Chidi AnyaecheWednesday, April 18, 2007
London, UK


Rejoice not yet Andy Uba

or it is not over, until it is over. For the recent announcement by that fraud of an electoral body, that criminal and cancer ridden organisation called INEC, manned by reprobates declaring you the 'governor elect' of Anambra state is just the beginning of the battle for the heart and soul of Anambra state governance.

Rejoice not yet Andy Uba for there was no election in Anambra state and with immediate time the people of the state will reclaim their stolen mandate.

Rejoice not yet Andy Uba for how can you, when the Ikemba could not vote, the Obi of Onitsha could not vote, Governor Peter Obi could not vote, Senator Ben Obi could not vote, Okeke, Okafor, Okonkwo and Okoye could not vote, for there was no voting facility for them to exercise their mandate and yet INEC magically declared you a winner.

Rejoice not yet Andy Uba for there was no voting in Onitsha North and South, Orumba North, Nnewi North and South, Idemili North and South, Awka North and South, Oyi and all other constituencies and yet INEC miraculously declared you elected.

Rejoice not yet Andy Uba for the INEC officials have 419'ed you. They have taken your money, (our money) and have declared a sham result they know will be quashed by the law courts but will have put your money, our money to their own fraudulent use. But like the cookie, it will crumble.

Rejoice not yet Andy Uba and revisit the shenanigan of the whole declaration process, INEC first announced a result that amounted more than the total number of registered voters in Anambra state and on realising their mistake immediately announced a second amended result that was in line with the total number of registered voters. What an election, what a country.

Rejoice not yet Andy Uba for INEC in their characteristic clumsiness declared you winner in twenty-eight of the thirty constituencies in Anambra state including Idemili North and South, the heart land of Chris Ngige. How can that be?

Rejoice not yet Andy Uba for when your case come to the courts, your godfather, your partner in crime will have vacated from Aso Rock and will not be there to protect you for he will be needing protection himself. Ogun state and indeed the whole of the southwest will be too hot for him. The Agbekoya's are lying in wait for him. Ask Akin Omoboriowo about the Agbekoya's.


Rejoice not yet Andy Uba for unlike Peter Obi's case, the judgement on your case, our case, the people of Anambra state Vs Andy Uba, posterity Vs Andy Uba will be swift. For you have stolen our mandate, our children's mandate, the god's mandate and God's mandate.

Rejoice not yet Andy Uba but rather weep for yourself, you have defiled the good people of Anambra state, you have defiled the god's, you have defiled your family and you have defiled God, all in your quest to financially bankrupt Anambra state, to subject to servitude generations unborn, to have numerous wives and concubines, to drive over fifty cars with the people's wealth, to offer the state nothing but hardship.

Rejoice not yet Andy Uba for I, Odenigbo was at Onitsha and witnessed when you were pelted with sachets of pure water by the same people INEC claim to have voted for you. Come and rule them.

Rejoice not yet Andy Uba for as long there is day and night, the courts will surely quash your election. The body of evidence against you, against PDP, against INEC is overwhelming. The Abuja Federal High Court mandated INEC to include Chris Ngige as a candidate, INEC disobeyed. But most importantly the Supreme Court has ruled that INEC has no power to disqualify a candidate. The outcomes of these court judgements in an election tribunal are crystal clear: cancellation of the election.

Rejoice not yet Andy Uba for I weep for you. You will have no place to run to, not to Aso Rock, not to Otta, not to Uga, not to Enugu for that is the strong hold of your estranged brother, not to Awka, not to Onitsha, not to Ukpor, not to Iseke, not to US for obvious reasons, not to UK for the country is an ally of the US. I can understand your desperation to be the Governor of Anambra state, to hide under gubernatorial immunity, to shield you from your devils, to hide you from your misdemeanours, to protect from your sins, to guard you against your enemies both imaginary and real. Oh, Andy, Odenigbo weeps for you.

Rejoice not yet Andy Uba for a stolen mandate is a stolen mandate and evil cannot and will never overcome good. As the Pentecostals will say, "It is not our portion". Andy, it is not the portion of the good people of Anambra state to have you and your gang of brigands, lying in wait, to devour our scarce resources as governor of Anambra state, Amen.

Andy, Robert Stevenson wrote that

"Man is a success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much; who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of children; who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; who leaves the world better than he found it; who never lacked appreciation of earth's beauty or failed to express it; who looked for the best in others and gave the best he had."

Reflect on the above statement and see where you passed but more importantly failed. Did your sojourn in Aso Rock leave Nigeria but more importantly Anambra state better than you found it? The state you pulverised and now want to rule. Rejoice not yet Andy Uba, for it is not over until it is over.