Dr. Nekan AdesanyaWednesday, November 27, 2002


e are at it again, Nigeria as usual, with so much hanging on us, so much promise yet failing again and again. With the events of last few days, culminating in innocent dea6ths and wanton destruction of businesses goes this saying " Can anything good still come out of Nigeria"(sic) The British under Lord Lugard, put this experiment together, and it's time we say "it ain't working nah!" Must we remain bound by their yoke after almost 100yr?? These EU colonists have shown their frank disregard for African nations and peoples' rights from the beginning.

A fact of history is that the UK has left most of her former colonies impoverished and subjugated, just look at the African, Caribbean and Asian countries today, and what I don't get is this malady to remain in the commonwealth, to remind us that the Queen is still our titular head?) It's not their fault, it had to do with our history, we gave them the opening to take advantage of us, back then, but should the children of the oppressed, continue giving the oppressor a free hand? I say NO! Also we know that on the eve of the Nigeria independence, whilst preparations were going on in Lagos, the British guard held a mock fight with the Sultanate, which of course was staged for the Sultanate to win. Word has it that tools of government was actually handed over to the Sultanate for rulership over Nigeria. (I will like historians to jump in here) The British knew they could control the North, but the south had the resources they needed, so go through the North, to get the south

Even the recent ruling on Bakassi peninsula, reeks with such injustice and contempt of a people by the EU it is ridiculous, and why Nigeria agreed to go to them in the first instance beats my understanding. Are we baboons or monkeys that we have to be ruled over and imposed on by people who do not even care to know where the two countries are on the world map? The people who own the land and live in the area have said they don't belong, nor do they have any part to play with Cameroon, so what gives? We need to station a garrison command in the Bakassi peninsula/area and make Cameroon understand clearly, back off! it's that simple. It's an offence of the highest order and tantamount to slavery to annex a people to you when they say they don't want to.

I do not agree with Chief Akinjide's reasoning to continue with the court sitting, when it was the 3 countries who caused the mad rush for African division who sat on the ICJ, it's time for our elders and fathers to stop making us inherit wind. A rat should have been smelt, and if no higher court, then settle this thing internally. Fact is Cameroon invaded Nigeria back in 1980, and they have no right, and I still can't understand why we still pussy foot with Cameroon on this issue. The people who own the land, have said they don't belong to Cameroon, isn't that enough? That the wigged morons (oops!) did not even consider the people directly affected, shows you a travesty of Justice.

I have perused with keen interest, the railings of the Islamic extremists about the beauty pageant being held in Nigeria, knowing that as is usual they will go to the extreme again. I kind of expected this fall out, so I'm not disappointed that they played true to form, but I cover my eyes in shame for apparent softish response by the government, this is not time for prayer, it's time for action! If Isioma Daniel is wrong for writing that article, then what about those who killed people and the monsters who incited them, and the Northern junta who have played their hand as usual? Mr. President, two wrongs don't make a right. It's unfair and unjust by any right moral law to hold Isioma Daniel guilty and the animals that murdered people justified. They have no right to say what holds in the country. They said, we don't want the beauty pageant in the Ramadan month and it was moved for their sake, shouldn't the voices of other Nigerians be heard as well?

First of all, Ms Isioma Daniel has every right to write that article, and I don't think her conclusion is wrong or totally off. I have every reason to believe that it was accurately inferred by the family lifestyle and practices of Islamic and Moslem leaders worldwide, both historically and present day. As a journalist with a magazine/paper that obviously have readers, who have never complained before, how come there is a sudden outrage against this article. Is this the reason for destruction of so many lives & businesses, and a national loss of 10 billion Naira? I think not!!!

I believe these guys had an agenda, and used this as an excuse. My response to this, is that if any hair of Ms Daniel's body is touched to appease these hypocritical bastards, then let it all flow, it's time we show these "mullahs" we are not afraid and we can pay them back in their own coins. Let's put an end to this sick experiment called Nigeria. Ms Daniels family and people must not take this issue lightly, Neither should the Yoruba elders, the Igbo, Edo, Ijaw, Ibibio and other ethnic elders take this for granted. She must not be touched. If any one has any angst with her article, file a lawsuit.

As a law-abiding nation, the courts become the arbiter and of such perceived wrongs. I believe, now is the time for strong statements from each ethnic quarter in Nigeria, to step and speak out clearly "If Ms Daniel's is touched, then IT'S OVER WITH NIGERIA". In any case, the person who was slighted (as some claim) is long dead and gone; shall we summon him from the grave to defend himself? What I cannot understand is the barbaric depths to which the Northern Junta stoop, just to achieve their political goals, even to use wanton destruction. These animals in human form, who believe, until they kill, they cannot be appeased, need to understand clearly, that they will be dealt with. The abuser has never been able to withstand the torture that the abused goes through, and fear itself is afraid of fear.

I think after the OPC boys gave them the message, it struck through and now they're targeting the Ibos, they need to get the message as well from them as well as everybody else that, you don't strike others because of how you feel. If they don't get it, then we should rename Nigeria as the Federal Sharia Republic of Nigeria, and Osama Bin Laden should be made President!. That stinks!! I wonder how these guys will feel, if we blame and kill them for everything. I think we should have rioted in the south and killed a few thousand mullahs with their cattle and businesses when the impeachment imbroglio started, as it was all Northern agenda. Sometimes, it doesn't pay to be politically correct all the time, in politics there are no permanent friends but permanent interests and we need to propagate and serve our interests now.

