After all Jesus kingdom is not of this world. The Bible also warns that no one who is a soldier of Christ should entangle himself with the affairs of this world that he might please the one who enlisted him (2 Tim 2: 4). May I ask again; what is the relationship between Old Testament Jewish texts and the US elections in the 21st Century? Please Moshood react to me because I do not understand the driving force behind your numerous perennial predictions about elections and your reliance on out of context OT texts.

Given the failed political prophecies, my question is where is Moshood's prayer team? Doesn't he have prayer partners that will complement his prayer tasks and wait for revelations? If God has revealed to you about anything, a second or third prayer warrior ought to get a similar revelation. Our God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14: 33). What is normally done is whatever the Lord reveal to a prophet such a message is not hurriedly released, such a prophet will ask his or her prayer partner to intercede for God to repeat the message that bothers on a specific prayer point. If it is the will of God the Holy Spirit will then confirm to Prophet B and C what He told Prophet A before such a message can be released.

Rather than be contrite and temporarily back off from his weekly column, he returned with arrogance explaining why Donald Trump was not God's choice to be the 45th President of the USA. If that were the case then God would have revealed to Moshood the final outcome of the vote before the elections. I put it to Moshood and some doubting folks; even if the President elect Donald Trump dies before his inauguration day in January 20, 2017, Hillary Clinton will not succeed him. Instead his vice president Mike Pence will constitutionally succeed Trump. The American people have spoken. I believe that the voice of the people is the voice of God so it does not really matter whether it was the Perfect or His permissive will of God after all US is not a theocracy. There is a need for men and women of God to be very careful before claiming that they are the authentic Prophets of Almighty God if not punishment or retribution will visit them with the outcome the disgrace of failed or unfulfilled prophecies.


Meanwhile two thirds of the Chibok girls who were captured in 2014 have still not been found. Is Moshood unaware that all our girls have not been rescued? Why is there no prophecy from our heavenly Father about the where about of Chibok girls? Why is Moshood not concerned about prophesying about their release"? Is it not because there are no opinion polls pointing to the where about of the girls? While all his predictions have been ongoing, Dr Feyemiwo has never written a single article about the where about of innocent Chibok girls still in captivity. As far back as two years ago when I noticed his predictions on elections and different races in Nigeria, I was very disturbed because innocent Christian girls from Chibok town were newly captured while on a legitimate pursuit of education that we all cherish. These young girls are Christians who share the same Christian faith with us and they are teenage African girls who are innocent. Rather than fast and pray for Jesus to reveal their exact location or where about, Moshood priority is on elections that relate to White people who are currently oppressing and discriminating against Africans and other people of colour in the USA and the UK. Since you have made yourself the Nigeriaworld prophet why has God not revealed to you the exact location of Chibok girls? How about revelation on Boko Haram? Why not share the exact information to the Nigerian Commander in charge of the war against Boko Haram? Are you not aware that innocent soldiers and civilians are dying weekly?

Dr Feyemiwo has made Prophecies to be a chess game of speculation as he uses the OT biblical context to justify himself on every turn. Once men and women of God create prophecies that are similar to playing local draft or chess game, the outcome is often messy. That seems to be the situation Dr Feyemiwo finds himself. You can never proclaim the Word of God based on speculation or calculation; you cannot proclaim prophetic messages that are political if there is no evidence that you were sent. All the OT prophets were sent to give divine messages and Habakkuk 2: 3 clearly said some messages may be delayed. In other words, it will fulfil in future, meaning God did not intend to give all messages that will fulfil in a month or even in a year's time. Some OT prophecies were fulfilled in the NT time of the disciples of Jesus. The book of Habakkuk 2: 3 is a wrong application to justify the current circumstance of Mrs Clinton. It is wishful thinking to imagine Mrs Clinton running for office. There is no question, with her shocking electoral defeat; Mrs Clinton was not the choice of the American people in the present time neither will she be in the future. That is why the prophecy of Habakuk 2: 3 which Moshood cited as an example of a delayed message can never apply to a retiring politician who has outlived her usefulness. Mrs Clinton had her time for thirty years in public life; she has nothing more to offer Americans. We should respect the verdict of the American people and move on.


Inspite of my strong criticism of Dr Feyewimo, I acknowledge that he wrote one of the best theological articles that I ever read https://nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/fayemiwo/051916.html. It was an article the Holy Spirit troubled me to read and read again and again. My spirit was convinced that the article was dictated from heaven. After my email contact applauding his article, I advised him not to predict election results but he spoilt the joy that I had by dabbling into unnecessary predictions and prayers for God to kill his political opponents. My questions: will Moshood be happy for men and women of God to pray for him to die an untimely death? Is he not going to run to God as Hezekiah and possibly repent for God to add him extra twenty years? Just like King Hezekiah and all Christians, is Moshood not worthy of mercy from God? Wouldn't it have been better for Almighty God to alter his prophecy to save Moshood? Reflect carefully why God's prophecy to kill Hezekiah was not fulfilled. Our God is a God mercy.

