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On the Manchok, Southern Kaduna killings



he Southern Kaduna Association in the Diaspora, USA (SOKADUSA) utterly condemn again in strong terms the barbaric killings of about 150 innocent peace loving citizens because of their Christian Faith at Ungwar Sankwai in Manchok, Southern Kaduna March 15th, 2014 late night while they slept. This association wonders and cannot see reasons why terrorists with satanic tendencies are allowed on our streets to inflict terminal pain and death on people who do not deserve such cruelty and who basically are not the reason why the terrorist may feel as victims to warrant such killings on them.

It is utterly wrong that people in the Southern region of Kaduna State have gone through these types of perennial killings to the point it will create sleepless nights for these peace loving communities. The questions that ought to be asked are;

  • What have these communities done to warrant these senseless killings?

  • How long would these barbaric acts keep visiting our peace loving people without end?

  • What does the terrorists want from these poor people that they think killing them will help their cause?

  • What action will government do about this now that these seems to have no end?

This mayhem and butchering of 150 Christian people in this town was reported by 24-7 U Report to have started by some Hausa Fulani terrorists who moved into the area at 10:00PM and lasted till 3:00AM, spanning 5 hours before the Military arrived, is indeed heart breaking and troubling beyond belief.

SOKADUSA is deeply troubled by the repetitiveness of these types of Mayhem in our communities and truly not happy that it keeps happening recurrently but also that it took law enforcement 5 hours to arrive at the scenes of the massacre of these innocent lives including a pastor and his family.

On this note, SOKADUSA is calling on the Governor of Kaduna State - His Excellency Muhktar Ramalan Yero and the President of Nigeria Dr. Jonathan Goodwill to take seriously, the plight of these communities and the killings that never seem to stop and create the safety nets for the people of Southern Kaduna who have suffered terribly from the hands of these evil doers parading the Southern part of the state. These communities deserve better livelihood and should be protected by the law of the land like any other community because it is their fundamental human right. We are calling on the state and federal governments to take immediate and appropriate steps to investigate why these situations keep occurring in these areas and identify why it took tax payers law enforcement agents whose duty is to protect its citizens and communities more than 5 hours to arrive the scene of the troubled area after the damage was already done. We are also calling on both the state and federal governments and other appropriate agencies to find an immediate and lasting solution to these calamities in the interest of peace and tranquility.

Engr. Dauda Ajeye Nuhu
Prof. Martin Shinkut
Central Coordinator

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