It is obvious that the colonial experiment called Nigeria, has failed miserably, we as a people need to take our future in our hands, and determine things from now on. The threat of guns is no longer an issue. We should emulate the USA, by doing boldly what they did over 200 yr. ago, breakaway! It hurts to see this country degenerate to this level, My God, this is not the Nigeria I grew up in, sang the National anthem, recited the National pledge, went to school, met my wife and left close to 15 yr. ago. I have had the Nationalistic fever, but now I'm healed, praise the Lord! I had opposed the need for ethnic militias, been against the SVC, as disruptive, and stated my opposition to anything else but peaceful moves and overtures to stabilize the country. But what have we gotten out of it, thousands dead, businesses destroyed, and it's been flaunted in our face again, that some elitist group of people in the North must have their say, or else!

With due respect to Dr. Lateef Adegbite, I don't think he's serving any national purpose well, with his statements on this crisis. He has served his Northern masters well, it's time for Southerners to wake up, and who want to pack up and go live in the North good riddance! Regardless of religious affiliation and deal with this! The pain of June 12 must not be forgotten, Chief Abiola, (A kind devout Muslim I might add, who would have no problems with the beauty pageant) was denied the presidency he won because he was a southerner, by his good friend a Northerner, after they probably decided He (Abiola) was too risky. When are we going to wake up to realize that these boys who grew up chasing cows across the plains, just won't mix with us? I just don't buy the issue of religion; it's all a ruse to cover the real issues.

I have family members who're Muslims, and a sizeable portion of the Yoruba population, especially in Lagos and Ibadan, up all the way to Oyo are also. I'm yet to see these Muslims, take to the streets to destroy property and lives, because of disagreements! The North should not attempt to force on us their own brand of Islam, we know Muslims, they're born and grow up, live out their lives amongst us in the south, we socialize together, go to school together, do sports together. (As a matter of fact, I do remember in my graduating class, we had the born again Christian group and the born again Muslim group). Let every person be allowed the pursuit of life, purpose, dreams and purpose peacefully according to his/her choice, not by force.

In a democratic institution that some people still say, it's either their way or none else? This whole fracas, has to do with the upcoming elections, we shall see more and more, because they want their power back, well they can have it, along with their stretch and piece of land, for No reasonable or peace loving people should live with such animals in human form. These guys have from to time stated their case and issues, and it's time for the south to clearly state their stand and seek their interests! If their will be no agreement, then on to divorce court!

It's time we go back, even before the SVC, back to the days of unitary government, when each region ruled itself, (the middle belt should choose their own zone now), let their be referendums from all the zones, first of all to their determination, as sovereign peoples, then we can come for SVC, and if that doesn't work, each region should be prepared to declare independence and self govern. This joke called Nigeria must stop, No one should be made to live in fear or subjugation because some illiterate imam issues a Fatwah; I mean that's plain ridiculous. If we must live together as a Nation, then we have to respect one another's views, agreeing that disagreements, no matter how passionate, will be settled amicably and not in violence, However some caveats must be included, one of them that, if there be any violence in any form directed against any ethnic group, based on location, then it's bye-bye. For if we can't work together, then let's live apart for now. I'm sure Saudi Arabia will support them if they go.

Every region in the south should recall their legislators and federal government officials on this issue, all ethnic groups should call on their Elders, and strong communiqués need to go out. I for one will warn of the drumbeats of war, however, we need to be clear to these guys, if we agree to live with you, these are the terms to live by. I remember sometime ago, in the life of Dr. Eric Williams of Trinidad and Tobago, when the West Indies Federation was being discussed. At a meeting when Jamaica pulled (then they were 10 Caribbean states), He simply said, "1 minus 10 is equal to Zero" (1-10=0) Meaning if we can't work together in this thing, then it's over. I believe it's time we let these Northern moguls know that 1 over 6 (1/6)=0. (An attempt by their group to dominate other groups leaves nothing) A wise saying also should be "the power of one is not the power of six, the power of six, is the power of six, and nothing less" As my old Biochemistry Prof. Used to say "A tripod stand cannot stand on two legs"

Earlier on when Ralph Umeruzuike (pardon me if I got the name spelled wrong) re awakened the Biafra dream, I though he was crazy, time has proven otherwise, and that people are being moved by the long unsettled issues from old. Things they don't even know about, but they give drive and form to, because of the injustices of the past and what was imposed on us, which cannot remain because it's just simply unjust, amoral and ungodly to subjugate people. I believe our nation of Nigeria was imposed on us by the British colonists; and as a liberated people, I believe we need to go back to the beginning when their was no British, until we allowed them to enter and deceive us. We thought we were allowing them for trade and help against our enemies, not knowing that they possessed a more sinister agenda, to rape an unsuspecting people and take thousands of our own to slavery, to take our resources and through legal wranglings hold us down for hundreds of years to come. It's time for the children of the oppressed to declare freedom and self rule, it's our God given right to find our destiny personally, not as imposed by anyone, but as directed by God Himself, in the paths he sets for us as individuals and as Nations.

The greatest mistake we can make is for us to ignore the needs of people to determine their fate for themselves, Nigeria may still be possible if only people are allowed to take their destiny in their own hands. We can help Africa, not by sweeping these issues under the carpet, but by bringing them out in the open and achieving determination ourselves, and finally roll back the curse of domination and abuse perpetrated by the colonialists who have divided Africa and gave us so many ills. We've got to understand that divided we fall, we are not superior or inferior to others, we must also lay a legacy for pursuit of goals and dreams in a stimulating environment that engenders success.

Oh Nigeria, the drumbeats of time begin to toll for thee, shall we say the end or shall we say new beginning.