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For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts"(Isaiah 55:8-10)

I did not send these prophets, yet they have run with their message; I did not speak to them, yet they have prophesied (Jeremiah 23: 21)."

They have seen false visions and lying divinations. They say, 'Declares the Lord,' when the Lord has not sent them, and yet they expect him to fulfill their word (Ezekiel 13: 6)

Whenever I read some of the prophecies of Dr. Fayemiwo, I am left wondering whether there is the fourth person in the Trinity. He dishes out these prophecies in such a way that one gets the feeling that he surely sits in a roundtable conference with the Trinity with a notebook writing down these prophecies for the consumption of humanity (Amadi 2016)

uch of what I intend to write is solely focused on Dr Moshood Feyemiwo's failed prophecies. I intend to advice that prophecies should be on averting looming pandemic or disasters, such messages should not be political sectarian or ethnically minded. It should be aimed at the body of Christ or the churches because they believe in the operation of the gift of the Holy Spirit in the 21st Century. A non Christian may not know what a prophet is saying because in their Mosques and Temples, there is no prophecy or the operation of the gift of the Holy Spirit and the signs that follow (1 Corinthians 12).

We have ignored Dr Feyemiwo's political prophecies for too long; even the clergies comprising Bishops, Senior Pastors, Apostles and even genuine Prophets of God that know the truth and the true role of a Prophet have been too silent and perhaps intimidated to publicly challenge Dr Feyewimo. He has misinterpreted our silence for foolishness because no one has written rejoinders against his articles. Our silence has given him the audacity to continue with his reckless prophecies and lame excuses each time each political prophesy fail. Honestly I have no intention to make Moshood a headline that is why my title appears benign.

Before the last general elections in 2015, I noticed Dr Feyemiwo was prophesying and also predicting the outcome on the pages of the Nigeriaworld. He did these predictions through the gift of prophesy which is supposed to be used in the church of God! I was alarmed as I sent a private email advising him to stop political predictions instead focus on the where about of missing Chibok girls. He ignored my emails and continued prophesying in the name of Almighty God about elections that have no spiritual connection. I wrote again warning him that in the event of failure he will be an object of mockery. As if I knew there have been significant failures of his predictions which I have noted. I will present the evidence in this paper.

After Felix Amadi elaborated on Moshood's failed prophecies, I wrote thanking Mr Amadi for his courageous article. I also copied Moshood and two other contributors on this forum citing past examples of my emails urging him to stop political prophecies on Nigerianworld. Because Moshood is a stubborn Christian who hates feedback, he has continued to embarrass himself and our God on the pages of Nigerianworld.

Much of what I intend to write has been critically analysed by Mr Felix Amadi and Mr. Ikechukwu Ibekwe regarding some spurious prophecies by our APC Prophet Dr Moshood Feyemiwo. Mr Amadi first reflected on Dr Feyemiwo's cravings for prophecies in the month of July 2016 and entitled his paper Dr Feyemiwo and the God He Serves. See details in this elaborate link https://nigeriaworld.com/articles/2016/jul/281.html Mr Amadi's article gave details of Moshood's prophetic utterances which failed. He raised vital questions regarding the choice of President Buhari to be president of Nigeria. From Moshood's bold writing about President Buhari's divine mandate to succeed Dr Goodluck Jonathan, it was apparent that the incumbent President was divinely chosen to rule Nigeria.

The second writer Mr Ikechukwu Ibekwe followed suit with the title Dr Moshood Feyemiwo's Predilections for Predictions, he summarised the failed prophecies of Moshood and also queried the rationale for praying for the demise of Senator David Mark here is the link https://nigeriaworld.com/articles/2016/sep/122.html.