Before ending this paper, I will say again that it is ungodly to pray for the death of political opponents once prophecies fail. Senator David Mark and Governor Fayose are marked for death if Moshood has his way. He believes they will die before their tenure end. This is a cruel and sinful prayer that our God will never implement. The Bible urges us to pray for our enemies and do good to those who despitefully use us (Math 5: 44).We are urged to follow peace with all men for without holiness no man shall see the Lord (Hebrews 12: 14). I call on Moshood to read his article above and do an introspection if he has complied with all the provisions of that wonderful article.

God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are three in one ruling power. They are bigger than anyone individual. God gave us a caveat in the Holy Bible "that no one knows all the mysteries of God, we know in part and prophesy in part" (1 Corinthians 13: 9 NIV). Since Moshood does not yield to advice, my humble plea to Mrs Feyemiwo and adult children is advise your husband and dad to honour the name of the Feyemiwo family to desist from further political prophecies that have no relevance on the plight of Nigerians. My advice to the reading public: do not send abusive emails to Moshood simply contribute by writing rejoinders against his articles to [email protected] Blessings to you all.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Ejuksman Ejuks
> Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2016 13:33:10 -0700
> Subject: David Mark got to Abuja safely and was sworn in as Senator
> To: Moshood Fayemiwo


> Hello Moshood I read your recent article where you denied predicting the
> failure of David Mark kindly look into the last four sentences of your last paragraph above you
> said mark my words Sen D Mark will not return to the senate.

> After he won the election your prophecy failed rather than owning up that
> it was your imagination that spoke and not our God you wrote a lengthy
> article which was speculative and unbiblical for a born again you began to
> say if Mark did not win the election his journey to Abuja will lead to air
> crash. Luckily Mark reached Abuja safely and was sworn in. You are awaiting
> and praying for his death in four years time in order for your imaginary
> prophecies to be fulfilled.

> Moshood are you a true prophet? Throughout the Bible if God speaks it may
> delay but it will surely happen according Habakuk 2:13

> No prophet did what you are doing in the Bible you are biased and not
> living in love under the guise of prophecies you wish certain politicians
> dead this is bad you need repentance.

> Although you are not supporting APC but you sympathize with APC. In your
> article below it shows that your prophecies on Mark failed he won his
> election and was sworn in. The article below is speculative prophecies if
> it were not APC would have won.

> My question is where are the Chibok girls? Is it beyond our God to reveal
> the whereabouts of Chibok girls to you? A true prophet as you can reveal
> their fate that is more of concern than predictions. If you like continue
> with your imaginary prophecies and keep defending yourself as it keep
> failing your status will diminish the public will gossip the failed
> prophecies and call you names.

> See below evidence of not walking in love

> https://nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/fayemiwo/022516.html

- Original message in the fall of 2015-----
> From: Ejuksman Ejuks
>Subject: Focus on Spiritual Messages>
>To: [email protected]>
>Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=001a113fc32c1f3759052d103904>

> Hello Dr Moshood,

>I appreciate you are the prophet of God who hears from the
> Lord almighty but try and focus on the spiritual aspects of prophecies or
> restrict it to your church. Political prophecy may put you on the spot.
> You got it right with some politicians winning elections and the likes of
> Jonathan losing the last election. You had earlier prophesied that APC will
> win all the states in Nigeria. I wrote reminding you that APC does not have
> foothold in Cross River and most South South states. It turn out PDP
> decisively won South South and South East. You also predicted that T Joshua's
> ministry will crash by end of this year it may crash if God has spoken but
> so far he is doing well only legal action threaten him. I do not support
> his ministry because he is a fake prophet.

> You got it wrong with the British general election and you continued to
> predict on politics. You could guide Nigerians effectively without dabbling
> into predictions.

> The recent message about David Mark is the latest that failed. This is an
> election that APC and all of Idoma was mobilised to vote against David
> Mark yet he won. Rather than accept the verdict you are praying for his
> demise. This is unprecedented and unfair. The NT Bible says we should love
> our neighbors and pray for our enemies yet Mark is not your enemy. He is a
> do nothing politician who has tasted power from governor to senate
> president. I am not in PDP or APC if I were you stop these political
> predictions because if it fails your credibility as a prophet of God will
> be questioned. Yes no one may write a rejoinder against you but readers
> will be laughing and calling you names. The email was written in love and
> concern for your reputation. Have a nice midweek. Regards Ejuks>

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