Felix AmadiThursday, July 28, 2016
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"Who is he that saith and it cometh to pass when the Lord commandeth it not" (Lamentation 3:37)

have always been an ardent follower of Dr. Moshood Ademola Fayemiwo's Column 'The Christian Walk' in the news website, Nigeriaworld.com. In fact I can boldly declare that I was greatly drawn to Nigeriaworld thanks to the writing erudition and fearlessness of Dr. Moshood Fayemiwo and Mr. Temple C. Ubochi. During my undergraduate school days, I used to sit and discuss with some of my friends and classmates about almost every article written by these two great writers. Most of us who belonged to St. Augustine's Academy of Journalism in my school had either one of these two men as a source of inspiration and encouragement and this humble writer was not an exception. For me, these two giants of the pen are in the superlative class as far as the art of writing is concerned. Both men triggered in me a passion of taking to writing as a hobby and a profession. I respect and salute these two rare individuals and will continue to do so because of the depth of commitment and courage they possess and marshal out in their write-ups.

Of recent, my spirit has been troubled because of the many submissions or rather prophecies of Dr. Fayemiwo that one is left to wonder the source of his inspiration for these assertions. The purpose of this essay is not to cast any iota of doubt on the calling of Dr. Moshood Fayemiwo as a servant of God. This essay is also not an exercise in doubt about the reality and authenticity of the prophecy in today's Christendom. God spoke in the past through his prophets, and it is my ultimate belief that God still has prophets in this our contemporary era who hear and speak as directed by God. What I am worried about is the commonization and the near bastardization of the esteem office of the prophet in our time, that one begins to wonder when, where and how most of these modern day prophets hear from God. There is a big difference between what one thinks about a person, a situation or an issue and what God commands one to say about such a person, a situation or an issue. It is unacceptable for one to equate one's thinking or feeling as the direct directive from God. The God of Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Jonah etc is not in the business of probability. How can God declare that a person will win a gubernatorial election in a State and then put an exit clause that says unless the person chooses not to run? I honestly wish to submit in this write up that I do have problem with some of the many prophecies of Dr. Fayemiwo that sometimes I'm in doubt as to whether he really heard from God before penning these so-called prophecies down for the whole world to read and assimilate.

My first problem with Dr. Fayemiwo's prophecies concerns the ascension to power of President Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria after the last presidential election. Dr. Fayemiwo 'rightly' predicted that Mr. Buhari would 'win' the election, and indeed he did 'win'. He also believes that President Buhari's ascension to power in Nigeria was by Divine Intervention. If I truly understand this term 'Divine Intervention', it will mean that Buhari's election was an act of God, the doing of the Lord and as such it should be marvelous in our eyes.

Whenever I read some of the prophecies of Dr. Fayemiwo, I am left wondering whether there is the fourth person in the Trinity. He dishes out these prophecies in such a way that one gets the feeling that he surely sits in a roundtable conference with the Trinity with a notebook writing down these prophecies for the consumption of humanity. From my 'little' knowledge of the Bible, it is glaringly evident that prophets are called by God. No true prophet calls himself or arrogates the office of the prophet of God to himself. The above statements vividly remind me of the wise saying of one of my former formators, Rev. Monsignor Justin Onyenemegam, that "the priesthood is a vocation and not a profession". In the same regard, I strongly believe that the work and duty of a prophet is vocational and not professional. But these days, mankind has witnessed a surge in the number of professional prophets masquerading as servants of God and this leaves much to be desired.

Dr. Fayemiwo's belief that President Buhari's coming to power was by Divine Intervention leaves me with a loss for words as to the kind of loving God that will divinely give Nigerians Buhari as a gift (president) at this time in our history. This Divine Intervention must be a kind of punishment to Nigerians especially the South-Easterners for the many 'sins' we must have committed against Him.

(1) Is this 'God' of Divine Intervention in Nigerian politics aware that President Buhari is a Sectarian Champion who has reduced the South-Eastern Region to a second class status, because they did not vote for him en masse during the last presidential election that brought him to power?