One major fact that is not considered is that the forum of Nigerianworld is read around the world by millions of Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora. If I am not mistaken there are over one hundred to two hundred million active visitors to the Nigerianworld website, the statistics may be on a weekly basis. Apparently, whatever articles authors send for publication is read by the public, it is even worse if such articles convey prophetic proclamations. That is why men of God must be careful before saying "thus says the Lord." Our Jehovah God is not a God of conjecture guesses or near misses. Lying in the name of God is a sin, it does not give glory to God. Our God is too big for Moshood to be toying with his name. Failed prophecies have serious implications on the emotions and psychology of receptive readers of articles that is why he is receiving abusive emails and letters in reaction to his failed prophecies.

Even before the general elections in the US, Moshood prepared the mind of Nigerians regarding the relevance of that election and the dangers of a potential Trump presidency. For weeks he sensitised Nigerians in Diaspora to be politically active to vote for the right candidate. In fact as far back as 2012 God revealed to him that Mrs Clinton was the clear favourite to emerge as the President of the U.S.A. Moshood gave all the reasons why the victory of Senator Clinton will be far better than a Trump presidency. Apparently Donald Trump epitomises the racist devil, while Hillary Clinton a saint. In spite of his long theological papers that were backed by obsolete OT texts, I knew he needed to be corrected on his reckless use of OT texts. Moshood I put it to you that the traditions or cultural milieu of the ancient world of antiquity has no visible connection to secular European traditions in North America or any modern world. The reality is that an irresponsible racist man with a bad character surprisingly won the election to succeed President Obama remains the story line that will not fade away! What happened? Did Almighty God not know that Trump will win? How come Mrs Clinton did not win? Is our God man to make mistakes? Reason with me how could our God not reveal the true winner of the most important election of our generation? Why didn't Almighty reveal the truth to Moshood? Is it not a fact that on this medium of Nigeriaworld Moshood is the prophetic channel carrying the banner of our Lord Jesus Christ? My answer to the rhetorical questions is simple.

God knew that Donald Trump will win the election from the day Donald Trump was born but chose not to reveal to Dr Feyemiwo so as to humble him. In the wake of his failed prediction about a Hillary Clinton electoral success, Dr Feyemiwo broke the heart of many potential Clinton supporters who may have hoped that their candidate will win. His prophecies may have been the motivating factor for voters to flood the polls with their supporters. In other words many Africans and Nigerian voters resident in the US may have relied on his prophetic proclamations for a divine victory in favour of Mrs Clinton.

However Moshood try to deceive us with obsolete OT Scriptures that have no relevance on a secular election, his prediction failed miserably. Apparently Moshood had an off night that was so bad. His second prediction that Republican Party supporters of Trump will riot all over the USA also failed. As it turned out, it was Democrats that were demonstrating in Democratic Party leaning states of the USA. Rather than retreating to his bedroom to reflect why his spurious prophecies failed and seek counselling on the way forward or apologise to his numerous readers, this stubborn brother wrote a follow up article that was full of lame excuses.

RE-God has not called me if Trump becomes U.S. President

"Each time we gave prophetic words and utterances in this column about global events and great personalities, and we asked that prayers and supplications should be offered, many often wonder why prayers should be offered for such prophecies. I am pained to explain over and over again how the Holy Spirit operates. Every plan, promises, prophetic words and messages of the Lord are not sacrosanct. In other words, the blessings of the Lord God Almighty to His children are not etched out in Rosetta stone" (Feyemiwo, 2016)

URL: https://nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/fayemiwo/111016.html

As always the above article was full of excuses and out of context OT scriptures to justify his failed and speculative prophecies.

When Isaiah prophesied the coming of Immanuel the Messiah, it took hundreds of years for the prophecy to be fulfilled. All the prophecies in OT texts starting from the promise of the coming of a messiah to save Israel to the actual birth of our Lord Jesus Christ to the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot and His subsequent crucifixion in Golgotha were all fulfilled. All our major prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and other Minor Prophets prophecies were all fulfilled.

There is no evidence that prayers were offered for Jesus to be born. Where there was delay the book of Habakuk rightly declared "For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay" (Habakkuk 2: 3 NIV).

