Cyril C. NwokejiTuesday, April 14, 2015




he result of the 2015 presidential election is history. Yours sincerely enjoins all Nigerians to join hands with the president-elect: General Muhammadu Buhari, in his onerous task of governing a complex polity like Nigeria, and thus help him move the country forward. Nigeria's democracy has come to stay and there can be no going back to the dark days of dictatorship! Forward ever with Nigeria's fledgling democracy, backward never!

Yours sincerely seizes the opportunity of this medium to say a very big congratulations to General Muhammadu Buhari, on his hard fought and hard earned victory! One believes with the cooperation of all Nigerians, he would succeed in his task of governing Nigeria.

Yours sincerely also congratulates Nigeria's affable and out going President Goodluck Jonathan! This congratulation of Mr. President is more so verdiend, considering the manner in which he conceded victory to General Muhammadu Buhari. The manner in which he conceded victory to his rival, is unique, in the African democratic hemisphere! Normally it is taken for granted that incumbent African leaders generally get re-elected, either by hook or crook; and when they lose, normally refuse to concede and would rather resort to all kinds of unorthodox tactics, in a bid to hold on to power. Some wouldn't mind the intrusion of the international community in their affairs, at this time, with the usual appointment of a "reconciliator," or " negotiator," who would negotiate with the "waring" parties with a view to finding a "reconciliation" that usually favoured the incumbent. In the "new deal," or rather "negotiated," settlement, the incumbent would keep his job, while the opposition, who may have won the elections, would be given a second -ranked role in the new proceedings! This mentality of hanging on to power at all costs, has always been detrimental to the development of democracy, in Africa. Other so called "democratic " leaders, would rig the elections outrightly, in such a way that gives the opposition no chance of coming to the "negotiating table," for the usually internationally -mediated "negotiations." It is against this back drop that some African voters exhibit voter apathy, by boycotting elections, since in their calculations, their votes wouldn't really count!

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, by his democratic conduct as Nigeria's president: organised two generally free and fair elections; allowed for unbridled freedom of expression and conceded victory to his rival as incumbent president, in an election organised under his watch, has helped raise not only Nigeria's but African democratic standards to never-seen- before heights! Kudos to Mr. Pressident! Nigerians would expect nothing less from General Muhammadu Buhari. President Jonathan has shown that elections are not and should not be do- or- die affairs. He has shown that the earlier claim he made that his election, was not wordt the blood of any Nigerian, was no election gimmick.

Through his landmark concession of victory, he saved Nigeria the unnecessary tension, uncertainty, violence and possibly civil war that could have broken out as a consequence of undeservedly hanging on to power. Through his bold and patriotic action, Nigeria is the better for it: the nation is peaceful and stable and quietly going through a transition period, preparatory to the handing over of power on the 29th of May 2015; the naira that had taken a pounding vis--vis other world's currencies ,in recent times, is experiencing a resurgence!; Nigerians are united in ushering in the new government; and the dooms day predictors of Nigeria's possible disintegration in 2015, have been proved wrong! A nation that only a few weeks ago, was bitterly divided along all kinds of cleavage lines no thanks to the tough and sometimes vicious electioneering campaigns and appeared to give credence to the prediction of a possible break up in 2015, is now united and waiting to usher in the new government, come May 29th 2015!

President Jonathan's land mark concession of victory to General Muhammadu Buhari, didn't go unnoticed. Apart from the numerous congratulatory messages from outside the African continent, Presisdent Jonathan was also celebrated, on the African continent. Numerous African friends of the writer, called, sent mails, text messages and personally congratulated yours sincerely, on this land mark achievement of President Jonathan; and hoped the example of President Jonathan, would be emulated in their various democracies.

By helping to strengthen democracy in Nigeria, and by implication Africa, by his legacy, President Jonathan has not only marked his foot prints on the African political sands of time, but has also helped in laying the foundation for good governance in Africa; as yours sincerely thinks that only a truly, effective and functional democracy can take not only Nigeria, but the whole of Africa, to the promised land!

Nigeria, as Africa's biggest democracy, has certainly taken the lead, in modern democratic principles and practice ; and in this whole so far rather modestly successful story, the role played by President Jonathan can certainly not be underestimated!

Regardless of his failings as president, history would certainly be compassionate to him. President Jonathan would certainly walk tall out of Aso rock villa! He has earned for himself a very enviable place in Nigeria's and African democratic history!

May God continue to bless President Jonathan and his family and indeed all of us!; Iseeeeh!!!!!