(2) Does this so-called Divine Intervention include the fact that President Buhari harbors in his cabinet and party men and women who in mature democracies should have been in prison for corruption, while at the same time 'fighting' corruption in the territory of the opposition party. Or is this 'God' one that encourages double standard and hypocrisy? Okey Ndibe, while criticizing the Buhari led anti-corruption campaign, observed in his article "Junaid's Jeremiahs, Buhari's Burden', as published by the Punch Newspaper, thus "As strategies go, the Buhari administration's war against corruption is a mess, riddled with contradictions. The only people fooled by the government's claim that it is operating a policy of zero-tolerance of corruption are those who volunteer themselves to be fooled".

(3) How come that this so-called Divine Intervention in Nigerian politics has given rise to the massive northernization of key government ministries and parastatals to the detriment of federal character as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution? Does this 'God' that put Buhari in power truly believes that only northerners are fit and capable of leading Nigeria at this time in our history? Nnanna Ijomah rightly captured this precarious predicament in today's Nigeria when he observed in his article "The Politics Of Ethnic Cleansing In Nigeria" thus: "When you look at the federal appointments so far, there is no denying the fact that there is a Northernization agenda being carefully implemented. There is no denying the fact that the president has the right to appoint those he is comfortable working with. But fortunately we have a constitution that requires every president to consider the ethnic, geographical, and religious make up of the country in making appointments. There is also no doubt that the president is cognizant of this constitutional requirement but has chosen to ignore it. It would appear that his idea of making Nigeria work is to appoint Northerners to every sensitive senior federal position and let the chips fall where they may".

At this juncture, I pause to remind Dr. Fayemiwo and all that 'enjoys' his prophecies of what Gen. Ibrahim B. Babangida (rtd) said was the reason for the coup that dethroned Buhari as a Military Dictator in Nigeria. Hear IBB: "Regrettably, it turned out that Major-General Muhammadu Buhari was too rigid and uncompromising in his attitudes to issues of national significance. Efforts to make him understand that a diverse polity like Nigeria required recognition and appreciation of differences in both cultural and individual perceptions only served to aggravate these attitudes". In recent times, President has claimed that he was removed from power by IBB and Aliyu Gusau because he wanted to probe Senior Military officers of corruption. If this is really the case, why is this current government led by him not probing the regime of the evil genius-IBB? IBB is still alive and the scope of the probe of corruption should not have limited time frame. People in matured democracies have gone to jail for 'crime' committed decades back. So why is President Buhari limiting his probe to the Goodluck Jonathan and not IBB and Obasanjo? Is he afraid to take on these men? Until he does this (probe IBB and OBJ), his anti-corruption campaign remains a child's play as far as I am concerned.

(4)Did this 'God' that installed Buhari as Nigeria's president know that shortly after his election victory and swearing-in, he will deny or renegade on many of his campaign promises? Or was this 'God' only interested in bringing him to Aso Rock only to leave him to govern the way that suits him?

(5) Does Dr. Fayemiwo truly believe that this Buhari's administration is a theocracy? If yes, then I dare to ask: Is this 'God' that gave us President Buhari worthy of our service, faith, obedience and dedication?

In one of his articles captioned "Dealing With Demon of Witchcraft In Family And Mid Year Prophecies", Dr. Fayemiwo submitted thus, "As we disclosed in 2014 and last year 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari came to power in Nigeria by Divine Intervention. He will rule Nigeria for eight unbreakable years of two terms. Those who are planning to succeed him should wait till 2023. If you put your money on anyone in 2019 as president, you are wasting your time and resources". At the first glance and instance, this 'prophecy' seems straight and worthy, but at a critical look and overview, one will discover some worrying tenets in it. The fact of the matter is that right from the inception of this administration, Buhari and his cohorts had the intention of returning to power come 2019. President Buhari has already put in place a well planned scheme to return himself to power come 2019. This he has done by northernizing and fulanizing all the strategic machineries for rigging elections in Nigeria. Tell me: who is the INEC Chairman? Who controls the Police and the Army? Who are the Big Boys of the Judicial Branch of Government? Who are the people currently in-charge of EFCC and the DSS? The list is litany. With these well-oiled machineries at his beck and call, tell me who will not obstinately and aggressively prophesize that Buhari will win the election come 2019? If I were in his shoes, armed with these massive machineries and arsenals, and thanks to the 'Nigerian factor' in elections, the 2019 election will be a mere walk-over for me.