It is mischievous for Moshood to compare his failed prophecy to the prophetic message about King Hezekiah's demise, that comparison does not hold water. God's plan not to fulfil the prophecy on the demise of Hezekiah shows God can change his plan to punish sinners who genuinely repent. This is a matter of life and death, just like all of us, Hezekiah desired to live so he wore sack cloth prayed and repented for God to have mercy and spare his life. In accordance with his mercy and love for humanity God did just that by adding twenty years to the life of King Hezekiah. There is no correlation between the events in the ancient world and US presidential election. There is no independent confirmation that Almighty God genuinely promised a Clinton victory on November 8. It was the imagination of Moshood that made him believe that God spoke. Refer to the introductory pages on page one. Reflect on the criteria for assessing if God spoke through His prophets. One instruction the Lord gave is if a message did not come to pass then God did not send the prophet. It is that simple to know it was false prophecy. Moshood sent himself to speculate a Hillary victory because she ran against an irresponsible man who is a bigot, vulgar, highly irresponsible. Moshood was also deceived because most opinion polls showed Mrs Clinton held double digit lead over Trump for months before the election last week. Believing Trump was erratic and too risky to be in the White House, Moshood picked Clinton to hold the most important office in the world.

Just like his views and predictions about APC victories in Nigeria election races, Moshood lean towards APC full time and abhor PDP. Just as many Black folks, this same guy is also a Democratic Party supporter, so it is natural for his imagination to choose Mrs Clinton over Donald Trump. It would have made sense if he left God out of his controversial predictions and campaigned for Mrs Clinton.

It is indeed disheartening to read prophecies that are not spiritual or edifying, prophecies ought to fulfil a divine purpose; to comfort the church and avert looming disasters. Until date Moshood is yet to tell us the purpose of his political prophecies. What are we gaining from having advanced information of a future election that does not concern ordinary Nigerians? What impact will candidate Clinton victory do to Nigeria? For all the speeches on hope and change what impact did Nigeria gain from President Obama's presidency? Did he even stopover in Nigeria? By citing obsolete OT texts it wouldn't have helped make Mrs Clinton President. USA is not a theocracy but a democratic country. The dispensation from the first century to the 21st Century is too far to use as a basis of every secular article. In the first century it was a primitive agrarian economy of livestock, our world is industrial and post modern world there are no parallels between Western democracy and theocracy as existed in the ancient Israel. As of today the nation of Israel has a parliamentary democracy, you cannot compare Israel of today with Israel of the first century.

Unknown to Moshood each time he captions a prediction about elections or the sudden demise of a Nigerian leader, he does this with certainty as if he alone has access to Jehovah God. Reflect on the citation in the opening pages of this article

Moshood dishes out these prophecies in such a way that one gets the feeling that he surely sits in a roundtable conference with the Trinity with a notebook writing down these prophecies for the consumption of humanity" (Amadi 2016).

Failed prophecies and predictions are often experienced by Journey Just Come Christians (JJCC) still new in the Christian race. Apparently there seems to be no oversight that verifies and scrutinises prophetic messages that emanate from Dr Feyemiwo. He may not have had a prayer partner to check him. I wonder why his wife cannot discuss these issues with him. It has made many including this writer to question how long he has been a born again to be falling into these errors of failed prophecies. His legitimacy as an authentic channel sent by God to reveal hidden secrets on this forum has been greatly eroded. How long can loyal readers continue to believe on this brother's prophecies? How long will we give Moshood another opportunity to mess us up with spurious prophetic messages? It is left for you to reflect and pray for Moshood.

