Augustine C. OhanweTuesday, April 22, 2014




still carry with me, my regal air
and wear no funeral expression.
My eyes are not pregnant with tears,
and I need not that golden bowl
to house tears that are non existence.

It’s dark,
but you need not offer me a lamp,
for the glow from my face,
and that from my piercing eyeballs
will illuminate my dark vicinity.

And even though
there exists epileptic power supply,
our infrastructure in a sorry state,
roads are dilapidated
and portable water in short supply,
to have been to a Nigerian family
is a source of joy.

Although, sometimes we are shifted about arbitrarily
like a piece on a chessboard,
our dignity devalued, and our quiet strength underestimated
I feel glad to have been born to a Nigerian family.
Odious designs
have left their foul malodorous stench
in the polity,
of which the scent of rose flower cannot remove,
I am proud to have been born to a Nigerian family.

Hell is already let loose,
and all the Devils relocated to my nation,
I am still proud to have been born to a Nigerian family.
Healthcare is absent like a tooth in a hen’s beak
and lifespan is shorter than those of the Americans,
and unemployment, astronomically high,
I am glad to have been born to a Nigerian family.

Even though Nigeria is unable to harness its potentials
in man and material, still underdeveloped,
suffering in the midst of plenty,
unable to put mind over matter,
living standard and conditions, abysmal,
environmental degradations,
poverty and illiteracy form a litany of woes,
I feel happy
to have been born to a Nigerian family.

And the mosquito says its yam harvest is bounty
and the biggest in its barn is as huge as its thigh
and when the toad flashes a look
at the mosquito’s thigh and laughs without restraint,
the elasticity of its vocal region breaks,
and that why the toad’s mouth is wide.

Let the thunders roar and lightening flash and frighten.
Let volcanoes spew their ash into the sky
and trees tremble,
the precious values from Nigeria,
I will not let go.
Nigeria, what a lovely liberal art university!

I have emptied the ash from my pipe
and put it back into my raffia bag.