Cyril C. NwokejiSunday, January 18, 2015




ours sincerely will use the opportunity of this medium, to wish my readers and all of us , a very blessed 2015; may the good Lord grant us all our hearts' desires now and always , in Jesus' mighty name , Amen !

That the Super Eagles of Nigeria won't participate at the 2015 edition of the African Nations' cup competition, is well known. That as a consequence, the Super Eagles , will need to be rebuilt, is well known . That the Super Eagles , since the end of the 2014 World cup competition, have been without a substantive coach, is also well known .

It is this last mentioned reality , that is troubling to yours sincerely and indeed should be to all lovers of the Super Eagles. Granted the rebuilding process of the Super Eagles has started under the guidance of Daniel Amokachi , but yours sincerely considers this a rather ' false start,' considering the fact that Mr. Daniel Amokachi , is not the substantive coach.In other words, all the efforts of Daniel Amokachi and his assistants, and not withstanding the beautiful result obtained in the friendly match against the Ivory Coast and the likely beautiful result that may be obtained in the match against Sudan , may all count for nothing , if the Super Eagles, finally get a substantief coach that has a radically different approach to the game - with regards tactics and choice of players. It would mean the rebuilding process , would to all intents and purposes , 'restart' again under the new coach ! This would to a certain extent rubbish all the efforts made by the NFF and the technical crew, towards embarking on the Dubai trip and prosecuting the friendly matches. This is a scenario no body wants. The resources at the disposal of Nigeria - time , efforts and money - are too precious to be wasted this way !

What does this mean ? It means the NFF, should as a matter of urgency , fill the vacant position of Super Eagles' substantive coach. That the Super Eagles have been without a substantive coach since June 2014 and more especially, two months after their failure to qualify for AFCON 2015, is an unacceptably long period of time , for a team to be without a substantive coach ! It doesn't give a good impression of Nigeria's soccer administrators. It certainly doesn't show professionalism , on the part of the NFF, with regards their handling of Nigeria's soccer affairs.

And for the new NFF board , under the leadership of the famed soccer administrator : Mr. Amaju Pinnick, this scenario doesn't speak well of them. Nigerians expect Mr. Amaju Pinnick , to show leadership and resolve this 'problem' in the management of the Super Eagles. The NFF has certainly not become an embodiment of tryfus under his watch !

And the Super Eagles coach ? The writer expects the NFF, to follow it's instinct and appoint the best coach for Nigeria. There should be no pandering to any quarters . One recalls that the NFF , discharged Mr Keshi of his responsibilities , in October 2014; but was forced to make a ' U-turn,' as a consequence of orders from above. This fact notwithstanding , the NFF , should not re-engage Mr. Keshi , if they don't want him again. Meethinks this is likely the case, as the body language of the NFF, shows clearly Mr. Keshi , may not be their favourite for the top Super Eagles' job .If that is the case, the earlier he is 'freed ,' the better for the Super Eagles. There should be no dilly-dalling or shilly-shalling ! The NFF, must take the lead and restore sanity to the Super Eagles' affairs !

Nigeria does not have an eternity to get the Super Eagles in shape for future challenges. The 2015 Nations' cup tournament, which started recently, will afford a 're-evaluation' of African soccer, from the standards of 2013. Unfortunately , Nigeria would not be at this latest 're-evaluation' of African soccer. The writer hopes that the result of the latest 're-evaluation' of African soccer , at the highest level, would not prove to be daming to the Super Eagles of Nigeria ! Meethinks , in this regard, the omens don't appear to be too bright for Nigeria ; if countries like South-Africa, Congo Brazaville and Sudan , can prove more than a mouthful to the Super Eagles , and succeed in denying the Super Eagles a place at the 2015 Nations' cup contest , even as defending champions, what would be expected of teams like : the Ivory Coast, Algeria ,Cameroun and Tunisia - the tournament's favourites ? Any how , this is a sad reality Nigeria must face and face up to it squarely ; and one way to start facing up to this reality , is to appoint a substantive Super Eagles coach now , not tomorrow! A stitch in time saves nine !

This we hope and pray : " Iseeeeeeeeeeh ! "