Given Moshood's failed prophecies, he was supposed to take sabbatical leave from his weekly column just to give people a break. It seems he is going nowhere as he will continue to publish weekly. Moshood your recent article of excuses about the failure of Mrs Clinton to win made no sense because it was not even close, Hillary lost badly in the Electoral College votes. I am a life Democrat. DP had better individuals who had no scandals and had fresh ideas to help the American people. The party had credible candidates to nominate in order to carry the banner of the Democratic Party, but the powers that be were motivated by the fear of the Clinton Machine. I put it to readers that the popular name of Bill Clinton that emerged in 1992 has totally faded for good. Hillary is gone with a humiliating defeat; she must fade away and give us a break. At last we are free from the tired ideas of Hillary and her corrupt team. Thank goodness Democratic Party will rebuild with energetic leaders with fresh ideas to drive the agenda of liberals and progressives. Moshood and many other Africans forgot one fact that the American public were tired of seeing Mrs Clinton in public office. She loves to be in the limelight. She loves power and she hates to fade away quietly. In fact I and millions who once supported Mrs Clinton are tired of that woman consistently refusing to give younger ones a chance, folks are tired of the same old face who will promise milk and honey in public but aside she is collecting millions for paid speeches from the same corporate interest she is critiquing. For the past thirty years, the position of Blacks has basically remained the same. Just like my age mate President Obama, their best tactic is speeches and speeches and more speeches. But speeches and the Clinton factor never win elections; folks desire action to lift the down trodden Black folks from poverty. Clinton had nothing to offer poor Black people no wonder she did not get higher turnout from DP states. For the first time in decades Republicans won Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin! Even my state of interest Minnesota almost went Republican, it was a ridiculous election!

See detail excerpts from Moshood Fayemiwo's failed prophecies. He had earlier prophesied that David Mark will fail his election February 19, 2016


Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Character in Ondo 2016 and the third force in Edo State politics


An abettor of democratic values and promoter of tyranny; a retrogressive, selfish and self-absorbed egotist; Mark continues to take, take and take without giving anything back in return. He once said tongue-in-cheeks when he was Minister of Communications during the disastrous years known as the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida Dictatorship that telephone was a privilege and preserved of the elites and no poor Nigerian should ow0n one. He was among the hard-assed ass... who aborted Hope '93 only to return in 1999 to bec0ome a beneficiary. He was among the pernicious principalities that caused Goodluck Jonathan to0 lose his political compass and the young man not to know his left from his right up to the 20105 Presidential Election in the PDP as every move by Alechenu has never been about the public go0od, but about self. David has stolen enough; it is time for Mark to step aside and the go0od people of Benue State should make it happen on Saturday. Mark my words; David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark will not return to the hallowed chambers of the Nigerian National Assembly on Saturday February 20, 2016 as the Sovereign Lord God Almighty lives and His Glory fills the heavens and the earth, Amen.

After the INEC released the result Moshood would have done the honourable thing to apologise and move on. In stead he wrote a long article entitled below

Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Special Report: David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark and his comeuppance in Benue politics

First, if Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark stole last week Senatorial Election Re-Run and did not really win the election, as he is preparing to fly from Benue to Abuja to be inaugurated as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, may the aircraft that Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark will fly into crash in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.

URL: https://nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/fayemiwo/022516.html


There are three retributive comeuppance justice acts that I want You to perform in the eyes of all Nigerians both at home and abroad so that those who hear it and its fulfillment will tell others and Your Holy Name will be glorified.

First, if Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark stole last week Senatorial Election Re-Run and did not really win the election, as he is preparing to fly from Benue to Abuja to be inaugurated as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, may the aircraft that Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark will fly into Abuja crash in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.

Second, if Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark did not transparently and genuinely win the last Senatorial Re-Run Election in Benue State, but used his money, power, influence, bribery, manipulation and intimidation to ""win" You O! Lord God Almighty did not give Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark his so-called ""victory," let the motor car or journey by road that Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark will embark upon from Benue State to Abujja to be inaugurated be involved in a ghastly motor accident that has never happened before between Oturkpor Makurdi to Abuja in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

Thirdly, if the so-called election victory of Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark of last week Saturday was a fluke and was bought; the election was neither the true expression of the will and legitimate votes of the Benue people in the South Benue Senatorial Zone and You the Almighty Lord God of the heavens and the universe did not approve of the so-called election victory of Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark, may this man; Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark suffer massive heart attack as he is being sworn in at the hallowed chambers of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Three Arms Zone, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria.