In a recent interview granted to the Punch Newspaper, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, the former Joint House Leader of the defunct Peoples Redemption Party said that "When President Goodluck Jonathan was re-organizing the INEC and he was bringing in Prof. Attahiru Jega, he reached out to Buhari and asked Buhari to nominate somebody from the North-West so that that person would be a national commissioner. Of all the people in the North-West, Buhari decided to nominate his own niece; the daughter of his elder sister-Amina Zakari. She has been there; when Jega left, Buhari was determined to make her chairman; it was because of the massive backlash that he dropped the idea like hot potatoes. As we are talking today, that woman is a national commissioner which means she is one of the principal election umpires".

Junaid Mohammed concluded thus, "Throughout my reading of history, political science and social science generally, I have never (heard) of any dictator or any tyrant under any system of government, whether totalitarian or fascist, appointing his own niece to conduct elections in which he was either a party or going to be a party to; Buhari has done that". So tell me why anyone will not 'prophesy' that President Buhari will win a second-term in office?

On deaths, Dr. Fayemiwo advised that Mrs. Diezani Allison-Madueke, Gen. Theophilus Danjuma, Ibrahim Babangida and the unidentified person he referred to as 'our man in Lagos' to start to put their houses in order because according to him, it is time for them to go. If this sensitive prophecy is from God and not one derived out of personal imagination, I challenge Dr. Fayemiwo to put a time frame to this forthcoming deaths as he did about the impending doom that will befall Prophet T.B. Joshua and his Synagogue Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria. We all know that death is a necessary end which comes when it must come. It is a debt every human being owes that must be paid with the exception of those with the grace of being alive when Jesus Christ comes again. So prophesying that somebody will die without an actual time frame is an open statement that carries no weight for any critical thinker. Each and every day, minute, second, people die en masse in this world, and one day it will be the turn of Diezani Allison-Madueke, IBB, Danjuma, Dr. Fayemiwo and my humble self. We all live to die one day. As a matter of fact, Mrs. Diezani Allison-Madueke is critically ill in a London hospital, from her pictures I saw in Ovation Magazine. Again, anyone that has been following the news stream from Nigeria will attest to the fact that IBB has been in and out of hospital for an undisclosed illness. So if any of them should die now or in the near future, it will not come as a surprise to me. Even it was rumored recently that IBB was dead until he made a public appearance in his Niger State home. It is very possible that Dr. Fayemiwo may have some insider information about the nature and seriousness of their ailment that sponsors this his bold advice to them, afterall we are in a jet-age and information flies more than rocket these days.

My last issue with Dr. Fayemiwo's prophecies bothers on his take on the former Senate President, Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark. Dr. Fayemiwo was of the opinion that Mr. David Mark won his re-election to the Senate through fraudulent means. I am not in any way asserting that Senator David Mark's election victory was saintly, but the question is: Who wins elections in Nigeria through the legitimate vote and count process without some stinking malpractices? So why single out Mr. David Mark out as if he is the only devil in the house?

Again, Dr. Fayemiwo beckoned on God to dole out three retributive comeuppance justice acts against Mr. David Mark so that Nigerians will marvel at the deeds of the Lord against David Mark. In his own words; "There are three retributive comeuppance justice acts that I want you to perform in the eyes of all Nigerians both at home and abroad so that those who hear it and its fulfillment will tell others and Your Holy Name will be glorified"

"First, if Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark stole last week Senatorial Election Re-Run and did not really win the election as he is preparing to fly from Benue to Abuja to be inaugurated as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, may the aircraft that Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark will fly into Abuja crash in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen".

