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he Supreme Vikings Confraternity (SVC), also known as De Norsemen Club of Nigeria, which was founded in 1982 at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), Rivers State. This group is believed to have taken center-stage in the Niger-Delta insurgency. It is no secret that numerous political figures belong to this group. It has been alleged that Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State is one of their Grand Patron and he has been a member since his undergraduate program at the University of Port Harcourt. Towards the mid-1990's, the Supreme Vikings Confraternity (SVC) had been alleged to have founded a group called "Deewell", also called the Junior Vikings Confraternity (JVC). Deewell is one of the most formidable Niger-Delta insurgency groups that control proportions of Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta states. Mr. Okocha Ijere is one of the high ranking leaders of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity (SVC).

Can you provide a brief background and history of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity?

De Supreme Vikings Confraternity aka De Norsemen Klub of Nigeria was founded by five young men in 1982, at University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. They were Risenangel De Chamelus, Shaka De Zulu, Captin Trupence Njamena, Eric the Red and Bankana De Busha on SVC terminology. These young men were law abiding citizens, courageous, adventurous, just, truthful and objective. They were bounded by love and united in purpose. The word injustice was used to describe all societal vices which they fought with the last pint of blood in their veins. Dooty was their watchword, a product of unity grounded in agreement. It was believed that the spirit of a sailor was indestructible, thus ''who dares win''; for it was said, ''the winds and the storms are on the side of the ablest navigator''. The mind was a secret weapon developed by them to conquer all enemies of justice. This was achieved through discipline and courage. To them, sentiment has no place. It all started from this mini-tempo and blossomed into Norsemen Klub incorporated.

Can you describe the organizational structure of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity?

Supreme Vikings Confraternity aka Norsemen Klub structure is very beautiful, it's structured in order of hierarchy, this is a ship with crew of brothers and sailors. This is how SVC is structured.

Skol-Ezicutioner(Grand Norseman)
De Norsemen Supreme Council
De Norsemen Executive Council
De Norsemen Legal Council
Deputy Governor
Ship Captain
Treasure Man

What are the membership requirements for entry into the Supreme Vikings Confraternity?

De Norsemen Klub initiation is every two years, applicant must be sponsored by a fraternal brother who has been a member for at least two years. Applicants must also undergo a background check (no criminal record) and series of interviews before the initiation, must have university degree or O.N.D, H.N.D or equivalent. You should take note of this, is only those who are successful with this requirements will pass through the initiation process.

What are the aims, objectives and mission of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity?

The main object of De Norsemen Klub is to fight for and defend the oppressed and the weak. Our organization adopts corrective and protective measures for the defense of the masses against social injustice, victimization, and deprivation. The fundamental mission is to assemble men in the course of re-enactment of the vikings, develop leadership, promote brotherhood, and provide service to humanity.

Since the formation of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity, what have been their major achievements both at local, national and international level?

Over the years we have been known to undertake research into the history of the vikings, promote brotherhood of man, encourage good governance, offered bursaries and scholarship to students in various fields of study in higher institutions, established communities' development projects and enlightenment programs for the masses on their civic responsibilities as well as protect the rights of the less-privileged.

Who are the founding fathers of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity and are these individuals still active? They were 5 men Risengel Chamelus, Trupence Njamena, Shaka De Zulu, Eric the Red and Bankana De Busha in SVC terminology and yes, they are still active.

Are there any Supreme Vikings Confraternity branches outside of Nigeria?

If any.

Can you mention the cities and countries that they are located?

Yes, we do have lots of branches in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, to mention few Nigeria branches: Aba, Abakeleki, Asaba, Abuja, Calabar, Edo, Eungu, Ibadan, Jos, Lagos, Niger, Ogun State, Onitsha, Okirika /Ogoni,Owerri, Port Harcourt, Umuahia, Uyo. International Branches: UK, America, South Africa, Ghana, Germany

It is common knowledge that a lot of political figures especially in Delta and Rivers state are members of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity. Do these individuals play a big role in the day-to-day running of your organization?

Yes, like every other confraternity in the world do have some of their members that have personal interest in politics and some don't. Our constitution doesn't stop our brothers who love politics, from participating on the personal political goals and they also participate very well in all our confraternity activities because they are our fraternal brothers.

Is the Supreme Vikings Confraternity receiving any form of funding from these individuals?

No!!, SVC have never receive funds from any man, woman nor any organization on political grounds.

What steps has the Supreme Vikings Confraternity taken to address the issue of cultism on Nigerian campuses?

We are trying our best, like you know is not an easy task but we are on it, we are doing an internal work within our fraternity, we will not play like the pyrate nor the buccaneers, that claims not to have members in campuses and things are spoiling. We do have, and we have started our job from there. Before it seems like we didn't care about them, because they are student. Now, we have gone close to them, we keep talking to them, we have all the name of every SVC campus frats exco members, which is known as the ABC, submitted to our national body. We setup lots of workshop to bering the students back to the actual fraternity orientation, and to tell you my friend, is really working; we monitor them now. I think others should fellow this step and it will work. If you can see we have kept them on check. Now let see who is causing these problems, if is the SVC or the others.

Is the Supreme Vikings Confraternity a secret cult? If not, what is it?

No!!, SVC is an organization of friends or a brotherhood of friends, we have nothing secret and we don't practice any thing in secret. We are not a secret cult or whatever.