As Almighty God would have it his opponent went to court and still lost so the former senate President got to Abuja safely and was sworn in as a Senator. He is still alive as I write this article. Just as he predicted against a PDP governor Fayose both of them are still alive they are not yet dead.

As if the failure of Moshood's prophecies against David Mark were not enough, Moshood dabbled into British politics and his predictions were to follow. Unlike in Africa where religion and evangelism is a huge deal and elections are based largely on fraud, in developed countries religion is secondary and corruption is not a norm in choosing a candidate. Unlike in Africa where most incumbents must win to remain in office, circumstances can alter the outcome of an election at the last minute. Elections are not fought and won based on holiness or righteousness or on what the leader of Conservative Party did or said. Our holy God has no business with worldly elections. This is because these developed countries are mostly secular countries where a significant number of citizens are unbelievers and basically not born again Christians. It is highly inappropriate for any Minister of God or Prophet to predict the outcome of an election based on messages from God as motivated by OT Jewish texts.

Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Exclusive world prophecy: David Cameron will not return as Britain's Prime Minister but Edward SAMUEL Miliband will become the new PM of Great Britain on Thursday May 7, 2015

There is something funny about the way politics is played in Great Britain.

URL: https://nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/fayemiwo/042015.html

Even after his failed predictions in the UK he again summoned courage to predict the election in Ondo state.

Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Revelation and Prophecy from The True Lord God Almighty and Open Letter to Mrs. Jumoke Ajasin-Anifowose, Governorship candidate, Ondo 2016

As I have previously disclosed in this column, you will not win and become the first woman governor of a state in Nigeria, because you belong to the APC. You will become the governor of Ondo State and first woman governor of a state in Nigeria because the True Lord God Almighty wanted it as He said Himself....

URL: https://nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/fayemiwo/072416.html

After APC conducted their primary election Mrs Ajasin failed and Moshood silently moved on to continue with his predictions.

The next article is on the recent US elections

Nigeriaworld Feature Article - 75 Crucial days of President-Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton-HRC-First Term presidency (2016-2020)

Don't look forward to a Clinton Administration beginning January 21, 2017. ... Mr. Donald J. Trump will not and never become the president of the United States of America. ... For Mr. Trump to declare on national television that he didn't have anyone to repent to or confess wrong-doing, even unto the Lord God Almighty, disqualifies him as one of us.

URL: https://nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/fayemiwo/101816.html

Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Special spiritual revelation on 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: 7 Biblical reasons The Lord God Almighty will not allow Mr Donaldson John Trump become President of The United States of America in 2016

The fourth reason ... derisive remarks at another creature of the Living God are not only unbecoming of a man who is supposed to be the Defender-in-Chief of the helpless, vulnerable and defenseless, but are wicked, satanic and demonic.

URL: https://nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/fayemiwo/060116.html

He concluded below

"We will see next week after Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be declared the President-Elect of the United States of America in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen."

JAMES COMEY AND THE IDES OF OCTOBER: What the Director of the FBI did is what is called the Ides of October? Was he planning to tilt the election in favor of Donald Trump? Whether they like it or not, Mr. Donald Trump will never become the President of the United States of America in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.

Nigeriaworld Feature Article - World Exclusive: The True Lord God Almighty hasn't called me, if Mr Donald John Trump become the President of the United States of America on November 09, 2016

As far back as Thursday November 8, 2012, we saw the emergence of Mrs. Hillary Clinton as the likely successor to President Barack Obama.... on Monday June 1, 2016, we gave seven Biblically- based reasons the True Lord God Almighty would never allow Mr. Donald Trump to rule America as president.

URL: https://nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/fayemiwo/100316.html

To be concluded