"Second, if Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark did not transparently and genuinely win the last Senatorial Re-Run Election in Benue State but used his money, power, influence, bribery, manipulation and intimidation to "win" You O! Lord God Almighty did not give Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark his so-called "victory" let the motor car or journey by road that Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark will embark upon from Benue State to Abuja to be inaugurated be involved in a ghastly motor accident that has never happened before between Oturpk (sic) or Makurdi to Abuja in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ."

"Third, if the so-called election victory of Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark of last week Saturday was a fluke and was bought; the election was neither the true expression of the will and legitimate votes of the Benue people in the South Benue Senatorial Zone and You the Almighty Lord God of the heavens and the universe did not approve of the so-called election victory of Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark, may this man; Mr. David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark suffer massive heart attack as he is being sworn in the hallowed chambers of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria".

With these kinds of dangerous prayers against the former Senate President of the National Assembly, Mr. David Mark, Dr. Fayemiwo played himself directly into the hands of the ancient Greek Philosopher Epicurus who believed that "if God listened to the prayers of men, all men would quickly have perished: for they are forever praying for evil against one another". Secondly, these dangerous prayers of Dr. Fayemiwo remind me of the time Peter the Apostle was trying to fight the fight of Jesus Christ by cutting off the ear of Malchus, one of the slaves of the High Priest. Jesus cautioned Peter with these words, "Put your sword back in its place. All who take sword will die by the sword. Don't you know that I could call on my Father for help, and at once he would send me more than twelve armies of angels?"

I strongly believe that if God were to always answer these kinds of prayers by Dr. Fayemiwo, no one including himself will be left alive in this world. In Dr. Fayemiwo's thinking and belief, David Mark's Re-Run Election victory was fraudulent. But I dare to ask: Is election fraud the only grievous 'sin' that it will warrant these kinds of dangerous prayers from Dr. Fayemiwo? Or is there something personal in this David Mark's election victory that Dr. Fayemiwo beckoned on heaven to drastically move against the former senate president? Did Dr. Fayemiwo take into account the fact that if God were to answer his prayers urgently as he wished, many innocent lives would be lost in the process like the David Mark's pilots, drivers, aides, security personnel etc?

Thank God these dangerous prayers have not been answered, because the last time I checked, Mr. David Mark was making a private visit to the president of Nigeria. The last time I checked, Mr. David Mark was donating three SUV cars to three newly ordained priests in his area through one of his associates. In fact the last time I checked, the Appeal Court Makurdi confirmed David Mark as the authentic winner of Senatorial election in Benue South. And in accepting the judgment of the Appeal Court, the All Progressives Congress candidate, Mr. Daniel Onjeh, said thus, "The Court of Appeal Makurdi has finally dismissed my petition. The case was not heard on its merits. It held that I filed one day out of time. This brings the struggle to an end".

In conclusion, I want to use this honorable medium to advice people to be very careful of what they gullibly assimilate as a 'word' from God. There is no doubt that God speaks to his people through his prophets. HE did that in the Old Testament, and I am convinced HE is still doing so in our time. But we need to be very careful on what we accept these days as a word from God. Test every spirit and every prophecy to ascertain whether they come from God. I may be accused of being spiritually na´ve and immature, but I will find it very hard to worship a 'God' that has given us Mr. Buhari as a President at this time in the history of Nigeria. It is either that this 'God' is not loving to His children or He is not all-knowing. Because if this 'God' were all-knowing, He should have known, as Dr. Junaid Mohammed rightly observed about Buhari's presidency, that "we have exchanged one thoroughly corrupt government for one that pretends to be honest and is doing an honest job while in reality, it is business as usual".

I Rest My Case.