Earlier, I asked to know who and who the founding fathers of your organization were and you provided me their names in Supreme Vikings Confraternity terminology. If your organization is not a secret cult, then why did you not mention their real names?

For example, it is general knowledge that Professor Bolaji Carew and the current Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Marvel Akpoyibo were one of the founding fathers of the Buccaneers Confraternity and the Neo-Black Movement (a.k.a Black Axe) respectively. Listen good, In SVC we have constitution, Ethics, Tradition and belief; these 4 things made up SVC. On that extraordinary day which these five men, Risenangel De Chamelus, Shaka De Zulu, Captin Trupence Njamena, Eric the Red and Bankana De Busha stood and form this organization(De Supreme Viking confraternity), they willingly changed their Biological names to fraternal names. Which states that; "For this, their names will be and for that, they should be called ".So, you can see their is noting to hide about, this is how it happened and their names were change. Like every other person could change name or could to be call any name he desire. SO, these names are known to be their names. You can ask any other member you know, you can't get more than this. The 4 things I counted for you are the power that changed their names, if you can get me right .Remember! I will not tell you this if it was a secret.

On the newspaper, radio and television, we are fond of hearing bloody clashes between the Supreme Vikings Confraternity and other rival confraternities especially the Neo-Black Movement a.k.a Black Axe. Why do you think violence has managed to infiltrate into the hearts and minds of some of your young members?

Yes, SVC rings bell on every ear in Nigeria, but SVC have not for one day claim to be responsible for any violence or murder. So I still welcomes that as hear say, which I believe that most time is just a news without a good investigation. Remember, in every 12, there must be a Judas, there are still some SVC members that are not keeping to the rules and we do have a level of punishment for those. Just like the pyrate and the buccaneers in 1972, which caused the split.

Years ago, my next door neighbor and friend, who was a confirmed member of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity at the University of Calabar was beheaded off-campus by a rival group? Do you personally believe that there is any good reason that would warrant a SVC member to kill or mutilate a fellow student? No, there is no reason to justify that, if that truly happened.

Unlike other campus confraternities, why is the Supreme Vikings Confraternity involved in the Niger-Delta insurgency?

The whole thing is that media keeps misinforming the public about the Supreme Viking Confraternity; this is one of the bad image, Nigeria media have created for the SVC. De Norsemen Klub have never in any way contributed or involved themselves in Niger-Delta problems. You should understand that SVC started in Rivers state, most of the Rivers state indigenes are members of SVC, and these men still have right to participate in any of their village or state matters. That one or two of these people may be a member of SVC doesn't mean that SVC are involved in Niger-Delta, in that case is a personal thing ,there are other members of other fraternity that have their members too from some of the Niger Delta villages or towns; to make it clear, SVC are not involved in Niger-Delta problems. Not at all!!

What are the Supreme Vikings Confraternity and its members benefiting from its involvement in the Niger-Delta insurgency?

SVC is not involved and is not benefiting any thing from Niger-Delta.

The Supreme Vikings Confraternity has been brought to the spotlight because of its street wing group called Deewell, which has been one of the major insurgency groups in the Niger-Delta that has caused a number of killings, damages to public properties and unnecessary civil unrest. Why did Supreme Vikings Confraternity or your members decide to form a street wing called Deewell?

SVC have no relationship of any kind with the so called Dee Well, I'm challenging you, to investigate that matter more, those Klan's are on their own, we don't know them and we have nothing to do with them .

What is the relationship between Deewell and other insurgency groups such as the Outlaws and Icelanders?

No, I don't know

What do you think is the way out to resolve the Niger-Delta issue?

We all know that what the poor citizens are asking is nothing too much for Nigerian government and the oil campiness, (good education, good road, light, water, create more two hundred thousand new jobs and give them a lower tax, if possible tax free, for communities that have oil wells,) this is not too much, is for this course Ken Saro Wiwa died, a course for justice. I think the government should listen to them and hear their cry

How is the Supreme Vikings Confraternity funding its insurgency operations?

Supreme Vikings have no relation with the insurgency operations, so I don't know who is funding them.

Can you share with me your personal experience since you joined the Supreme Vikings Confraternity?

I love SVC and I'm dedicated to the fullest.

What is your position within the Supreme Vikings Confraternity and how long have you been a member?

I have been a member for 14 years and am a high rank member.

What made you decide to join Supreme Vikings Confraternity? That will be on your next interview with me.

Is there anything that you would like to add or subtract?

When I was in school, I met lot of other fraternities, e.g., Neo Black Men Movement, Buccaneers, Pyrate, SVC, Klans Men, Eyie, among the few mentioned and I decided to choose SVC, because I love them and their style were different. Finally, I would like to use this little time to ask other fraternities, Buccaneers, Neo Black Men Movement, Pyrate, Eyie, to join SVC on this campaign, let go back to school, that is where it all started. This is a change time and SVC accepts change. Thank you every much for this wonderful time you have given me to talk the issue related to SVC with you. Thank once again, bye. Long live De Supreme Viking Confraternity on Nigeria aka De Norsemen Klub of Nigeria.

Roy Chikwem is a member of the Chikwem Foundation, Inc., A-Not-For-Profit organization that advocates for the education of every Nigerian child. He wrote from New Castle, Delaware, USA. E-mail: rchikwem@yahoo.com. This interview was conducted on October 26th, 2008.